What is Shaving Powder? A Detailed Guide

shaving powder

Have you ever used shaving powder? I think it is something that most of you are unaware of. You might have used shaving cream, balm, or shaving gel but not shaving powder, right! So, in this post, we will discuss it in detail.

Shaving powder is a depilatory that you can use as an alternative solution to a razor. It looks like an ordinary powder, but it isn’t. You can use it to remove unwanted hair by applying a paste of it. Once you apply the paste, it breaks down the hair, which is an excellent solution for ingrown hair and razor burn. Isn’t that amazing to remove your hair just by applying a paste of it? It’s quick and smooth.

How to use shaving powder?

It is easy to use.

  • Firstly, you need to create a paste of it. For so, you need to add an equal amount of water in a couple of teaspoons of powder.
  • Mix it up until it totally turned into paste.
  • Now, you can apply the paste into your face or any part of your body where you want to remove hair. Note: You don’t need to rub it.
  • Leave it for 3-5 minutes. Don’t leave it on the skin for more than 5 minutes. It might burn or irritate your skin.
  • Wipe it out with warm cloth
  • Wash your face with cold water and make sure that all paste is wiped out

Consequently, after wiping it out, you will see a clean face with no hair in it. However, you need to take some precautions before applying it to your skin.

  • Avoid contact with your eyes before applying it.
  • Don’t use it frequently. You can use it in a 3 days gap; however, I suggest you to to use it once a week.
  • Before applying it, test it in some small part of your skin. If you feel nothing or no allergies are seen, you can apply it afterward

Now, you know how to apply it, let’s check some of the best shaving powder.

Best shaving powder

Magic Shaving Powder

If you have an ingrown hair problem- Magic shave powder must be your favorite choice to remove unwanted hair.  It won’t only remove your hair but also exfoliate and moisturizes your skin. As a result, after wiping out the paste, you will get smooth and moisturized skin. On top of that, you will have skin with no razor burn at all.  Ain’t that amazing? Check out the latest price here!

Using this shaving powder, you can shave your hair in any part of your skin from head to leg. But you need to take some precautions which we have discussed above.

Some of the ingredients of this shaving powder are

  • Corn starch
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Thioglycolate
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Guanidine Carbonate
  • Fragrance…


  • Painless shave
  • Easy to use
  • No ingrown hair
  • No razor burn


  • You might not like the smell
  • It might cause irritation and burn


Softsheen Carson Magic Regular Strength Shaving Powder

We have included this shaving powder on our list because of its fragrance. It has a light and fresh fragrance in comparison to the fragrance of above shaving powder. It has a good strength even to break coarse facial hair. Thus, it is the best shaving powder for black skin. You will definitely get relieved from razor burns and ingrown hair.

Check out the latest price here!

Using this shaving powder, you won’t only remove your hair but also conditions your skin in addition to a bit of pleasant fragrance, which lasts for more than 4 days.

You can use this powder to remove any textured beard.

Some  ingredients of this shaving powder are:

  • Thioglycolate
  • Corn Starch
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Barium Sulfide
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Benzyl Benzoate
  • Citral…

If you have any skin related problems, better consult a dermatologist before using it.

Is shaving powder safe?

I can’t say shaving powder is safe because of the powerful chemical ingredients mixed into it. It might irritate and burn your skin. However, it isn’t scientifically proved either that it isn’t safe.

  • What is the effect of shaving powder?

    • If you have sensitive skin, it might irritate your skin
    • You might feel its side effects such as burning sensation – if you apply it for more time.
    • Chemicals always harm your skin. You might suffer from dry skin
  • Disadvantages of shaving powder

    • Shaving powder smells pungent. You might not like the smell of it.
    • You can’t use it frequently. People whose hair grows faster can’t use it often.
  • Advantages of shaving powder

    • You won’t need to use a razor. So, you won’t suffer from razor burn and ingrown hair.
    • It is quick and easy to apply.


Shaving powder is used as an alternate of the razor. You can make a paste of shaving powder by mixing it with water and apply it anywhere – might be in your heard, beard, pubic areas and legs to remove hair. It works smoothly with no razor and ingrown hair.

Meanwhile, you need to take some precautions while applying it. Knowing the pros and cons of shaving powder and Using it with caution might not affect your skin.

I hope you liked it. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact Bestroomingtips.

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