Best Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin (Reviewed 2021)

best shaving cream for sensitive skin

Shaving cream to use or not totally depends on the type of skin which you inherit from your parents. If you have sensitive skin, you must use shaving cream. It prevents your skin from razor bumps and burns.

Let us first recognize the different types of shaving! Because it helps you to understand why you need to use shaving cream in advance.

Dry Shaving And Wet Shaving:

In dry shaving, most people prefer to use an electric shaver because electric shaver causes less pain. As follows, it is not necessary to use shaving cream.

Whereas in wet shaving, there is the use of butterfly safety razor. Thus, you must use shaving cream, soap, or gel. It usually opens the skin pore, which makes it easier to shave. Otherwise, you have to experience unprecedented cuts.

I prefer shaving cream rather than soap during shave because it considerably helps to provide the close shave without any cuts and damages.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best shaving cream for women and men!

Top 10 Best Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

ProductsFeaturesOur Rating
Taylor of old Bond street
(Amazon's choice)
Strong Fragrance

Thick lather

Provide good lubrication

Prevents irritation
Cremo original shave creamSmooth shaving

Prevents Nicks and cuts

Faster Slick with water

Lemon Extract
Brickell Men’s Smooth Brushless CreamBest for any skin

Natural Ingredients

Vitamin E

Pacific Natural shaving creamOrganic Ingredients

Good for traveling

Prevents unwanted cuts
Aveeno Therapeutic Moisturizing shaving gel
(Best Seller)
Protect dry skin while shaving

Both for men and women

Reduce dryness
NeutrogenaGlycerin to minimize irritation

Provide closer shaver

Remove irritation
Cremo French LavenderPapaya extract

Makes your skin soft

Used for Comfortable shave
Shaveology Mens shaving creamAnti aging property

Smooth skin

Prevents skin from sun
Rash Free Shaving cream For men and womenMoisturize your skin

Avoid razor burn

Good for sensitive skin
Kiss my face Moisture shaveAloe vera to smoothen your skin

Includes Lemongrass

Moisturizes your skin


Let’s check the detailed description of these creams.

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street


Taylor old band street is one of the best and valid shaving cream for sensitive skin available on the market. If you want to shave your delicate skin without any nicks and cuts, you have to try this cream.

Making a liberal base at shaving bowl and applying gently all over your face using the shaving brush works more effectively. Henceforth, gliding the razor right after applying it at your face prevents from irritation.

It also works most satisfactory for dry skin as well, which moisturizes and provides smoothness to your skin.

It is a mixture of scented sandalwood, cedar, Lavender, and Rosemary. Thus, the fragrance of this cream is persistently higher and stronger than any other shaving cream.

Furthermore, the charm lasts for a day after using this cream in your skin.

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  • Best for delicate skin



  • Stronger Fragrance might cause a headache.
  • Need a shaving brush

2. Cremo original shave cream


The blend of raw ingredients like seed oil, Aloe vera, Lemon Extract, Papaya Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract shows this shaving cream’s aroma.

Seed oil helps to rejuvenate the damaged cell and is hypoallergenic to the skin. This oil prevents red scar and itchiness. Henceforth, using this shaving cream avoids allergies and rashes.

Additionally, the aloe vera present in this shaving cream works as a moisturizer. It helps to provide smoothness in preventing the skin from sunburn and dryness. On the other hand, lemon extract brightens your face. It also removes the excess oil from your face.

Shaving might cause nicks and cuts. At that time, papaya extract helps to heal the cuts and nicks. It is one of the best extract needed for sensitive skin because it also prevents allergy.

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  • Best deal with razor burns
  • Paraben-free



  • Greasy feeling

3. Brickell Men’s Smooth Brushless Cream


One of the best natural shaving creams made from coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and glycerin can be applied all over the face without a brush. Affirmative, without the brush.

You can gently apply this cream over your face using your hand merely like massaging cream to your face. Consequently, it softens the hair and elevates it a bit so that it gets easier to cut stubble hair.

It is the desired product useful for the most sensitive and semi-sensitive skin.

Coconut oil blended in this cream cleanses your skin. It works as the best moisturizer. Apart from this, it prevents an allergic infection caused mostly due to cuts while shaving.

Shea butter, on the other hand, aids in healing the wound caused by cuts. It provides much fatty acid needed to improve the injury. Shea butter is rich in Vitamin A, E, and F.

Glycerin also works as the moisturizer in this shaving cream. It provides the skin with a smooth and soft feel.

