10 Best Beard Oil For Black Men – Reviews & Buying Guide

beard oil for black men

The beard reflects the style of a man and is suggestive of his personality. It is imperative to take good care of your beard if you want to step up your look game. However, it may sound easy to take care of your beard, but it is a challenging task. While it is not an easy task to take care of your beard, it is much harder for black men. Black men have unruly curly hair that is thick and gets tangled easily. You need to take good care of your beard if you want to tame your coarse, messy, dry, and wild hair.

Your beard does not acquire a good shape automatically, you have to adopt a good skincare routine for this. You have to invest in products that can moisturize your hair making them soft and smooth. Beard oil is one of the key products which you should use in order to get a healthy beard. It helps you in dealing with ingrown hair, patchy facial hair, and long growing time. Beard oils stimulate hair growth and aid you in getting a fuller and voluminous beard. 

Beard oils assist you in handling all these problems while simultaneously providing nourishment to your hair which is vital for their growth. There are numerous beard oils available for black men in the market with different qualities.

10 Best Beard Oil for Black Men

After doing extensive research on beard oils, we have listed some of the best beard oils here which deliver what they promise. Have a look!


Fragrance Free Beard Oil


This is one of the most top-rated beard oils for men and works wonders to subdue the wild beard hair of black men. It comes in a dark amber bottle of one ounce. The dark amber bottle along with glass stopper extends the shelf life of light-sensitive oils by protecting them from UV light rays. It consists of only two premium natural ingredients which are jojoba oil and Moroccan Argan Oil. This concoction of natural oils is free of any fillers, lubricants, or synthetic elements. This means you get high-quality oil which is loved by your beard hair.

This oil quickly absorbs into your under-beard skin, removes dark spots, and moisturizes the skin. It eliminates itching and beardruff, which means you do not have to worry about these persistent problems. It can become a great companion for people with sensitive skin as it not only nourishes your beard hair but also deals with your skin problems. 

It is non-scented which means it is the safest option for all black men, who do not like fragrant beards.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Fragrance free
  • Removes beardruff
  • Great for styling


  • No cons found



Bossman Beard Oil

Who does not like to have more quantity in a lesser amount? Everyone likes it especially when it comes to beard care products.  Bossman beard oil comes in a bottle of 4 oz which is twice the quantity of your ordinary beard oils. The gel is viscous and lasts much longer than your regular beard oil. It is a remarkable combination of organic materials which include soybean oil, castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, tocopherol, and essential oil scent. 

The dense jelly penetrates deeply into the skin and hydrates the roots of the hair follicles which is great for black men as they have thicker hair. The deep penetration ultimately stimulates the hair growth of your beard. It helps you in getting rid of beardruff and beard kink and soothes your skin, so you do not feel itchy all the time. You just have to use a dime sized portion and it will smoothen out your unmanageable and rough beard hair.  

It has an addictive scent which is a blend of sandalwood and vanilla oils and you would love to put it on again and again. If you do not like this magic scent, then you can try this oil in another fragrance as it has five different scents. 


  • Deeply penetrates in the skin
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Long-lasting
  • Conditions and softens your hair


  • Some customers think the larger bottle is difficult to travel with



PREMIUM Beard Oil Conditioner and Comb Kit for Men

If you are fed up with dry, untidy, thin, and patchy beard growth, then you should try this oil. This beard oil comes in a bottle of 1 oz. and is ideal for all those black men who are fighting beard fall. It consists of organic materials which are Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, and Chamomile. The natural formula is non-greasy and gives you a shinier looking bread. 

It removes all the skin flakes and nourishes your under-beard skin. It prevents thinning out of your beard by restoring and rejuvenating hair back to life. The oil works as a remarkable treatment if you have split ends in your beard hair. 

