Best Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin

best shaving gel for sensitive skin

While shaving a beard, most people often notice the nicks and the cuts on their faces. What if you shave your beard with no cuts? Do you think it is possible? It is possible only if you use the best shaving products. Among many products, shaving gel is one.

Frankly speaking, it is often difficult to choose a shaving gel according to your skin’s exact match. Because most people don’t perceive the nature of their skin, and on top of that, the sensitive skin person is choosing a shaving gel that doesn’t suit their skin. As a result, nicks and cut predominantly occurs on their face.

To minimize cuts and razor burn, you first need to determine your skin. Then, the shaving gel comes next.

ProductsFragranceOur Ratings
Edge Shave Gel with AloeLight4.3
Nivea for menStrong4.5
King of shaveNo4.8
Gillette SeriesLight4.4
Aveeno TherapeuticNo4.5
Nivea Men sensitive cooling gelStrong4.5
EZ Blade Shaving gelModerate4.4
Gillette Fusion 5 hydra GelLight4.0
Organic Natural Shave gelModerate4.0
Edge Ultra Shave gelLight4.7

So, What is the best shaving gel for?

1. Close shave

One of the main reasons to use shaving gel is to provide a close shave. However, the close shave is not the only reason to use shaving gel. The shaving gel opens the pore and helps to lift the hair up. Hence, for the razor, it gets easier to shave it off from the bottom.

2. Antibacterial, antifungal property to heal the wound

Everyone wants a clean and uncut shave. Unfortunately, minor cuts will definitely occur even if you handle the shaver carefully. In that case, the shaving gel helps to prevent bacterial infection. The antifungal and antibacterial property infused into shaving gel helps to heal the wound in a short time.

Additionally, this property helps to stop bleeding, too, if cuts are big.

3. Light Fragrance and Irritation

The person who has sensitive skin has a risk of suffering from irritation after shaving their beard. To relieve irritation, one must use shaving gel. These gels lubricate your skin and help the razor to glide smoothly on your skin. Due to gel, less friction is produced between your skin and razor. As a result, the chance of irritation is decreased by a significant amount.

4. Razor Burn, Nicks, and Cuts

There is no denying that nicks and cuts will not happen during a shave. However, using a shaving gel could minimize it. If you use a shaver without applying shaving gel, your face will face maximum friction resulting in razor burn. Similarly, nicks and cuts definitely happen when you shave in dry skin. Thus, to prevent these rashes, you need to use shaving gel.

6. Moisturizing Agent

You will feel skin be dry aftershave. For this reason, too, you need to use shaving gel. Shaving gel is blended with aloe vera and other essential oils. Thus, these oils make your skin smooth and soothing even after shaving.

Without further ado, check out:

10 Best Shaving gel for sensitive skin

1. Edge Shave Gel with Aloe

Edge Shave


Shaving gel is considered best if it provides a smooth shave without any cuts in any skin. I repeat any skin (normal to sensitive skin). Edge shave gel lubricates the skin in such a way that even a small force you apply during a shave won’t let you cut your skin. Thus, it is at the top and number 1 on our list.

You can gently apply and massage it to your face. Right after applying, it produces foam. This foam produces lubrication that won’t allow cuts and nicks to your face.

But accidentally, sometimes, you might cut your face. Don’t worry. The enriched moisturizer gel helps to heal these cuts quickly. The antifungal property helps to prevent bacteria in those wounds. Therefore, the wound won’t last long.

Furthermore, the cooling conditioner blended into this shaving gel provides a vigorous and refreshing face. You will definitely feel relaxed thereafter using this gel.

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  • Comfortable Shave
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Vigorous shave
  • Refreshing look
  • Aloe Vera



  • The nozzle of the shaving gel is weak

2. Nivea for men



The reason you use shaving gel is also for the close shave. If it is so, Nivea is one of the best gel for the close and smooth shave. As soon as you apply this gel, it makes your beard softer. Thus, it becomes easier to give a shot with a soft beard.

