7 Best Electric Shaver Under $200 – Reviews And Buying Guide For Men

best electric shaver under $200

You can always use a standard shaving technique: an old school tube of shaving cream and a good razor. While this method has undoubtedly stood the test of time, it can get tricky to use the old way, especially around the edges. An electric shaver is an essential accessory for every guy to keep a nice, smooth shave or a well-maintained beard design. This innovation took the world by storm in the early 2000s and is still one of the highest hair grooming accessories used by stylists and people. Electric shaving technique has many advantages: there are far fewer shaving cuts, and there is no need for shaving cream, water, or soap. However, shaving with an ineffective, substandard shaver not only takes unnecessary time, but it does not provide the flare you want. 

When it comes to choosing the best electric shaver, there is no shortage of options. A variety of electric shavers are available in the market and online today and are available in all price ranges. If you want to keep a light hand in your pocket but want to avail of all the best qualities of a good electric shaver, you have come to the right place. 

The following is a review of the best electric shavers under $200. These shavers have been tested and tried for a better understanding of product features, pros and cons.

If you are in a hurry, check out these best electric shaver under $200:

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Shaver

Just as traditional razors need some type and quality tips before you buy them, so do the electric shavers. Following are some of the tips to keep in mind while shopping for your excellent shaver: 

1. Foil or Rotary Shaver

Electric shavers fall under two categories, broadly. A rotary shaver has wheels with blades in them. These blades spin under the shaving head, which feeds hair into the shaver.

On the other hand, foil shavers have cutters that work beneath metal foils. The foils move back and forth to get hold of the hair that needs cutting or trimming. Some men prefer one type, others prefer the other.

2. Closeness of Shave 

No matter the type of electric shaver, the most prominent feature to consider while buying an electric shaver is the closeness of shave it provides. Many products claim one thing and then fail to deliver. These products leave a good deal of stubble behind, which may be undesirable for some men.

3. Battery Life

Even though some high-end shavers struggle to sustain good battery lives, choosing cheaper shavers to make it even more imperative to check. Cheap shavers usually boast a 30-minute battery life, which can be enough for two or three shaves. Better shavers have battery lives leading up to an hour or more. 

4. Wet or Dry

Many shavers are used for dry shaves. Some shavers are also used wet, which means you can easily use them in the shower or with a shaving gel or cream. If you have a habit of shaving in the shower, choose the wet/dry shaver. 

5. Price

Electric shavers under $200 still fall in a wide range of prices. When buying a shaver, take reasonable consideration of the price range. Some shavers are worth $70, while others can $180. If you want a good quality shaver, limit your lower level to $50. 

Top Best Electric Shavers under $200

To make an informed decision before buying an electric shaver, it is best if you take a look at our top five picks for the best electric shaver under $200. Some of these shavers are listed as follows:

1. Philips Norelco 6800 Rechargeable Cordless Wet/Dry Electric Shaver 

Battery time: 50 minutes after 1-hour charge; 3-minute quick charge feature

If you want to buy a cheap yet quality shaver, this is the best product in the market when it comes to ease of use. It has a rotary head, which means that it can adapt to the contours of any face. The rotating blades have dual precision, which enables the shaver to trim off the shortest stubble or even a three-day growth. Each rotary head is rounded off at the top to provide cushion and ensures the face is not left red or irritated afterwards. 


  • Wet/ dry shaver
  • Dual precision shaving heads
  • Skin-friendly
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Battery level indicators
  • LED panel indication of battery levels
  • Comes with trimmer attachments
  • Voltage standards range from 100 to 240 volts, making it ideal for overseas travelling



  • No cleaning unit 
  • Blade speed not fast enough, especially under the nose and on the sideburns



With close precision techniques that are as good as any expensive electric shaver, Philips Norelco 6800 is an excellent product. This shaver should be on the top of the list because of its incomparable features when compared to others in the same price range.


2. Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer For Men ES8243A Arc4

Battery time: 40 minutes after 1-hour charge

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 has all the features that can make it land a spot in the top five best electric shavers under $200. It comes with four ultra-shard precision Nanotech blades. This shaver packaging includes a thin Arc foil that has high face adaptability. The blades are stainless steel, hypoallergenic and do not irritate sensitive skin. 

The head is mounted on a flexible pivot that allows the shaver to glide over the skin effortlessly. This feature makes it optimal to use for head shaving as well. The trimmer on this shaver is a pop-up, located on the back of the razor head and is perfect for shaving sideburns and moustache. It has an ergonomic built and ease of grip. 


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Perfect for detail beard design work, trimming stubble or shaving head
  • 100% water-proof; wet/dry shaver
  • High-speed motor drive (13000 CPMs)
  • An LED display for battery information



  • Expensive
  • Louder than some other electric shavers


Verdict: This shaver has top-notch comfort features, and even though it is nearing that $200 mark, the price is worth the features. Its smooth shave makes it great for a daily shave.


3. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Battery time: 30 minutes on 5-minute quick charging 

If you want to cut back on your accessory spending, opt for Braun’s ProSkin 3040 shaver. The shaver has three blade setup. The outer foils are for the cutting stubble close to the skin, and the middle trimmer deals with longer hair. A 3-level LED indicator on the shaver is for battery status. The shaver operates cordless, for it does not have a rechargeable battery.  


  • Good for dry shaving
  • Best for stubble shaving
  • Replacement parts easily available
  • Great for beginner shavers



  • Bulky
  • Does not have better ergonomics: slippery when wet
  • No cleaning unit provided
  • Needs frequent oiling to help the heating issue of the trimmers 


Verdict: For such a low price, Braun 3040s shaver is an excellent choice for a nice shaving experience. It may not have many high-end features as its counterparts, but the shave is not subpar either. It is a decent shaver: easy to use and maintain and get spare parts of if something breaks or stops working


4. Remington XR1410 Shaver

Battery time: 45 minutes after 4-hour charge

It has a compact design, aiding swift wrist-movements. It provides a clean, rotary shave. It comes with a pre-shave massage brush for softening the beard hair and grooming style attachments. Its 360-degree hyper-flex technology makes its head bend and achieves smooth shave on different contours of the face. Although no LED screen displays battery status, there are charging lights that tell if the shaver needs recharging or if it is fully charged. 


  • Wet or dry shaver (both)
  • Universal voltage
  • Cordless
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Little or no razor burn


  • Tricky to remove and reattach the head
  • Does not fit a traditional shaver socket 
  • Longer charging time 


Verdict: While it may not be the best shaver, XR1410 provides a close shave with added benefits of inhibiting microbial growth with its various brushes. 


5. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Battery time: 1 hour shaving time

Remington has another versatile electric shaver that makes a list: the F5-5800 shaver. It is a foil shaver: there are two layers of blades on the head. It comes with Li-ion batteries and is cordless. The LED display on the shaver tells the user battery levels. It has a built-in 5-minute quick charge feature as well. 


  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable shaver head
  • Easy to clean
  • Cordless



  • Noisier
  • Not for coarse hair types


Verdict: It is an excellent shaver for a meagre price, but can get extremely loud and can be irritating for people with thick hair. 


6. Kissliss Waterproof Rotary Shaver

Battery time: 2 hours after one charge

This shaver has three floating heads with four different blades each to follow the facial contours correctly, resulting in close and clean shaves. The digital display not only indicates battery levels, but it also starts flashing a blinking light to note that the battery might be dropping below 20%. One of the most significant plus points of using Krissliss shavers is their durable battery power. With a single charge, this shaver can last for two hours, and it is a great convenience. 



  • Wet/dry shaver
  • Digital display for battery levels
  • Clean and close shaves
  • Great battery timing



  • Struggles against thicker facial hair
  • Price too low 


Verdict: It is an excellent shaver for a meagre price that gives fantastic shaves, and there is no need for constant charging.  