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  • Purely Organic
  • Good Shaving cream in addition to vitamin E



  • Not too fragrant

4. Pacific Natural shaving cream

Pacific Shaving

Pacific Natural shaving cream can be used both by men and women. It is specially made from natural ingredients and is safe for all kind of skin that is wholly paraben and alcohol-free. Gently applying it in the skin provides a smooth and close shave.

What should we need more than a close and smooth shave?

Other than smooth and close shave, we need rashes, burn, and cut free shaving. Since, this shaving cream is the combination of exotic organic ingredients like glycerin, sunflower seed oil, shea butter fruit, white tea, green tea, and almond fruit. It also helps to avoid these kinds of problems in the skin.


Sunflower seed oil amalgamed into this cream tries to enhance the beauty of the skin. These oils contain vitamin A, B, E. Hence, it prevents the skin from sunburn and other infections. At the same time, white tea and green tea works as an antibacterial and moisturizing agent in this cream. On top of that, almond fruit fulfils the vital role to make your skin healthier.

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  • Makes your skin healthier



  • Makes your skin too slippery

5. Aveeno Therapeutic Moisturizing shaving gel

Aveeno Therapeutic Moisturizing Shave Gel

The shaving gel best for dry skin that temporarily releases dryness from your skin after using it. It lubricates your skin. Henceforth, the razor glides smoothly into your skin, preventing cuts and red rashes.

After applying this gel over your face produce foam not much like soap but like a thick cream which helps to provide a close and clean shave.  It’s almost like a gel which turns into cream after applying it. Thus, you don’t need a brush to use it in your face.

It contains natural oatmeal that helps to soothe your skin as well. The fragrance-free shaving gel also prevents irritation, which is caused by most of the razor.

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  • Deduces dryness



  • Not much natural

6. Neutrogena


Clinically tested cream most appropriate for the hypersensitive skin always avoids razor bumps and cuts. After applying in your face, the distinct layer of cream decreases the amount of force needed than the original force while shaving. Hence, it prevents your skin from irritation and red rashes resulting in the close and smooth shave.

It doesn’t matter how many times a week you shave; it always lubricates your skin.

It is clinically tested cream and always protects your skin from clogging.

Due to pre soothe technology adapted by this cream, it protects from ingrown hair providing the natural growth of hair. Thus, ingrown hair might not be a problem to shave next time.

Besides, it also works as the sunscreen preventing your skin from harmful UV rays.

So why not try this product?

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  • Pre soothe technology
  • Dermatologically tested



  • Not much foamy

7. Cremo French Lavender


Shaving cream must have a moisturizer amalgamed into it. This is the kind of shaving cream blended with moisturizer. It makes your skin smooth and prevents dryness.

It contains the best natural ingredients which include calendula, lemon, olive leaf, and other extracts. These kinds of extract add much charm to your sensitive skin.

Natural product always plays a decisive role while making your skin look good.

The aloe vera extract provides the fragrance while lemon extract removes the excess oil from the skin. The skin looks more vigorous after using this shaving cream.

Besides these, if any cuts occur during shaving, these extract heals the wound. And the healing process is much faster than using any chemical compounds without any side effects.  It prevents irritation and decreases the number of cuts and nicks that might happen regularly during shaving.

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  • Natural extract
  • No side effects
  • Paraben-free



  • Smells like chemical

8. Shaveology Men’s shaving cream


The fusion of anti-ageing property in shaving cream plays a revolutionary role in the skin. One cream with two benefits.

It is much active in the water. It produces foam as soon as it gets contact with water and helps to glide the razor smoothly on your face. As a result, there will be a close shave without any wounds in your sensitive skin.

Just pluck of cream is enough to shave your sheer face. Once, you apply it to your face; it prevents your skin from rashes and razor bumps. On the other hand, it also works as an anti-ageing property. To prevent skin from dryness, it uses golden Seawood. It softens your skin and keeps your skin fresh and soft all day.

Therefore, this cream must be a good choice while shaving with a razor in your sensitive face.

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  • Anti-ageing property
  • Irritation free
  • One pluck is enough



  • Slight redness still occur

9. Rash Free Shaving cream For men and women


As the name suggests, it is the best rash-free shaving cream. It lubricates the skin preventing razor burn and cuts.  Another factor to consider this as the best shaving cream is due to it’s no fragrance. As a result, it provides shaving without any irritation, which is the most important factor to consider for the delicate skin.

It has a moisturizer mixed with it. If your skin has any cuts and wounds, it tries to reheal it by smoothing the skin.

