10 Best Clippers For Shaving Head 2021

best clippers for shaving head

The best way to deal with hair fall is to shave it bald. No tension anymore! It is true that the most person who suffers from hair problem shaves their hair. So, the question arises as

How would you like to shave?

Just for shaving the head, you don’t need to visit the barber regularly. Alternatively, you can use either a shaver or a clipper, or a razor.

Top 10 Best Clippers For Shaving Head

ProductsDimensionWeightOur Ratings
Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper1.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches9.6 ounches4.1
Remington HC4250 Clipper9.8 x 7 x 2.5 inches1.2 pounds4.2
Philips Norcelo QC5580/408.8 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches12 ounches4.0
Oster Pivot Motor Clipper6 x 3 x 10.5 inches1 pounds4.2
Skull Shaver Beast Clipper7.5 x 6.3 x 3.8 inches2.65 pounds4.1
Reminton HC65509.9 x 7 x 2.5 inches1.6 pounds4.3
Wahl Lithium Ion clipper2.4 x 2 x 7.4 inches2 pounds4.0
kiki New Gain Hair Clipper6.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches9.6 ounches4.1
Kebor Hair Clipper for Men-1.3 pounds3.8
Andis 171503 x 5 x 8 inches3.2 ounches3.9

1 Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper


Wahl Professional


The 6.25″ long professional hair balding clipper with almost all functionalities to give a close shave. An electromagnetic motor moves fastly and can adjust with any hair. Afterwards, it raises the hair and cuts it at the base resulting from providing a close shave. The shave is completely painless.

The main problem with most of the shaver is it will leave patches aftershave. Employing this shaver, there will be no stripes on your head. This is due to the faster and parallel movement of the motor. The result will be precise and accurate. Besides, it will also try to resolve an ingrown hair problem.

The ergonomically designed clipper weighs only 1 lb and can be easily adjusted at our hand. Hence, it is delightful to carry and can be used anywhere.

Talking about its design, the base is made of steel, and the sharp blades are attached to it. As soon as, you switched on the clipper, the motor moves the blade. Consequently, you can glide the clipper at your head to cut the hair comfortably. After shaving, you can clean the clipper with the cleaning brush. It will subsequently deliver you a new shaving experience in the next cut.

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  • The operating Voltage is 120v.
  • Packages include Clipper, attachment comb oil, cleaning brush, and red blade guard.
  • Professional and Barber loved clipper


2. Remington HC4250 Clipper



If you are looking for a self-hair clipper, Remington might be the best choice. It is designed in such a way that it is easier to glide it anywhere around your head. You can grasp it to shave the hair at the back of your head. Its grip preserves the momentum of the clipper and hence makes it comfortable to adjust in your hand.

The purely sharp blade provides a clean and painless shave. The blade cuts the hair rather than pulling it off from your skin. You can also find a clipper that tries to pluck the hair off from the skin. It causes agonizing pain. So you have to choose wisely, what kind of clipper you want?

Furthermore, the stainless steel blade is hypoallergenic. Consequently, you can easily shave even if you have sensitive skin. Apart from this, you will get 9 length comb to trim your own haircut.

The cordless feature of this clipper is outstanding. It is needed to charge for up to 5 hours to use it completely cordless. You can even charge for 5 minutes to acquire the full power to shave the one head entirely.

After cutting off your hair, what should you do with the clipper? You will cleanse it off. Won’t it? Cleaning might be hectic unless it is washable. Remington is washable and can be washed with water. It will undoubtedly oblige you to think to go for this clipper.

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  • Packages include a comb, storage pouch, cleaning brush, and oil.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Washable and Best Grip


3. Philips Norelco QC5580/40


Philips Norelco

The unique feature of this clipper is its rotating head. You can easily rotate the head of the clipper to 180 degrees while shaving. As demonstrated, it will provide you with the best shaving experience as you can shave even at the difficult part like the back of your head yourself.

Using this clipper, you don’t need to make the awkward movement of your hand. You merely need to rotate the head of the clipper accordingly to shave comfortably.

The dynamic movement of the head in addition to more expeditiously moving blades provides you with the close shave. The blade is extremely sharp. Therefore, the patches will not be a problem while shaving. Apart from this, Sideburn can also be maintained with the help of this clipper.

