About Kate

Kate Peterson

Hi, I’m Kate Peterson, owner and founder of Bestgroomingtips.com. I have been working as a beauty enthusiast for more than five years.



It was 2014 when I first started my career as a beauty enthusiast. I still remember those days when I wait a whole day for a single customer in my shop, which was really difficult back then. There was a dept at my head, and I was kind of frustrated. I was baffled and even didn’t know about my career. I worked hard, and well, I’m here.

My main motto was to maintain a good relationship with my customers by providing quality service. That’s why customers kept visiting my shop even today from the first day.

I provide all the beauty services for both men and women – from manicure, pedicure to barbering hair. And I think customers are quite satisfied with it.



I was raised by my two lovely parents, who support me every time in my highs and lows. They taught me everything, given proper education, and I am really grateful to them.

Because of them, I completed my study in Bachelor of Arts. I am here writing this story because of them.

Perhaps I completed my education in arts; I have the interest to become a beautician. It was a childhood dream. I still remember I used to put lipstick and eyeliner of my mom on my face. And I felt like an angel at that time.

My parents had given me full freedom to choose my career by myself. I either need to pursue my career in arts or need to work as a beautician. In a dilemma, I decided to become a beautician.

However, to pursue a career as a beautician, I have neither any experience nor any education.

Meanwhile, I took 2 years of course as a beautician where I learned everything about grooming, trimming, makeup, hair styling, etc.

Finally, after completing that course, I opened my new shop in 2014 and have worked since then.



  • Drink plenty amount of water.
  • Take foods containing a high amount of .fiber
  • Decrease using junk foods
  • Take proper rest
  • Use quality products
  • Don’t use products with more amount of chemicals.
  • Try to use herbal products.
  • Test or check reviews before using any grooming products