This cream is suitable for both men and women. It can be used to remove surplus hair all over your body. However, it doesn’t produce any foam; you need to apply this cream and shave it with a razor’s help. It provides smoothness while shaving.

It uses a quarter portion of organic ingredients, including coconut oil, aloe, vegetable glycerin, and other products to make this shaving cream.

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  • 25% of organic ingredients
  • Moisturizer



  • No Foam

10. Kiss my Face Moisture Shave

Kiss My Face

Last product we have on our list is Kiss my face moisture shave. It nourishes your skin, allowing to cleanse and shine your hair. It allows you to cut your ingrown hair and provides the close shave.

You merely need to take the pluck of lather in your hand and apply gently to your face. The cream packed with different natural ingredients like Vitamin E, olive oil, lemongrass, and aloe adds the natural glow to your face.

Vitamin E inevitably makes your skin soft and helps to repair your damaged cell. As a result, the cuts occurred during the shave would be healed momentarily

The grape scented smell also adds the flavour to this shave. Thus, the shrewd nourishment of this cream makes your day good.

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  • Paraben-Free
  • Moisturizing indulgence



  • Mild razor rash

Why Use Shaving Cream for sensitive skin?

best shaving cream for men

All of the shaving creams are not suitable for all types of skin. Thus, you must choose it wisely. But more preferably, you have to select the cream that has 0% chemical ingredients.

There are various reasons for using the shaving cream on sensitive skin. Most people use it mainly to prevent cuts, whereas some people use it for a close shave.

Why do you use it? Let me know in the comment section below!

  • Close Shave

Shaving looks incomplete without a close shave. You can also shave your beard without using shaving cream, but the result will be nasty in case of sensitive skin. Using the best shaving cream provides the best shave you have ever experienced. Try it, and you will find it! You will never regret if you use shaving cream.

  • Razor Burns & Unwanted cuts

Sensitive skin is more prone to skin burns and wounds. The friction between skin and blade increases while shaving. Due to its sensitivity, there remains a mark of a blade in the skin. If you use shaving cream, it provides a steady and sleek shave without damaging your face.

  • Irritation 

The other reason why you need to use shaving cream is to reduce itchiness while shaving. The shaving cream helps the razor to glide smoothly on your face preventing from razor rashes and cuts. And even the dry skin gets moisturized after using shaving cream. Once, you solve the problem of dryness; you won’t suffer from irritation.

  • Moisturizer

Shaving cream helps to moisturize your skin. Thus, your skin will glow the whole day aftershave. These moisturizers also help to fight with pollutions. As a consequence, the problem of breakouts and even wrinkles might get solved by these creams.

  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial

How often do you cut your skin while shaving? Every time I shave a beard. And on those time, these shaving cream with anti-fungal and antibacterial property helps to fight with bacteria. It heals your cut quickly without affecting your cut from bacterias and fungus.

Note: Some shaving cream might not contain moisturizer. Thus, you must check it’s ingredient before buying it

Why Use Artisanal Shave Cream?

Does using an artisanal shave cream matters or not?

It matters a lot if you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is more prone to cuts. To prevent cuts, you need to decrease friction between your skin and the razor.

To do so, you need to create a thick lather in between the skin and the razor, of course. So, what happened next is, while you glide a razor into your vulnerable skin, that thick lather works as a middle layer and prevents your skin from being cut.

Since artisanal shave cream looks like a paste, you need to dilute it with water. Making a thick liberal base and using a shave brush, you need to apply it into your skin.

The result of artisanal shaving cream will be most satisfactory rather than using any other shaving soaps or any other gels.

It decreases the impact produced by most of the razor in your sensitive skin.

Do You Need to Use a Shaving Brush?

best shaving cream for women
A shaving brush is must if you need a quality shave. Because using your hand, it is kind of impossible to create a thick lather. And most importantly, your whisker won’t get settled at the edge which creates another problem while doing a shave.

So, after using a shave brush, it lifts your whisker a bit. As a result, it gets more comfortable for a razor to provide bright and clean shave.

The Benefit of Using Shaving Brush is that only one stroke of the razor will be enough to provide a good shave. You don’t need to pass your razor again and again into that sensitive skin.

Once you pass the razor, it cuts your hair such that you don’t need to glide it for the second time. Hence, there is less chance of having cut while using a shave brush. It also decreases the impact of the razor, which declines razor burns and bumps.

How to Shave for Sensitive Skin?

