10 Best Beard Moisturizer To Use In 2019

Growing long beard was difficult back then. There were no essential grooming products available mainly best beard moisturizer, oil, and balm… On the other hand, the trend of growing beard hasn’t become famous. And today is the day, having a beard is one of the must-have fashion trends. The Internet is booming with the query like ‘How to grow a beard’?

And finally, when you start growing your beard. The outcome of it makes you shy. It becomes dry, rough, curly and patchy. And above all, itchiness. Oh my goodness, it is the major problem for most of the bearded men.

You know why you suffer from all these problems. Because you don’t moisturize it.

Moisturizing it makes your beard look healthy and shiny.

So, you have figured it out, in this post, we will discuss the best beard moisturizer for 2018.

But before going to the actual topic, you need to perceive the following things!

Why do you need a beard Moisturizer?

1.For Nourishing your beard

How does your beard look with no moisturizer applied to it? It looks dull and curls.

So, if you want to nourish and hydrate your hair with a shiny look, you must use beard moisturizer. The oil, conditioner, and butter blended into it helps in healthy growth of your beard.

2. For styling your beard

Do you style your beard? Which product do you use to provide shape to it? Beard oil or Beard balm or Beard moisturizer. It doesn’t matter which product you do use, you must know how to use it.

While styling your beard with beard moisturizer  –  you need to take a scoop of moisturizer and rub it in the palm until it gets melted. Eventually, apply it to your beard. After a while, you need to use a comb to brush your beard in the downward direction. It helps to straighten your beard.

3. To Free BeardRuff

Many people suffer from beardruff and it is also another essential factor behind itchiness and irritation. Beardruff occurs, if you don’t moisturize your skin and eventually it tends to become a burden to your beard as well as skin. It makes your beard rough. Sometimes, it makes your skin dull as well. As a result, your skin wrinkles way too faster.

At that time, beard moisturizer will be the only solution behind every problem of skin and beard.

Steps to choose the best moisturizer

One moisturizer might not be the best for another one. Thus, you need to check different things wisely before buying it. Buying wrong one might cause allergies and all. So, you need to check

1. Organic ingredients

Organic products are best to use because it causes more good to your skin rather than harm. However, you can’t find a product which is made of  100%  indigenous ingredients. However, while buying a beard moisturizer, it must contain more natural ingredients rather than chemical concentrations.

2. Fragrance

A fragrance is another thing you need to watch carefully because beard moisturizer comes in a different fragrance. Some come with smoky fragrance whereas some come with peppermint fragrance. Thus, you must choose your favorite fragrance. If you are allergic to fragrance, you can buy non-fragrance beard moisturizer.

3. Hydration

You need to buy a beard moisturizer which makes your beard hydrated for a longer time. Because that’s how you gonna judge your beard moisturizer. If any beard moisturizer hydrates your beard for only one hour, it won’t be effective. Thus, it is in your hand; you want your beard look nourished for all day or for certain hours.

4. Look at your texture

And finally, you need to observe your skin texture. If your skin is sensitive, you need to buy a moisturizer which is equally effective to that sort of skin. And you need to keep in mind that, using any beard moisturizer causes an allergic reaction.

Let’s head over to the most demanded topic!

Top 10 Best Beard moisturizer

ProductsBest FeatureOur Rating
Hydrate: Daily facial plus Beard moisturizerAward winning grooming product4.4
Lather and woo shaving coAmazon's choice product4.3
Rugged rootUse of indigenous ingredients4.2
Lycopene skin careBeneficial for wrinkles4.0
Urban prince beard butter moisturizerBest for dry beard4.1
Face and stubble moisturizer Best for short beard4.1
Beard butter moisturizerMakes your beard softer4.5
L'oreal paris men expertFamous brand better for skin3.8
Smooth Viking beard moisturizerEasy to use3.8
Honest Amish Beard balmCondition,repair and straighten your beard4.2

1.Hydrate: Daily Facial + Beard Moisturizer 

Hydrate: Daily Facial

The best moisturizer is the one that makes your beard healthy and shiny.  And nothing beats hydrate moisturizer in this. It is one of the best moisturizer available on the market. In the sense, it is the best because it is the award-winning grooming product.