7. Bevel Electric Shaver and Trimmer

Battery Time: 5 hours 

This shaver has a perfect balance when held. It is the easiest to clean of all the shavers listed here. The blades naturally repel dirt, skin oils, and hair buildup, preventing bump formation on the skin. This shaver can only be used dry, but the trimmer head is detachable and can be replaced easily. This shaver can retain the charge if not used, for up to sixty days. It does not let the motor get too hot when used for prolonged periods. 


  • Li-ion battery
  • 5 hours of shaving time
  • Easy to clean
  • Cordless



  • Can be only used dry
  • Noisy


Verdict: If you like old school technology, Bevel Trimmer and Shaver solves many of your grooming problems.   

Top Pick from the list: Philips Norelco 6800 

After looking at the most popular reviews for shavers under $200, the winner came out to be Philips Norelco 6800. This electric shaver is a marvellous mid-priced option for men. It has the GyroFlex 2D technology that allows the head to rotate 360 degrees with three individual cutting elements. It can also tilt inward. Shaving cream and water can be used with this shaver. Even though the shaver does not have a cleaning unit, it is easy to manually clean. The elements can be opened and rinsed under running water. 

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

You need a carefully crafted list that summarizes what features to look for a comfortable and neat shave. 

  1. Figure out your lifestyle. If you are always on the move, you should buy an electric shaver under $200 that has a charging dock, and which has a universal voltage feature.
  2. Always determine the sensitivity of your skin before purchasing a shaver
  3. If you want to buy a shaver that does not produce too much noise and vibrations, you need to shortlist shavers based on that 

With every shaver, you will encounter certain features that will aid you in getting the shave you want. Others will give you other amazing features, and yet it will not be what you truly want. No shaver comes perfectly curated for an individual’s needs. You need to figure out your trade-offs. 

How to Get the Most Out of an Inexpensive Electric Shaver?

To make an informed decision before buying an electric shaver, it is best if you take a look at our top five picks for the best electric shaver under $200. These shavers are as follows:

1. Shave Often

Electric shavers can experience ineffectiveness against hair parallel to the skin and in different directions. Experts recommend it is best to shave every day or every other day. Experts believe trimming hair that reaches 2mm or more. In case you have light facial hair, you can skip a few days without shaving.

2. Use a Pre-Shave Lotion or a Quality Shaving Cream

Pre-shave lotions are inexpensive and effective. They make the hair stand upright, making it easier for the electric shavers to trap them and giving smoother shaves. Some shavers come with a pre-shave brush that works equally well. 

If you do not want to use a pre-shave lotion, you can also use a good quality shaving cream. Beware not to use shaving cream on shavers that are only dry shavers. Choose wet/dry shavers for shaving cream use. Wet shaving is a brilliant option for people with sensitive skin. 

3. Clean and Lubricate Your Shaver Regularly

Electric shavers need frequent lubrication regardless of the price. Hair, dead skin, and dirt can build up underneath cutting blades and elements, which makes them wear early. The heat can also damage the rotating parts. Not cleaning your shaver frequently also means you are prone to infectious diseases. Regular cleaning and lubrication lengthen the shaver’s life, and even if there is no cleaning unit, most shavers can be cleaned manually. The parts are designed to come off quickly. The user manuals with the shavers direct to the correct way to clean the shaving head. 

4. Make Sure the Razor is Charged

Before shaving, make sure the motor of the shaver is fully charged for a smooth shaving experience and optimum performance. As the battery drains, many cheap shavers start to lose their peak performance, and there is more chance of hair tugging and pulling. Modern Li-ion cells are not affected by frequent charging, so you can charge as much as you need without worrying about damaging the battery and battery life. 

In conclusion

While no electric shaver is 100% best, many come pretty close. You need to realize that some shavers might need some precautions that others will not, namely wet/dry shavers. Some shavers are not compatible with certain shaving gels and some other cooling fluids. Some shavers are still following the old techniques of dull two-edged blades that fit side-by-side. 

In short, the variety of best electric shavers under $200 is vast, and you need to figure which one suits your needs better. 

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