10 Best Smelling Beard Balm 2021

best smelling beard balm

So, you started growing your beard. It might look appalling in the starting phase of growth, but it provides you with a masculine look after a certain period.  For that bold and cheesy look, you need to provide shape to it, which means you need to trim it, oil it, and maintain lines in your neck and cheek.

From trimmer to the shaver, oil to balm, you need to use it accordingly to maintain gross lines. To provide a sleek look to your beard, you need to use best beard balm. On that account, we have mentioned the best smelling beard balm for 2021.

But before diving into the mainstream topic, let’s explore how you can find the best smelling beard balm!

You can’t choose any balm off the shelf for your beard. If you do, it might cause more harm to your skin and your beard. So, it would help if you looked after its

Chemical Concentration – One of the essential thing to look after before buying any beard product. The highly concentrated products might not work as you expect. Rather than doing good, it might harm your skin. Thus, it is the must-watch thing before buying any beard product;  I repeat.

You have to buy those beard balm which contains fewer chemicals and more indigenous ingredients. Please don’t go with its look, go with its quality. And the quality is determined by its natural stuff blended into it.

Natural ingredients – As I have quoted already, go with the beard balm with 100% organic product. Even if it writes 100% organic, it might include some chemicals. It won’t do any harm with a few percentages of chemicals blended into it.

Check the smell – Smell is another thing you need to notice before buying it. It would be best if you found its hardness, whether it is hard or mild or unscented. Some people can’t tolerate the hard smell. They can go for the beard balm with a mild kind of smell. And if you don’t like any smell, you have to buy the unscented beard balm.

Beat beardruff – The major problem you will face after having a beard is beardruff. If you don’t know about beardruff, it is similar to that of dandruff. And it would help if you bought a beard balm, that beats beardruff. You won’t suffer from beardruff if your skin and hair are moisturized. And it is merely possible with best beard balm.

Natural butter – As you know, beard balm is the blend of unique ingredients, and natural butter is one of them. Almost entirely beard balm is blended with shea butter because it is good for skin and hair. Thus, you need to look as if shea butter is blended or not.

Without further ado, let’s check the

Best Smelling Beard Balm 2021

ProductsFeaturesOur Rating
Honest Amish Beard BalmBlend of Organic Ingredients

Soften and nourishes your hair

Prevent Itching

Good for skin
Grave Before shave cigar blend balmSoulful Scent

Deep conditioning

Liquifies quickly

Reduce flyaways
Bossman complete beard kitComplete beard kit

Beard conditioner to rejuvenate pores

Beard Oil to soften hair

Beard balm for nourishment
Gentlemans beard balm vikingMoisturizes your hair resulting in growth of hair

Repair damaged hair

Organic Ingredients

Thicken your beard
Magic beard balmBest for short as well as long beard


Prevent itching

Maintain damaged hair
Mad viking beardAwesome Scent

Amazon's choice

Blend of 7 oil and 2 butter

Best for flyaway hair
Whiskey ink and lace beard balmUses Natural oil

Smooth and subtle scent

Prevent breakouts,itchiness

Provide wet look
Real bearded Men beard balmMade of 100% natural ingredients

Include fatty acid

Moisturize your hair and skin as well

Natural scent
Rocky Mountain Beard balm variety pack
(Amazon's Choice)
4 beard balm containing different blend

Perfect for all skin

Prevent your skin from infections

Vitamin rich balm

Irish Beard Balm LavenderNot greasy

Soothing fragrance

Moisturizes your beard

Blend of different natural oil

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm

HonestOne way to distinguish the best beard balm is by its ingredients. Those are the best balm, which includes fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients. And among many beard balm -Honest Amish is the best balm on our list.

If you are growing a beard and have used beard product, then you have noticed that Honest Amish is the popular brand in the beard community for a long time. It’s because of its ingredients, features and its effect to your beard.

The counterpart of this balm is its natural ingredients. It includes fruits, butter, and other essential oils. The blend of these ingredients makes this balm so enticing.

While applying this balm, you will feel like you have the super softening beard. Even the coarse hair turns softer and silky.

Most people realize itchiness while growing a beard. The main problem of itchiness is due to a dry beard. The dry beard rubs the skin, ultimately causing redness and itchiness in your skin.

If you use this balm, it prevents itchiness because it moisturizes your hair and prevents it from becoming dry. As a result, you will have itch-free, good looking shiny beard.

Note: If you have problems regarding allergies, you must follow the precautions before using it.

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2. Grave Before shave cigar blend balm


It isn’t trouble; however, it looks like a mess with the flyaway beard. For flyaways to overcome, a few amounts of Grave before shave balm works like a charm.

You can massage this balm to your beard. It genuinely turns down your flyaways and provides you with a super great look.