The benefit of using this moisturizer is its tendency to grip the beard. Applying this moisturizer right after having a shower helps to make your beard look soft, silky and healthy.

This moisturizer hydrates your beard such that problem of having beardruff ( similar to dandruff) and dry beard decreases by a tremendous amount. Generally, beardruff and dry beard are the main cause of itchiness. Hence, using this moisturizer completely reduces the itchiness problem.

More of this moisturizer, it is also beneficial for your skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles and the fine line in your skin. The vitamin A blended into this moisturizer helps to make you look young and healthy.

Additionally, it also prevents your skin from bad rays. Therefore, you can also use this moisturizer as a sun protection cream.

The American based product beneficial for both skin and beard with mild fragrance helps to provide a vigorous look. Have a try, you will be loving it!

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  • Award winning grooming product
  • Hydrates your skin and beard
  • Remove Wrinkles and fine line
  • Makes your beard softer than ever


  • In comparison to long hair, it is mediocore to stuble hair


2. Lather and woo shaving co

Face Moisturizer

Lather and woo shaving moisturizer is the Amazon’s choice moisturizer. Thus, if you are willing to grow a beard, this moisturizer must be on your top ten list of grooming product.

One of the most important benefits of this moisturizer is its soothing effect. Once you apply this moisturizer, you will find the notable effect of soothingness.

Soothingness through any moisturizer or any beard product is achieved if only it is made of pure ingredients but not with the cheap ingredients. It is totally alcohol-free and uses vitamin enriched ingredients. These ingredients also help to remove rashes and wrinkles from your face. You look younger and fresh consequently after using this product.

The blemish and vigorous look is possible due to the blend of hyaluronic acid.

In addition to its soothingness, it is non-fragrance, nongreasy and oil-free moisturizer. Thus, this moisturizer won’t be a burden to your beard. Applying this moisturizer gives you a soft and floating beard.

Breakouts might even possible after using beard moisturizers. Calm down! This might not happen after using this moisturizer because it is an oil-free product.

3.5 ounce with its deliberate price is the another must have moisturizer on our list.

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  • Amazon’s choice
  • Non-fragrance, non-greasy, Wand non-oily
  • Soothing effect
  • Anti-aging cream


  • Pump inside the bottle isn’t so good.


3. Beard balm and leave in conditioner 

Beard Balm

Especially Rugged root is the beard balm however it also works as a beard moisturizer. And it is another moisturizer, you must use for healthy and silky growth of your beard.

Rugged root is special because of its way how it is made. It is made of natural ingredients which include beeswax and other essential natural oil (Jojoba, Argan, and Grapeseed oil).

Talking shortly about the benefit of beeswax, it helps to hold the ingredients of balm into your beard. As a result, the nourish lasts longer into your beard and become more beneficial.  It is also beneficial for styling your beard.

Jojoba oil in advance provides you with a soothing effect. You will feel calm and relaxed after using this product. It also controls itchiness and irritation.

Meanwhile, Argan oil makes your beard non-greasy. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. Thus, the blend of this oil hydrates your hair for the extended amount of time.

And finally, the grapeseed oil prevents clogging and ingrown hair.

If you want non-itchy, anti-inflammatory, and sweeter smell beard moisturizer, Rugged root might be your best choice.

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  • Indigenous ingredients
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Soothing effect
  • Healthy growth of your beard


  • Contains smoky smell.

4.Lycopene skin care

Lycopene Skin CareLycopene is the clinically tested skin care cream and beard moisturizer. It is tested in collaboration with one of the top universities in Italy and provided a great result for the skin as well as the beard.