Another most striking feature which I like the most is its length setting. Due to this setting, you can set your own haircut. You need to choose the setting and switch the clipper between the proper lengths. The length comprises from 0.5mm too 15mm.

The battery in this clipper lasts longer in comparison to others. It stands for about 60 minutes cordlessly. After the battery gets drained, you need to charge it for 1 hour to employ it repeatedly.

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  • 2 years warranty
  • Blades will be self-sharpened
  • Washable


4. Oster Pivot Motor Clipper



As the name suggests motor clipper, the Ostor clipper has a powerful pivot motor that helps to shave the hair fastly and cleanly. Even the motor is designed to move faster; it will produce a little noise. Thus, it will be a no problem while shaving.

The blade is sharp enough to provide a close shave. The most convenient feature is its blade movement in the clipper. The ergonomic design of this clipper made it possible to change the blade accordingly. You can adjust the blade setting between size 000 to 1.

One of the noticeable features of this clipper is subtle and timid shaving. Shaving after wetting the hair will be much appropriate because it will be easier to shave it off.

At the tail of this clipper, you will find the 8 ft long power cord. Plugging it into the power switch, you can shave your hair much comfortably than any other shaver.

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  • Pivot Powerful Motor
  • Package includes 4 combs, blade comb, oil, and cleaning brush


5. Skull Shaver Beast Clipper


Skull Shaver Beast Clipper

One of the uniquely designed clippers on our list is Beast clipper. From its design to its functionalities, all are equally exceptional. Talking about its design, handle at the bottom while the blade is attached to the handle. The horizontal handle is easily adjustable at our hand due to the perfect grip. Thus, it will be painless to shave without applying more force to the head.

To part the hair at the back of your head, you can hold the clipper between your finger. After a while of maintaining the more prime position, you can shave it effortlessly.

While shaving the hair with the normal clipper, there might remain the possibility of cuts. But in contrast to others, it comes with a separate cutting guard. It will prevent cuts and nicks. Thus, it is more protected and reliable to use.

It comes with 8 extra combs with the help of which you can set your own haircut. These combs are used for trimming, blending, and eventually shaving.

The battery is equally powerful. It is fully rechargeable and can last up to 60 minutes.

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  • Even Better for the thick hair cut
  • Purely Beast
  • Best battery performance

6. Remington HC6550



If you want to cut the hair professionally, Remington HC6550 might be the choice of your interest. The package of Remington includes many kits necessary for barbers and professional hair cutters.

The most valuable feature attached to this kit is its vacuum bin. It will capture the shaved hair. Therefore, you can easily dispose of hair afterwards. As a result, it will be unnecessary to clean the hair at your home.

The titanium coated blade is another best component of this clipper. It will help to cut the hair, even the thickest hair without much effort. The 9 combs packaged with this clipper helps to cut the hair with any haircuts you like. It will be from 1.5 to 25mm.

For running the blade and the vacuum, the lithium battery in this clipper plays a vital role. The battery gives power to the clipper and vacuum. As follows, the blade moves it will give the perfect haircut.  The battery distributing power to the blade and vacuum lasts for up to 60 minutes cordlessly.

After the battery getting drained, you need to charge it for 1 hour for the next use.

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  • Washable
  • 18-piece kit
  • Vacuum Bin
  • Charging indicator


7. Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper


Wahl Clipper

Wahl lithium ion clipper is known for its long run time. It can be operated continuously for 2 hours cordlessly. Isn’t that enough to shave more than 10 heads? A 10-minute charge is enough for its long-run capability. The charge it can withhold is 1 year which is another outstanding feature to analyze in this clipper.

The precision blade attached to this clipper provides you with the most convenient shaving experience. The blade will be self-sharpened. Thus, every time you shave the hair, it will energize you with a fresh shaving experience. Trimming the hair using this clipper will be faster than any other clipper due to its sharp blade.

The close shave is achieved due to the powerful motor integrated with this clipper. The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can be recharged proportionally.

For your choice’s self-haircut, you can use the different combs that will give you a short, mid, and longer haircut.

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  • 2-hour Backup
  • Withstand charge for 1 hour
  • Self-sharpening blades

8. kiki New Gain Hair Clipper



Kiki is best for its power and speed. This clipper with a powerful motor can even cut the copper wire with its rapid movement.  It is equally possible due to sharp blades. T shaped blade trims the hair rather than pulling it off from the skin.