Additionally, this beard balm turns your beard softer and silkier. You won’t get any other balm beneficial than grave before shave for the flyaways and deep conditioning.

Talking about its scent, it is purely soulful. You won’t get irritated by its smell.

Another benefit of this balm is it liquifies so quickly to your beard. You can apply this balm all over your beard within a minute. You don’t need to provide longer pat to your beard due to liquidificaiton.

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3. Bossman complete Beard Kit

Bossman Complete Beard Kit

Bossman is the complete beard kit for managing your beard. It conditions, repairs and provides a sleek look to your beard. This kit is a whole combination of a Beard treatment package containing Beard conditioner, Beard oil, beard balm, and Beard scent.

Beard conditioner helps to repair your damaged beard. Every so often, the tip of the beard might get damaged. Washing your beard with this conditioner rejuvenates the tip and helps to grow beard more rapidly.

Meantime, beard oil helps to moisturize your beard. It prevents itchiness and redness to your skin. This oil maintains your hair follicle and pores.

So, how long does the moisturizer lasts in your beard using this moisturizer? It surely lasts for a long time. If you want to moisturize your beard for a long time, you can use this beard balm. It nourishes your hair and helps to thicken your beard and mustache.

Additionally, the scent of this balm is super awesome.

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4. Gentleman’s Beard Balm Viking

If you have a problem with itchiness while having a long beard, this balm might work effectively. It traps moisturizer along the hair shaft for the extended amount of time. As a consequence, hair won’t turn dry during day and night time. Hence, the problem of itchiness gets solved by a tremendous amount.

The way how it moisturizes your hair also helps to the growth of hair in sublime amount. The moisturizing particle even moisturizes the follicle resulting in the growth of hair.

Applying this balm not only nourishes your hair but also prevents from outsiders like bacteria and pollution. Hence, it prevents your hair from being damaged. Even if you have damaged hair, it provides proper treatment to improve that hair’s growth and rejuvenation.

And above all, this beard balm is 100% organic. Hence, you can use this balm in any skin. The ingredients include Shea butter, Rice bran oil, Almond oil, and other natural essential oils.

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5. Magic beard balmMagic

Magic beard balm might be your choice of interest for the consistent growth of thick and dense beard. The balm made of 100% organic ingredients helps to moisturize your hair and provide a sleek and shiny look all day.

It is a homemade product, and you can use it in both short and long beard. The additional benefit of using this balm is its penetration. It moisturizes your hair as well as skin. As a consequence, you don’t need to feel the effect of itchiness.

The timber smell of this balm makes you super exciting. The smell is 100% natural, and you will love it.

It is one of the most affordable beard balm available on the market.

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6. Mad Viking beard


Mad Viking beard balm is good for tame flyaways.  It is so easy to apply, and applying this balm helps to turn down flyaways and makes your beard look super hot.

Your beard looks awesome, consequently after applying it. The beard turns silky and softer. You will definitely notice it afterward.

The ingredients amalgamed into this product helps in healthy growth of your beard as well.

The natural oil riched balm makes your beard nourishes all day. The different oils blended into this product include Almond oil, Seed oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, and other essential natural oils.

Talking about its scent, it is the blend of pine and citrus. You will definitely love the smell of this Viking beard.

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7. Whiskey ink and lace beard balmWhiskey

Are you afraid to use beard balm because of acne? Well, you don’t need to be? Whiskey ink and lace beard balm are made especially to prevent breakouts. The oil blended into this balm makes this thing happen.

You can pat this balm into your skin, and you will get the super softening beard with no acne in mind and face.

Additionally, this product makes your beard shiny and more compelling. On top of that, this oil also works as an

  • Aphrodisiac
  • Stress Relieving and
  • Antidepressant

Sometimes while you walk around nearby polluted areas, it might make your beard dry. This work as a pure moisturizer and also work as an insect repellant.

The smell of this balm is mild. It is not too strong. Thus, you will feel the good smell and makes your day good as well.

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8. Real Bearded Men Beard Balm

REALReal Bearded Men is an Amazon’s choice beard balm. And it is an American product specially manufactured to make your beard soft and silky.  It is made of 100% natural ingredients. Thus, it is the must-have product on our list.

It is mainly blended with fatty acid and other oils. The balanced blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid makes this product more deserving of using because fatty acid is good for skin, which makes your hair healthy and shining.

Other essential oil includes Hemp oil, coconut oil, and Almond oil. These oils have their own beauty in itself. Hemp oil helps in the growth of hair. Coconut oil and Almond oil make your hair look super great. These oil also prevents breakouts.

And finally, the product blended with all of these natural ingredients smell super great. It smells mild and is good for your health.

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9. Rocky Mountain Beard balm variety pack

Beard Balm

The specialty of this balm is its variety of flavor. It comes with a different smell, which includes Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Bamboo, and unscented.