The skin is itself a sensitive and using razor onto that skin is nerve-wracking. But following the proper guidelines and precautions, it will get easier to pass razor onto that skin.

People get nervous while shaving. And it is one of the significant reason behind cuts. So, the first thing you need to do is to become calm and settled.

Secondly, you need to put every necessary item (shave brush, shave cream, and if you use shave oil) in front of you.

Let’s get started to shave!

  • Firstly, you need to to take a scoop of best shave cream for sensitive skin. Gently apply it to your face using a shaving brush. You need to dip that shaving brush into water such that it will help to make a liberal base and a thick lather onto your face.
  • After a while, it produces a thick lather. Right after it produces lather, you need to use the best razor to shave your hair. If you are using a butterfly razor, you need to use fresh stainless steel blade.
  • Meanwhile, if you are using an electric shaver, you need to use a fully charged shaver. It will help to conglomerate your shave to provide a best and most exceptional shaving experience.

Note: You need to dispose of a blade in the safest place possible.

Can you use Shaving oil and Shaving Cream at the same time?

shave oil

Of course, you can use shave oil in addition to shaving cream.

Before shaving, you need to apply a few drops of shave oil to your skin. It makes your skin slick.

Consequently, using a shaving cream after applying shave oil helps to decrease the impact of a razor in your skin. Additionally, it works as a catalyst to increase lather production, resulting from experiencing a great shave.

So, while using a shaving oil, you need to stick to that shaving oil that contains more organic ingredients. The best shaving oil is the one that includes more indigenous ingredients and less chemical ingredients.


What Kind of Shaving Cream is Best For Sensitive Skin?

Let me share my experience when I was not aware of the shaving cream. I thought every shaving cream was same back then because of the tag ‘Best cream for sensitive skin’ in its outer package. Thus, I thoroughly picked any shaving cream available on the market and started to shave.

The tag doesn’t work. I realized it after using that shaving cream for three months. I felt like my skin has changed. My skin became rough than ever before.

The cause of rough skin was due to the chemical ingredients present in that shaving cream. Thus, I suggest you check the ingredients before buying it.

The best shaving cream is the one that lacks chemical ingredients. Alternatively, you can check the product made from organic products. It protects your skin and provides the natural glow that never lags to affect your skin positively.

It doesn’t matter how many years you do use that cream. But it provides the same effect for the long run. However, on the other side, using a cream with more amount of chemical ingredients makes your skin dry and dull. As a result, you can feel the wrinkles in your skin.

Thus, while choosing any product related to skin, your priority must be the product made of 100% natural and indigenous ingredients.

Vitamin E is what you need to look for in the package before buying it? Vitamin E helps to rejuvenate the damaged tissue resulting in the smooth and glorious face. It also repairs acne scars.

Caution before using shaving cream

There is no denying that all the shaving cream suits on your skin. Some cream might cause allergies to your skin. It is due to chemical ingredients included on them. Hence, you must be careful while picking it. If the hypersensitivity lasted for more time, you must consult the physician. The result would be more catastrophic if you don’t take care of that effect.

Therefore, you must check the package labelled with its ingredient. You can also check its review as if there are any chemicals mixed in it.

Similarly, if you are suffering from acne, you can’t use those shaving cream containing more oil. You need to choose non-comedogenic shave cream. It helps remove clogged pore and helps repair damaged tissue resulting from providing good skin and hair.

Final Words

Conclusively, shaving cream is the one which smoothens your shaving experience. However, some chemicals amalgamed into it might harm your skin. It might cause severe allergies and rashes. Like so, you must read the ingredients before buying it.

Additionally, you need to determine the texture of your skin. If your skin is having a problem with acne, you need to choose non-comedogenic shave cream. Similarly, for dry skin, you can try a shaving cream blended with a maximum amount of oil. It helps to moisturize your skin all day. Finally, you need to take care of both the best shaving cream for sensitive skin and best razors for sensitive skin.

Only using the best cream in sensitive skin might not work. You also need to use the quality razor with the most sharpened blade. It creates less impact, and you don’t need to glide razor continuously into that skin.

Wow, we have tried to cover all aspect of shaving cream. These tips mentioned above will help to boost your shaving experience.

And we have also tried to list the best shaving cream for sensitive skin. All these products are reviewed based on the least chemical composition, ratings, price, and features.

And finally, on the top of our list, the best shave cream for women and men remains Taylor of Old Bond Street. It produces a thick lather, which is one of the best features included in any shaving cream.

If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact us.

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