Best Smelling Beard Oil Reviews

Are you in search of Best smelling beard oil? Better skim this post to find one.

Wanted to make your beard look sleek, shiny and stupendous, beard oil might be the best choice for you. Beard oil moisturizes your hair and provides the shiny look. The shine appears in your beard for a whole day.

Instantly after applying beard oil, it doesn’t only nourish your hair, it also enters inside the hair follicle and provides the necessary nutrients for the growth of healthy hair.

However, the excess use of oil might cause breakouts nevertheless you use it in a balanced amount.

Thus, in this post, we will check out the best smelling beard oil for 2019. These oil helps to provide you with a masculine look.

But before checking the best-scented beard oil, we will check,

Which beard oil is best for men?

best beard oil for men

You can’t consider any oil available on the market as the best. The quality of any beard is determined by its concentration of natural and chemical ingredients. Additionally, how deep impact it creates in your beard also plays a critical role while considering the best oil.

We will try to describe point by point to consider any oil as the most valuable oil.

1. Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are the indigenous ingredients needed to be blended in any beard oil. It makes any beard oil super enticing.

What is the use of beard oil that is made of chemicals? Rather than doing good to your beard, it might cause harm to your beard.

You will not see the impact of chemicals right after applying it. However, after using it for certain years, it shows its impact like making your skin dry and wrinkles at your face.

Thus, you must prefer quality oil, not cheap beard oil.

2. Is it effective for the dry beard and skin?

People use beard oil to nourish their skin as well as their beard. If you are using it to moisturize your beard, you are doing it absolutely right.

Beard oil predominantly contains moisturizing property necessary to make any dry beard moisturized for a certain time. Once, you pat oil into your dry beard; it turns sleek and shiny.

However, there are some beard oils which doesn’t retain the moisturizing property for a long time. It instantly turns dry after certain hours. You need to ignore using these oils.

Thus, the best oil is the one, that makes your beard moisturized and shiny for at least one day.

3. Does it completely remove itchiness?

One of the most disturbing problem while growing beard is itchiness. You can’t resist itchiness until you moisturize your beard. For removing itchiness either you need to moisturize your beard or you need to cut it.

One of the best ways to remove itchiness is to use beard oil. The beard oil moisturizes your beard as well as skin. The varieties of oil blended into it helps to make your skin softer. Consequently, after using beard oil, it turns your beard softer than ever before. Once your hair turns softer, the problem of itchiness will not occur.

Thus, the best oil is the one that removes itchiness.

4. Does it help in the growth of your hair?

So, you started growing your beard. At the end of the day, it doesn’t grow! Won’t you be frustrated? Of course, you will be.

Thus, hair growth oil must contain vitamins necessary to increase the length of your beard. As a consequence, your beard tends to grow denser and longer.

5. How comfortable you will feel right after applying it?

There are oils that make you feel uncomfortable. You won’t like the smell. Or it might cause irritation to your skin. Using these oils makes you feel bad and it is also harmful to your beard.

The best beard oil makes your beard softer. And the fragrance of beard oil makes your day smoother. Smoother in the sense, it needs to create an aura around the space.

These are the tips to find the top-rated beard oil.

Now, we will check the top 10 beard oils.

Without further ado, let’s dive into!

Top 10 Best Smelling Beard Oil Reviews

ProductsAmount of oilFragranceOur Ratings
Jack Black Beard oil
(Amazon's choice)
1 ozlight4.6
Madviking Beard co 2 ozCherry and tobacco scent4.7
The Gentleman's Beard 1 ozUnscented4.4
Organic Beard growth oil1 ozManly Scent4.6
USDA beard oil 2 ozUnscented4.5
Lather and wood ultra moisturizer beard oil for men1 ozlight4.8
Best Sandalwood Beard oil
(Amazon's choice)
1 or 2 ozMedium4.5
Premium beard oil for men 1 ozUnscented4.6
Coconut rum beard oil1 ozCoconut Smell4.0
Iron beard soft and shiny2 ozPine Smell3.9

1. Jack Black Beard oil


Jack Black Beard oil is the Amazon’s choice beard oil. An oil that includes all specialties needed to be included in beard oil for the growth, care, and treatment of beard.

It is the blend of authentic organic ingredients. These ingredients inflict no harm to your beard. It is the best oil for moisturizing your beard. Taking a few drops of oil into your palm and applying it gently to your beard makes it soft and shiny. The botanical smell coming from this oil makes your day enthusiastic. The smell is light and is enormously beneficial to your beard.

