Popsocket For Men – Do Men Use it?

popsocket for men

Popsocket is a mobile accessory that you can stick it on your mobile. After attaching, you can use it as a grip such that you can hold your mobile by putting it in between your fingers. It looks fancy, but it eases to hold mobile.

Do you think men use Popsocket? Men do use popsocket. Using pop socket, you can easily take selfies – let’s say better selfies. You can easily read ebooks without using your hands. Furthermore, you can also mount it in-car dashboard. Ain’t that awesome? You won’t need to hold your mobile in your hand to track navigation while driving a car. So, why not use popsocket?

Why do most men think it’s a girly thing?

Most men think it as a girly because of its color. They believe that it comes only in pink, red and purple kind of colors. But it’s not the fact. We will discuss the best pop socket for men in this section.

5 Best PopSocket For Men

Pop Socket Evil Eye

Pop Socket Evil Eye

Pop Socket Evil eye has the design of an eye which looks unique. The theme of this eye is to prevent bad luck and to restrain negative energies.

I think you don’t need to believe in all these, but the concept of this popsocket is cool.

It comes in black color, which is quite lovable by most men.

The grip is awesome, and the additional benefit is that it comes with an expandable stand, which eases you to watch a movie and take selfies on your mobile.


  • Exceptional Design
  • Black Color
  • Good Grip
  • It comes with an expandable stand.

Red and Black Lightning Design

Red and Black Lightning Design

I like the color and design of this popsocket. With a black background and the red top looks cool. I think you must see the design of this popsocket – you will love it.

It has a good grip as that of the Evil eye, which also comes with an expandable stand. By using this stand, you can easily watch movies and take selfies similar to evil eye popsocket.

Comparing it with an evil eye – both have almost the same features. But I’m more fascinated towards design and concept of evil eye popsocket

Let me know which one do you like the most by commenting down below!

Bass Fishing Camouflage Design Pop Socket  

Bass Fishing

This popsocket would be a great gift for your loved ones who love fishing.

The blend of fish at one side and the flag of the USA at another side reflect your passion and patriotism. Design is completely satisfying.

Talking about its grip and expandable stand, it’s the same as that of the above popsockets.

Popsockets: Popgrip with swappable top

PopSockets: PopGrip

One of the awesome features of this pop socket is its swappable top. Yes, you can swap its top with your favorite design.

You can also use it as a wireless charger. It’s supported by Popwallet, Popmount, and Poppower home wireless charger. This is another great feature included in this popsocket.


  • Swappable top
  • Wireless Charger
  • Affordable

Some cons of this pop socket:

  • The adhesive isn’t up to the mark.
  • It won’t work well in iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max

Popsocket official mount

PopSockets Mount

To call or to track GPS – both are difficult while driving, right!

This pop socket makes it easier. You can patch your mobile in your car dashboard. Rather than focusing on mobile, you can concentrate on your driving.

Thus, you won’t need to use your hand and makes your driving experience safer.

Can you use your own design for the pop socket?

Yes, you can use your own design for the pop socket. For that, you need to know a little bit about design. Once you have your own design, you can upload it to the specific pop socket websites and can use it as your preferred choice.

For design,  the best option is always photoshop. If you don’t know how to use it, the simplest alternative is Canva. You can design anything on the go.

Does popsocket fit in your pocket?

Popsocket is based on two functionalities – collapse and pop out.

If you don’t want to use the pop socket, you can collapse it. While collapsing, it becomes flat and can easily fit in your pocket.

Meanwhile, to use it, you can pop it out.

Benefits of Pop Socket?

  • When a pop socket is placed flat at a flat surface, you will find a balance that prevents scratch on the back of the mobile phone. It also preserves the camera of your mobile phone.
  • You can have a nice grip and can hold your phone easily. This grip allows you to take better videos and photographs. You can fix it in your hand tightly and can capture the unshaken videos.
  • You can stick it to the car dashboard. As a result, you won’t need to hold mobile in your hand and your both hands are free to drive a car.
  • The pop socket has cool designs. It gives a positive vibe every day while using mobile phones.

Can You Restick the pop Socket?

Yes, you can restick the pop socket.

But how many times you can stick it depends upon the quality of the adhesive.

If it’s good of good quality, you can restick it for more time. But make sure that, once you unstick it, stick it immediately to another place.

Because if you put popsocket in the air for more than 20 minutes, its adhesive gel gets dried, and it loses its stickiness forever!

How many years does a Normal Pop stick last?

A normal popsocket lasts for more than 12000 collapses, which is quite exceptional, which is quite good for men.


As far as I have researched, most men used to be shy to use pop socket. But now they are acknowledged with the pros of popsocket. So, they are using it gradually, but in comparison to the number of girls using it, it’s still less.

I suggest you use it if you need comfort

  • while watching movies,
  • to take selfies and
  • while driving a car

I hope you liked it! If you have any queries, feel free to contact Bestgroomingtips

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  1. My girlfriend now wife introduced me to it In 2018, my phone feels broken without it. I just had to google why dudes don’t use them.

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