Mostly, this cream is used as a skin moisturizer. Because it helps to make your skin smooth and removes wrinkles from your face. Apart from it, lycopene lusters your beard. It doesn’t matter how long your beard is – it provides a glow to your beard.

This cream contains hydrate which is necessary to provide a glow to your beard. These hydrates go underneath your beard and provide necessary nutrients necessary for the beard. Hence, the tendency of growing beard increases drastically. Meanwhile, your beard turns so soft such that you will feel like it is floating in the air.

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  • Clinically tested
  • Increases beard luster
  • Blend of hydrates
  • Good for skin and beard


  • Contains more chemical ingredients.


5.Urban prince Beard butter Moisturizer

Urban Prince

Urban butter moisturizer is specially made for the dry, brittle and curly beard. While you grow a beard, it automatically turns to curl. So, it looks messy with a curly beard. At this point in time, you can use this beard butter moisturizer.

What it does is, it moisturizes your beard and helps to make it straight while brushing. It nourishes your beard and it helps to give a perfect and shiny look to your beard.

Due to nourishment, the problem of dryness is totally relieved.  Once dryness from your beard is relieved, the problem of itchiness will not occur. Thus, this also might be the best moisturizer for removing dryness.

In addition to moisturizing your beard, it helps in the growth of a healthy beard. In a way it moisturizes your beard from outside, it goes inside the hair follicle and moisturizes it too. Thus, you will see healthy growth of your beard after using this moisturizer.

Talking about its smell, it’s like crisps oceans breeze. You will definitely feel calm and refreshed after using this moisturizer.

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  • Best for dry, brittle and coarse hair
  • Healthy growth of beard
  • Best conditioning balm
  • Great smell


  • Smell little bit harder


6. Face and stubble moisturizer


Face and stubble moisturizer is pretty suitable for short hair. It nourishes your hair and in addition, it repairs your damaged skin such that it will once again grow the hair naturally and in a more better way than ever before.

Since this moisturizer is the blend of both chemical and natural ingredients. It gives a better result and it is one of the clinically tested moisturizers for any kind of skin. The natural ingredients mixed in this moisturizer are vitamin E, Aloe vera and ginger.

These are the proactive ingredients necessary for the proactive growth of your beard. For instance, vitamin E is necessary for skin and beard. It repairs your skin and helps in growth of your beard. Aloe vera soothes your beard and makes your beard soft and shiny.

The additional benefit is it reduces wrinkles. Thus, you will get two benefits in just one moisturizer.

The moisturizer with cucumber fragrance is beneficial for both skin and your beard.

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  • Best for short beard
  • Reducs wrinkles
  • Blend of natural and chemical ingredients
  • Non-greasy and has a great smell


  • Works little less for sensitive skin

7. Beard Butter Moisturizer


Beard butter moisturizer is based on the lightweight based formula. Thus, right after applying this moisturizer you will realize soft and shiny beard. This moisturizer is completely non-greasy and helps to relieve the pain of greasiness from a beard.

The crucial benefit of this moisturizer is its tendency to help in the growth of dense and shiny beard. If you want your beard to look more dense and beautiful, this shaving cream must be your choice of interest.

The oil and butter mixed into these ingredients make your beard free from all kinds of itchiness and irritation. Even if you want to style your beard, this butter helps you to provide better shape to your beard.

And the smell of this moisturizer is clean. You will get the mild and clean smell from this butter moisturizer.

Note: This product contains nut-related ingredients. If you are allergic to it, you must take proper precautions.

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  • Lightweight based formula
  • Nongreasy
  • Makes your beard grow denser and shiny
  • Reduces itchiness and irritation


  • Contains nut which might cause allergies

8.L’oreal Paris Men Expert

L'Oreal Paris

L’oreal is itself a big brand and famous all over the world. Talking about this beard moisturizer, the effectiveness of this moisturizer is beyond awesome. It is normally preferred for short beard. This moisturizer makes your short beard soft and provides a soothing feel.