The fast absorbing oils like fatty acids included in it helps to make your beard look softer and shinier.

Moreover, the problem of dry beard will get totally removed. Once the problem of a dry beard is removed, the irritation and itchiness caused due to beard will not occur.

And finally, you will get freedom from beard concomitant problems.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Fatty acid to make your beard soft
  • Removes itchiness
  • Light and botanical smell


  • A little bit greasy.

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2. Madviking Beard co Mad Viking Beard


Are you a beard person?

If you are, then you might be aware of Madviking Beard Co. It is one of the renowned beard product available on the market. And Mad Viking beard oil is equally the one that is popular in the market.

It is worthiest because it is made of organic oil. The different oil blended into it  (Almond oil, Apricot oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Hempseed oil, and Grapeseed oil ) make your beard look sleek. Even a few drops of oil massage makes your beard look dense and shiny.

Once you apply it into your beard, it penetrates your pores and cleanses it. Afterward, you will visualize the healthy growth of your beard.

The home-crafted beard oil with blending smell of cherry, tobacco, and vanilla is the beneficial oil for beard and skin.

If you like the smell of cigarettes, you might also like the smell of this oil.


  • Blend of 8 Natural ingredients
  • Renowned product
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Paraben-Free


  • Tobacco smell

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3. The Gentleman’s Beard

The Gentlemen's Beard


Some people don’t like the smell of beard oil. For them, the gentleman’s beard oil might be the ultimate choice.   The US made oil which contains 100% organic ingredient is best for any beard. It is non-fragrance, organic and paraben free oil.

It is the best oil for frizzy hair. Taking little drops of oil and exerting it gently to your beard removes coarse hair. It turns your hair softer and makes it look completely lovable.

The problem of frizzy hair gets totally resolved. Simultaneously, the whiskers turned down permanently due to the softness of beard oil. You can comb it afterward to provide a gentle look.


  • Non-fragrance
  • The US made
  • Removes whiskers and coarse hair
  • Paraben-Free


  • odorless

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4. Organic beard growth oil

Organic Beard Oil Growth

As the name suggests beard growth oil, it promotes the growth of your beard. Only a few drops of oil works like a charm. Using it consistently in your beard makes your beard super soft and super long.

It promotes the growth of your beard 3 times faster than any other beard oil.

It is organic and is beneficial for the growth of your hair. It makes your skin softer and moisturized for extensive time. Thus, once you apply it, it removes the itchiness from your skin and provides a vigorous look to your beard as well as skin.

The fragrance is a little less. You won’t feel the smell of this oil. Thus, you can also consider it as the non-fragrance beard growth oil.


  • Promote beard growth
  • Organic
  • Beneficial for skin
  • Removes itchiness


  • Less fragrance

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5. USDA beard oil

USDA Organic Beard Oil

USDA beard oil is good beard oil for making your beard denser and thicker. If you are having a patchy beard, you need to use this beard oil. It helps to increase the growth of your hair to provide a denser look.

It is the blend of different essential oils like Jojoba, castor, almond and Argan oil. These are the pure natural oil which makes your hair softer, denser and super silky.

This oil produces no harmful effect to your hair because it is made of 4 essential natural oils. You can use this beard oil simultaneously in your mustache. The problem of beardruff and other skin related problem like dry skin gets totally removed afterward using this oil.

The consistent use of this oil will genuinely make some difference in your beard. And after all it is non-fragrance, it doesn’t mix the smell of other product into your beard


  • Beard growth oil
  • Blend of 4 Organic oil
  • No beardruff
  • Removes itchiness


  • A container is of less quality

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6. Lather and wood ultra moisturizer


Another renowned beard product on the list which is also the Amazon’s choice beard oil is non-other than lather and wood ultra moisturizer beard oil.

It is the best moisturizing beard oil. If you have a problem of dry beard and skin, lather and wood ultra moisturizer beard oil might be the choice of your interest. Meanwhile, the problem of itchiness which is caused due to dry beard also gets minimally removed.

It is the blend of 7 different organic oil, organic Aloe and green tea extract. These organic blends make this oil the perfect oil for using in any kind of skin. It makes your beard smooth, soft and wonderful.

It also provides necessary treatment essential for the damaged beard resulting in the proper growth of damaged beard.