Rocky Mountain Beard Balm has been famous for its signature smell Cedarwood. However, you can pick any product with its smell.

The main benefit of this balm is it’s

  • Smell
  • And vitamin Rich oil.

It is specially crafted balm which includes the blend of different types of vitamin-enriched oil. All of the oil blended into this product include grapeseed oil and mostly vitamin E. This vitamin makes your beard healthy and shiny. Additionally, your hair growth increases in an enormous amount because of these vitamins and minerals enriched oil.

Above all, you can use this balm in any skin and any beard. It doesn’t matter the length of your beard. After applying it into your beard, it shows the aroma of your beard.

And finally, if you have been using beard product, this is also the famous product available on the market.

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10. Irish Beard Balm Lavender

Irish Beard

Finally, the last product on our list is Irish Beard Balm Lavender. No hard feelings, if you don’t like the greasy part of beard balm, then Irish lavender might be the choice of your interest. It is the balm with no shea butter. Hence, no greasy experience in your face.

Except for shea butter, it blends different oils like Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and other oils and beeswax.

It works the same as beard oil. It softens your hair and gives a sleek look to your beard. More of this balm, it traps the moisturizer. As a consequence, your beard shines and looks moisturized all day.

What do you need except moisturized beard?

The moisturizer thing prevents itchiness and the redness in your skin.

About its smell, it has a mild and very good smell.

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When & How to apply?

When is the best time to apply the balm? We suggest you apply beard balm after having a morning shower. At that time, your beard becomes warm and damp. Your hair grasps more moisturizer applying beard balm just after the shower. As a result, the quality of the hair turns more black and denser.

The key part is that your skin absorbs more nutrients necessary for the growth of hair. Therefore, your hair grows in a consistent length, and even the damaged tips of the hair get repaired.

Applying beard balm is easy. You can follow the steps for applying it in your beard.

1. Take a scoop of balm into your palm. Scoop depends upon the length of your beard. If your beard is extra-large, then the normal scoop of balm will not be efficient. You will need an extra scoop. However, if your beard is short, then a normal scoop will be efficient.

2. Now, rub the balm evenly into your hand until it melts and apply evenly into your beard. Apply balm in the downward direction because it helps maintain your beard and turn down flyaways.

3. Pat your skin for some time. You can also massage your skin. It helps to absorb necessary nutrients into your skin.

4. Finally, comb your hair in a downward direction. It provides proper shape to your beard. For shaping your beard, you might need an extra scoop.

Benefits of Beard Balm

Especially, beard balm is a blend of butter, beeswax, and other natural essential oil. Let’s check the benefits of beard balm, mainly the benefits of these blends.

Butter – Butter works as a moisturizer in the beard. The moisturizer nourishes your beard and makes your beard looks healthy and shiny. You all know that butter kind of feels greasy. Thus, it works for styling your beard. Above all, it helps to remove tame flyaways.

Note: Most beard balm uses shea butter, which is beneficial for hair and the beard.


As the name implements, the wax is used for styling. The beeswax helps to straighten your coarse, curly, and wild hairs. Taking a scoop of balm and applying it directly into your beard, hydrates moisturizes and nourishes it.

After applying, you can evenly spread it all over your beard with the help of your hand. And finally, you can use a comb or beard brush to provide shape and style to it.

Natural Essential oil

Most of the balm is the blend of different natural oils like Almond oil, Seed oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, and other oils.

Almond oil – Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acid. These are the nutrients necessary for the growth of silky and healthy hair. It doesn’t only nourish your hair but also helps to repair the damaged hair in your skin.

Avocado oil –  You hair won’t grow good and shiny if it doesn’t get essential nutrients. It is one of the oil which penetrates your hair shaft and moisturizes your hair. It is due to oleic acid present in it.

Grapeseed oil – Some people won’t like the greasiness of beard balm. For that instance, grapeseed oil plays its part. It nourishes your hair plus it won’t let you feel the greasiness in your hair. Additionally, it traps moisturizer in your beard for an extended time period.

Final thought

Conclusively, you must use beard balm if you want to have a good looking beard. And the question arises as can I use beard balm in a short beard?

Yes, you can use it in any beard comprising from short, mid and long.

It doesn’t matter how long your beard is. You can apply it to provide a good and shiny look.

And major counterpart of this post is what’s the best beard balm 2021. All the beard balm mentioned above are the best. We have tried to review all these best smelling beard balms according to its price, quality, natural ingredients, and peoples choice.

And among all, Honest Amish beard balm tops the list.

Final Tips

You can also use the mix of beard oil and beard balm as well. You will notice the better result after applying the mix of it.

Firstly, you need to pat beard oil into your hair. And consequently, after applying it, you can massage your hair with beard balm. You will definitely visualize the better-looking beard after using it consistently.

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