The oil is unscented so you can easily apply it anywhere without worrying about the emanation of fumes of perfume from your beard. A handmade animal engraved beard comb along with an ebook on beard care come with the product so that you are fully aware of treating your beard and achieving a smarter look.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Treats split ends
  • Comes with a beard comb and ebook on beard care
  • Great for black men who are allergic to nuts
  • Budget friendly


  • Comb breaks up easily



Honest Amish

The oil comes in a bottle of 2 oz along with a glass stopper. Unlike your casual beard oils, it has a wide range of natural ingredients that effectively work on your beard. It has moringa oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and kukui oil. It is free of all lubricants and synthetic materials.

This amazing combination of natural materials hydrates your dry skin and treats your itchy skin. It moisturizes and hydrates your skin underneath giving your beard hair a healthy base to grow on. It stimulates hair growth and smoothes your coarse and brittle hair. After using it your stringy beard hair will turn soft and will be manageable. The formula is non-greasy and does not leave any sticky residue on your face.  

It has a natural scent which is a blend of grapefruit, cedarwood and clove. It is a refreshing masculine scent and every black man would not mind it to have it on him.


  • Contains 7 premium oils
  • No artificial material 
  • Efficiently softens beard hair
  • Great for dry skin


  • Some customers do not admire the natural scent



Proraso Beard Oil for black men

Black men usually have bushy beards which are often difficult to manage and can tarnish their look game. Well, they do not need to worry at all as Proraso beard oil effectively tames down your wild hair with its amazing organic formula. It contains avocado, macadamia nut, walnut, and sunflower seed oils. The oil protects you from beard fall, frizzy hair, and other forms of damages. The oil comes in a dark bottle of 1 oz along with a dropper. 

The natural oil does not alter the natural ebony quality of black man’s beard rather sustains it. It guards your hair shaft against breakage and aids you in having a fuller beard so that you can acquire any style. The continuous usage of this oil along with a regular beard care routine will give you a lustrous and shiny beard. 

It has a Cypress & Vetiver scent, which is refreshing and different from your regular woodsy scents. The scent is mild and gentle which means that you can use this oil in your daily life without attracting attention.


  • Organic formula
  • Conditions beard hair and has a soothing effect
  • Makes your hair manageable
  • Protects your hair shaft


  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to cypress and macadamia nuts
  • Some customers do not like the scent



Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer beard oil comes in a bottle of 2 oz which is double than your other beard oils. It is long-lasting and has magical effects on dry skin underneath your beard. Black men usually have dry skin which leads to rougher beard hair however this oil eliminates all problems related to dry skin. It prevents flaking of facial skin and wipes out treats beardruff so that you can ace with a more confident look. 

The chief ingredients of this oil are grapeseed, cedarwood, almond, castor oil, fir needle, and eucalyptus leaf oils. These oils moisturize your skin and help in rejuvenation of your beard hair. It makes your beard velvety soft leaving it more manageable. Cedarwood and fir needle which are the dominant ingredients give this beard a woodsy scent. The scent feels a little overpowering after applying but after a few minutes, it becomes mild.


  • Great for dry facial skin
  • Large bottle
  • Reduces skin flakes


  • Lacks a glass stopper
  • Feels greasy



The Gentlemen's Premium Beard Oil

Do you want to have a smooth and untangled beard? Black men find it hard to manage their coarse and brittle beads with damaged hair. All they want is a product that can make their beards manageable and healthy. The Gentlemen’s Premium beard oil goes by its name and delivers you a beard that upholds your gentlemanly look. It contains organic evening primrose oil, pure jojoba oil, and vitamin E that nourishes your skin underneath. 

It lessens the itchiness which you have when a new beard grows. The natural mixture of oils penetrates deep in the skin fostering the growth of thicker and silky hair. It treats unruly hair and makes them smooth. The oil is unscented which makes it a better product for all those black men who get irritated by scented oils. You will get a classic and attractive beard after using this oil.


  • Readily absorbs into skin
  • Makes your beard shiny and thick
  • Fragrance free


  • Watery consistency
  • Expensive



Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

This two in one oil conditioner comes in a bottle of 1 oz. The oil contains all the natural elements and is devoid of any fillers or synthetic materials. It has a perfect combination of argan oil and jojoba oil, which have magical qualities when it comes to the treatment of hair. It is highly useful for men who are facing beardruff and itching. 