So, you might be thinking such a sharped blade couldn’t harm you? Definitely not! The blade has a rounded edge which prevents cuts and nicks. Besides this, the steady movement of the blade helps to cut it safely.

The battery is one of the impressive parts of any clipper. The longer the battery lasts, the more amazing will be its performance. Talking about this clipper’s battery, it lasts about 90 minutes cordlessly, which is a maximum run than any other clipper. So, if you are looking to use a clipper for travel, Kiki might be your best choice.

This clipper has three amazing extra features. It can be used shaver and trimmer too. You can trim your sideburns and can shave your beard as well.

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  • Powerful battery
  • The package includes a comb, cleaning brush, hair clipper.
  • Blade with rounded edge

9. Kebor Hair Clipper for Men


Kebor Hair Clippers for Men

The iconic digital LED display at the body of this clipper shows the professionalism of this kit. It shows the remaining battery status, charging mode, turbo mode of the device. Thus, it will be easier for us to determine when it is needed to charge and other modes of this device.

The blade in this clipper is made of titanium and ceramic. It is long-lasting and durable. The sharpness is extraordinary. Once, you glide the clipper over your head; it will cut it off smoothly. The combs given with this clipper helps to cut the hair with your own length.

If your hair is dense, you can activate the turbo mode. In this mode, the motor moves fastly and helps to cut the hair partly. For this, you need to use the corded mode of the device. You might have figured it out that, this device can be used both corded and cordlessly.

One of the best features is its travel mode. It will help to preserve the battery during your travel. You need to hold the button for 5 seconds to put it in travel lock mode. It will be indicated on display.

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  • Led display
  • Charging Dock
  • Travel lock mode

10. Andis 17150 profoil lithium


Andis Profoil Lithium

Last but not least clipper on our list is Andis 17150 pro foil lithium. It is a foil clipper that helps you provide a close shave by cutting stubbles from your head. The head looks shiny after shaving from this clipping kit.

The foil is fully hypoallergenic. It will cut your hair more safely, providing the best shaving experience. It doesn’t matter if the clipper drains out of the battery. You can even use this clipper by joining the plug into the electric socket.

The battery lasts for about 80 minutes which is more than enough to finish your 5 grooming season. This is the shaver that will work nonstop just with a single charge.

It is also effortless to adjust at your hand, and the rotary motor provides the best finish.

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  • Rotary motor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cord or cordless

I want to suggest using a clipper if you are shaving it bald. There are many reasons for this.

Let’s see!

Why use the best balding clipper instead of Shaver or Razor?

1. Close Shave

A close shave is what you will prefer when shaving it bald. Isn’t it? The clipper got the most powerful motor than any other kit. As a result, the faster the motor moves the blade accordingly. Hence, the blade shaves it more efficiently and closely.

2. Remove patches

How would you look like if your head had patches aftershave? It looks totally awkward. Clipper is the one that will altogether remove patches while shaving them off. The blades are extremely sharp, and the faster motor completes the job with a close shave.

3. Cordless

The battery in the clipper is more powerful. It lasts longer than any other shaver and trimmer. The maximum lasting battery is due to the lithium-ion battery. The performance of the clipper also depends upon the battery.

4. Safety

Clippers are much safer to use. Every so often, it comes with a blade guard. It prevents the skin from cutting and appalling damages. The blades present in the clipper is rounded. Hence, it will not make any effect on your skin.

5. Comfortability

Clipper is designed on the ergonomic principle. As follows, it will be much easier to handle. The grip is what makes them famous. Due to their comfortability, you can shave the hair by yourself. You can shave the hair even in difficult areas.

Final Words

To sum it up, clippers are best for shaving bald head. The clipper provides the best shaving experience. It is in a sense; it will provide a close shave that tries to eliminate patches. Thus, the clipper can be used daily, which will provide a vigorous and refreshing look. However, you must choose the best clipper with high performance.

All the clippers mentioned above are best accordingly. Some are best for their performance whereas some for their battery. We have tried to provide the best reviews based on their rating, price, and features.

If you have, any queries regarding the best clippers for shaving heads, please contact us!

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