  • Amazon’s choice
  • Blend of 7 Organic oil, Organic Aloe and antioxidant
  • Best moisturizing property
  • Treat damaged beard


  • Little bit oily

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7. Best Sandalwood Beard oil

Best Sandalwood Beard Oil

If you are in need of best-scented beard oil, sandalwood beard oil is the perfect choice for you. In addition with scent, the moisturizing property amalgamed into it makes your beard soft, shiny and natural.

The varieties of blended oil like Apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, and oakmoss sandalwood oil makes your beard super awesome. Additionally, the scent makes your surrounding attractive toward you.

It comes in 1 oz bottle. Due to awesome ingredients blended into it, even a few drops of oil works like a charm. The oil goes underneath hair follicles and helps in healthy growth of your beard.

It is best for coarse and dry hair.


  • Amazon’s choice
  • Strong fragrance
  • Best moisturizing property
  • Best for dry and coarse hair


  • You might not like the smell.

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8. Premium beard oil for men

PREMIUM Unscented

Premium beard oil works like the shampoo as it makes your beard super softer. It also promotes in the growth of your hair. Using it consistently for a month definitely, provide you a good and manly look. You will genuinely see a difference after using this oil for 1 week.

You can even use this oil if you are having a beard-related problem. It turns your coarse and dry hair softer and silky. It contains oil that turns any hair softer and also prevents the hair fall.

For effective use of this oil, you need to take 1-3 drops of oil. Applying it all over your beard and combing your beard with beard comb or brush provides a sleek look to your beard.

It is the non-fragrance oil and comes in a 1 oz bottle which is best to use in daily life.


  • Works like a shampoo
  • Hair growth
  • Treat damaged hair
  • Sleek look


  • Unscented

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9. Coconut rum beard oil

Premium Beard Oil for Men

Coconut rum beard oil smells much like coconut. If you like the smell of coconut, this oil might be the best choice for you.

It is the blend of different organic oils, antioxidants, and other vitamins. The organic oil includes Argan oil, Avocado oil, and jojoba oil. These oils help to make your beard soft, shiny and supernatural. Antioxidants amalgamed into it helps to make your skin moisturized and prevent dryness.

Similarly, different vitamins help to increase in the growth of your hair.

It is the best oil specially formulated by the dermatologist for any kind of skin. Once you use this oil, it removes other beard related problems like beardruff, dry beard, and dry skin.


  • Coconut smell
  • Organic ingredients
  • Specially formulated by a dermatologist
  • Remove beardruff, dry beard.


  • The scent is bit stronger

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10. Iron beard soft and shiny

Iron Beard Soft

The final beard oil in our list is non-other than Iron beard soft and shiny oil. It is the best oil to provide strength to your beard. If you are having a beard falling problem, this oil might be best for your beard.

Iron beard oil is the blend of 9 different nutrients rich beard oil. It makes your beard softer, shiny, promotes in growth as well as prevents beardruff and itchiness.

It moisturizes your beard such that it completely removes dryness from your skin and eventually removes beardruff.

As a result, your beard looks completely insane. You will definitely be surprised by the effect of using this beard oil.

Talking about its fragrance, it smells like forest. The smell is due to the combination of long-lasting cedar as well as sandalwood.


  • Smells like forest
  • Blend of 9 nutrients rich Organic ingredients
  • Remove beardruff and dry beard.
  • Provides strength to your beard


  • The scent is bit stronger

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Where to buy beard oil?

There is no certain place where you can buy beard oil. You can buy it anywhere – in the nearest store or even on the internet. However, the oil you bought must create a positive impact on your beard. Not only your beard, but it must also need to make you cozy and comfortable.

Length of beard to use beard oil?

You can use beard oil in any type of beard. Either it is long or short, you need to take a few drops of oil in your palm. Then, you can gently massage it into your beard as well as to your skin. It provides necessary nutrients necessary for your beard to make it softer and also helps in the growth of your hair.

Alternatives of beard oil

As an alternative to beard oil, you can use beard balm and beard moisturizer. However, beard oil moisturizes your beard for a long time


Beard oil is a lightweight, scented or unscented, specially formulated oil which is used to apply it to your beard. Instantaneously after applying it, you will visualize the difference in your beard. It makes your beard silky, shiny and softer.

We have reviewed top rated beard oil on the basis of price, rating, scent and its impact on the beard. And amongst all of them, Jack Black Beard oil remains the best smelling beard oil on our list. All of the beard oil reviewed are best because we have tried to review oils which contains more organic ingredients.

If you like our post and have any queries related to best smelling beard oil, comment below!

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