It not only causes hair growth but improves the texture and strength of your hair. With its formula, it is able to nourish and soften even the burliest beard. It restores vigor and vitality into your hair and leaves a lasting sheen on your hair. It works as wonderful conditioning and styling oil enabling you to flaunt your beard style. The non-greasy formula is fragrance-free. 


  • Amazing conditioning qualities
  • Improves hair quality
  • Prevents beard itch


  • Low oil thickness 



Cremo Beard Oil

Are you having trouble maintaining your beard? Black men who have beards are simply at a loss to manage them. Cremo offers a solution to them with its replenishing hair oil which produces remarkable results on shorter and longer beards alike. The oil comes in a bottle of 1 oz that will last for a few months. It revives your dull looking beard with its reviving qualities. 

The premium ingredients of this oil are natural argan and jojoba oil that moisturize the facial skin promoting the growth of a fuller beard. It not only alleviates your beard itch but also restores natural moisture to it. It inhibits the growth of ingrown hair and the irritation caused by them. The premium ingredients give you a shinier and luscious looking beard. 

There are three scents available in it which are a mint blend, forest blend, and unscented. We would recommend all black men out there to grab the second one as it is alluring, and you would not go unnoticed in a crowd.


  • Is not sticky 
  • Great for men struggling with ingrown hair
  • Economical


  • Scent vanishes quickly



Billy Jealousy Devil's Delight Beard Oil

Do you want to ace the look game at a party? With a smile and a healthy beard with a peeper fragrance, you will rule over the hearts of all onlookers. The fragrance surely gives you that dare-devil vibe and you will love it. The unique scent distinguishes it from standard oils with woodsy scents. This domineering scent helps you in getting rid of bad odor caused by smoking and sweating. The oil hydrates your skin and treats skin flakes. It seals the hair shaft ultimately protecting it from damage.

The natural ingredients help in promoting beard growth, strengthening beard hair, and imparting a lustrous look on them. The primary ingredients used in it are soybean oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil. The presence of these ingredients enables this oil to be used on sensitive skin as it does not have any side-effects. 


  • Enchanting scent
  • Efficient packing
  • Has organic oils


  • Expensive


Buying Guide

There are plenty of beard oils available in the market and you may be at a loss to select the best one for yourself. We have mentioned a few factors which you should consider before buying a beard oil for yourself.

  • Ingredients

It is imperative to check all the ingredients before you buy a beard oil for yourself. You should look for oil which is organic and free of all parabens and synthetic materials. It should not have fillers, lubricants, or other materials just to increase the volume of your oil. A product with natural ingredients in lesser quantity is better than a product with artificial ingredients in higher quantity.

  • Skin type

You need to consider your skin type and the type of beard hair you have before buying a beard oil for yourself. Every skin reacts differently to an oil. If you have dry skin, then you should look for an oil that should contain argan oil due to its nourishing qualities. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin you should look for an oil that contains jojoba oil. You should always look for a beard oil that works best for your skin type.

  • Packaging

It is better if you opt a beard oil that comes in a dark amber bottle as it increases the shelf life of oil. The dark bottle protects the oil from UV light rays and prevents oxidation of oils which can hamper the quality of natural ingredients in it.

  • Scent 

This is a subjective element and a matter of personal choice. If you are someone who does not like scented oils, then you should go for unscented ones. If you like to have a scented beard, then make sure you select the right one for you. A gentle and mild scent is better than an overpowering one that simply gets on your nerves.


We have compiled a whole collection of beard oils that will work best for black men. Now, the ball is in your court to pick up a beard oil that works best for you according to your skin type and beard hair. Every oil in this collection will definitely help you in leveling up your beard game.

I hope you will like this post ‘Best beard oil for black men‘. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact us!

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