Due to Vitamin E enriched ingredients, it takes your beard into another level. It makes your beard dense, dark and shiny. Apart from the beard, it is good for your skin too. It repairs damaged skin and helps to reduce wrinkles

It is totally non-greasy and once you apply it to your face, skin absorbs the ingredients and henceforth your will feel the effectiveness of this moisturizer.

And finally, the smell of this moisturizer is like peppermint. You will have fresh and vigorous skin.

Note: You need to prevent your eyes while using this or any  moisturizer

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  • Famous Brand and Amazon’s choice
  • Nongreasy and peppermint smell
  • Makes your beard dark, denser and shiny
  • Reduces itchiness and irritation


  • Little bit oily

9. Smooth Viking beard conditioner 

Beard Conditioner for Men

Are you frustrated with itchiness while growing your beard? Don’t worry! Smooth Viking beard conditioner might be the game changer moisturizer for your beard. The moisturizer packed with premium ingredients and natural oils like Argan oil and shea butter controls most of your itchiness.

Other oils like Almond oil, jojoba oil, and pumpkin seed oil puts your beard in proper condition.

Along with it, this beard moisturizer makes your beard softer and nourished for an extended period of time.  The American based product mostly used to reduce itchiness is the must-have moisturizer in our list.

The use of this conditioner is also simple, you need to take a scoop and rub it between your hand and finally apply it into your beard. And you are all set!

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  • Resolves itchiness
  • Uses Natural ingredients
  • Soften your beard
  • Easy to use


  • Little bit greasy

10 Honest Amish Beard Balm


The Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the best choices you can make for your grooming purposes. It’s made with organic ingredients with a blend of hair strengthening materials. This product will help soften, condition, repair, and strengthen your beard. However, that’s not where it ends. The balm also helps your skin and will stop itching caused by the growth of new hairs.

The Honest Amish Beard Balm guarantees that this is the best product for your beard. Of course, you might have allergic reactions to it. In case you do, the company has a return policy as well.

Why is the Honest Amish Beard Balm this good, you may ask. The answer is quite simple. The product doesn’t use any chemicals or preservatives and no fake fragrances or colorants. This means that there’s little chance you will be allergic to the product.

Of course, there is no perfect product out there. So here are the downsides:

1. Makes your beard a bit greasy

Of course, every oil product is supposed to be greasy. The Honest Amish Balm is no different. It will leave your beard greasy for the rest of the day. On the bright side, it’ll make your beard shiny throughout the entire day! Everyone likes shiny things, right?

2.Must be used frequently

The Honest Amish Beard Balm is a balm that dissolves into oil. So obviously, the balm will go bad if gone unused and stored improperly. Make sure to use the balm as frequently as possible and don’t store it in extreme temperatures so it doesn’t melt away or break down from extreme temperatures.

The Honest Amish Beard Balm is packaged in a recyclable tin and will not go bad and sticky like plastic containers do. The balm is produced in the United States, with many sizes available. If you are allergic to nuts, test a very small amount before you purchase or apply the product!

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DIY Beard Moisturizer

If you don’t want to invest your  money at beard moisturizer, you can also make one at your home

We will try to share some DIY beard moisturizer here. For this DIY, you will need coconut oil and cedarwood oil.

1. You will need to take one teaspoon of coconut oil. If you have a long beard, you will need more than one teaspoon.

2. Melt it down in your hand. You don’t need to melt completely like a liquid.

3. You can now apply it to your beard.

4. If you want to add fragrance to it, you can add some drops of cedarwood oil. But using more drop might causes irritation to your skin.

Final Verdict

Beard moisturizer is completely a one-minute hack to improve the growth and look of your beard. It makes your beard shiner and nourished. It will totally relieve the problem of itchiness and dry beard.

And we have tried to mention every single thing about beard moisturizer. We have tried to review all these products based on their price, effectiveness and other people view. Amongst all of them, the best beard moisturizer in our list is Hydrate daily facial beard moisturizer.


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