Eucalyptus Oil – Is It Good For Beard Growth?

eucalyptus oil for beard growth

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of Eucalyptus trees, which is mainly originated in Australia. But after finding various benefits of this oil – it is widely grown all over the world.

Is Eucalyptus oil good for beard growth?

Eucalyptus oil is good for beard growth. It unclogs pores by dissolving dust and sebum that is built over time.  Meanwhile, the hair that isn’t able to grow due to blocked pores grows. Additionally, it stimulates the hair follicle and increases blood circulation!

beard growth

Besides beard growth, it.

  • Heals wound faster
  • Prevents infection
  • Relieves Cough
  • Keeps away the bug
  • Works for various disease like Asthama, Blood Sugar and Nasal Congestion
  • Relieves Joint pain

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It is easy to extract Eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus leaves are first dried out and then crushed in a grinder. Then it releases oil that, being distilled, produces pure eucalyptus oil.

Perhaps, these pure oils can’t be used directly thus needed to be diluted first.

This oil has many benefits to your beard and skin. If you are interested in the best eucalyptus oil, you can check out the price here.

Without further ado, let’s check the

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil For Beard Growth

1. Stimulate Hair Follicle

The hair follicle is a part of the skin from where your hair grows. It needs to be nourished for proper growth. For so, you can use eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil or other essential oil.

After applying, eucalyptus oil penetrates the pores and goes deep down the hair follicle and nourishes it.

As a result, it increases blood circulation around the follicle, which stimulates hair growth.

2. Prevents Inflammation

When your beard dries out, it causes itchiness which leads to irritation and inflammation.

To avoid irritation and inflammation, you can use Eucalyptus oil because it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like cineole and limonene, which act as a pain reliever.

You can also use this oil after shaving your beard. It provides a soothing effect to your skin.

3. Exfoliation

If you don’t exfoliate your skin correctly, dust particle or dead skin cells clog up the pores. Ultimately, there is a slow beard growth rate.

You will notice by seeing a patchy beard, and even sometimes, you might need to face hair loss.

Thus, you must exfoliate your skin.

For exfoliation, you can use either Eucalyptus oil or an exfoliator. You can check out the exfoliator here.

Eucalyptus oil has deep cleansing and antiseptic property that dissolves dirt and sebum built over time. These reopen follicles and stimulates hair growth.

4. Good Smell

If you don’t wash your beard correctly, it produces a sweaty smell. You must need to get rid of that odour. For that, either you need to wash your beard regularly or need to use beard products like beard balm or beard oil.

You can also use oils like castor oil, argan oil, tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. But it won’t produce a pleasant fragrance like that of other smelling beard oil.

But you can mix a sweet-minty smell to remove the foul odour.

5. Moisturizer

Does dry beard look good? Of course, not right!

Beard looks good only if it’s being moisturized. So, to moisturize your beard, you can either use beard moisturizer, beard butter, beard balm or essential oils.

You can also use Eucalyptus oil to moisturize your beard because it contains moisturizing property. Applying a drop of oil all across your beard provides a sleek, moisturized beard.

It softens your beard, improves the beard’s growth, reopens the clogged pores, and stimulates the hair follicle.

All of the benefits are in a single oil. Thus, you must try out this oil.

6. Styling Your Beard

Once you apply the eucalyptus oil, you can style your beard using a beard comb or beard brush. It provides you with a masculine look for sure.

How To Use Eucalyptus Oil For Your Beard?

It’s easy to use eucalyptus oil. You just need to follow the necessary steps:

  • Firstly, you need to wash your beard properly and make sure to dry it out.
  • Take a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your palm and rub it together.
  • Now, gently apply it all across your beard with your fingers
  • Rub it gently in a circular motion
  • Make sure you use it on the skin underneath your beard
  • Comb your beard at last with a wooden brush

You can use this oil once or twice a week for the proper growth of your beard.

Tips Before Using Eucalyptus Oil

1. Use it in moderate Amount

It contains chemicals like benzene and furan, which is poisonous to your body.

Thus, you need to use it in a moderate amount.

Just apply a few drops of oil to your beard. Using massive drops of oil irritates sensitive skin.

2. Dilute it first before using it

Never use the pure eucalyptus oil directly into your skin. It impacts your nervous system. Perhaps, there is no absolute proof of damaging it – you must take precautions before using it.

As a precaution, you must dilute it first using 1-2% of essential oils or carrier oils. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it even further.

3. Rinse Your Face Properly

If you have sensitive skin, I suggest you rinse your face immediately after 30 minutes of applying it.

If you don’t cleanse your face, it might irritate. So, rather than having irritation, you can cleanse your face with soap or any other face wash.

Some FAQs

1. Does Eucalyptus oil Clogs pores?

Eucalyptus oil doesn’t clog up pores but helps to cleanse them. It works as an exfoliator by dissolving sebum, dead skin cell and other dust to reopen pores.

2. What Carrier Oil to use with Eucalyptus?

You can use different carrier oils like:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Rosemary…


Although Eucalyptus oil helps to grow a beard, you need to take some precautions before applying it.

  • Dilute eucalyptus oil firstly with other essential oils.
  • Check as if it is allergic to your skin
  • Apply only a few drops of oil

Once you dilute it using other oils – you need to check if it is allergic to your skin. Once you confirm that, it’s non-allergic to your skin, you can apply a few drops of it to your beard. You will get the best result.

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