When your beard turns softer, the chance of cuts declines significantly. Because you don’t need to apply extra force as it is needed to shave the hard beard.

Furthermore, the thick lather produced by this gel provides extra protection to the skin. Other shaving gel produces only one lather, but this gel produces extra-thick lather to prevent cuts.

As soon as you complete your shave, you feel like an irritation to your face. Isn’t it? But Nivea gel doesn’t let it happen. The chamomile extract and vitamin E make your skin soothe and comfortable.

You will feel totally refreshed immediately after your shave.

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  • Dermatologically proven
  • Less irritation
  • Close shave
  • Comfortable and soothe skin



  • Strong Fragrance

3. King of shave Alpha gel

King of Shaves

Alpha gel is a kind of expensive gel, but it provides satisfying shaving regardless of its price. The quality of this gel is at the top class. There are various reasons behind we are saying this gel a top-class gel.

Like all other gel, it provides a close and smooth shave. It is one factor that makes any shaving gel great. Another factor is due to the infusion of aloe vera, tea tree oil, and other essential oil. Aloe vera is essential to moisturize the skin. On the other hand, tea tree oil prevents skin from acne and antibacterial infection.

Furthermore, it doesn’t let your skin dry. The moisturizer included in this gel makes your skin fresh all day. It makes your skin hydrated and tight.

This gel is dermatologically tested with no fragrance. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any effect on your skin in the near future.




  • Dermatologically tested
  • No Fragrance
  • Essential oils
  • Close and smooth shave



  • Expensive

4. Gillette Series

Gillette Series

Gillette shaving gel is the best gel to prevent irritation. The most infuriating problem of the shave is irritation. The irritation arises from several problems on our skin. The allergies and red bumps are one of them.

If you want irritation-free shaving, you can use Gillette Series gel. It works under 3 major formula. Hydrates protect and refresh.

Initially, after applying this gel, it hydrates your skin and beard. The beard turns softer immediately after applying it. When you start shaving, the foam produced by this gel prevents cuts and wounds. And finally, it will provide a refreshing face.

It doesn’t produce a strong fragrance as compared to other gel. The light fragrance of this gel provides a refreshing and vigorous face.

The aloe-infused in this gel moisturizes your skin and provides a soothing skin.

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  • Irritation frees skin
  • Infused Aloe
  • Light Scent
  • Vigorous face



  • Not thicker foam

5. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

AVEENO Therapeutic

Does your skin become dry after shaving? Then, Aveeno therapeutic gel is a boon for dry skin. The moisturizer included in this gel helps to prevent dryness and makes your skin soothing for a day.

In addition, if you are allergic to the fragrance, Aveeno is the must-have product that will remain on your list. You won’t sense the scent thereafter using this product. It is totally fragrance-free.

The no scent gel helps to cut your beard without a trace of nicks and cuts. It lubricates your skin and provides a comfortable and smooth shave. Also, at the time time, it prevents razor bumps and burns. Therefore, it is the best gel for sensitive gel.

Besides that, the Aloe vera juice present in this gel helps to make your skin moisturizes and prevents antibacterial infections.

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  • No Fragrance
  • Prevent Razor burn
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Aloe Vera Enriched gel



  • Produce Less Foam

6. Nivea Men sensitive cooling gel


Who doesn’t want to have a cooling face aftershave? Many shaving creams don’t provide a cooling effect. But Nivea is the one that cools your face and provides a refreshing face at the same time. This effect helps to prevent irritation and razor burns.

Just as other shaving gel, it helps to provide a close and comfortable shave. It lubricates the skin with a cooling sensation. Additionally, this shaver’s razor guard technology helps to glide the razor with no cuts and pains.

You will totally feel relaxed hereafter using this gel. It is the dermatologically tested shaving cream with no alcohol. Thus, the skin is totally safe to use this gel.

It won’t cause any allergies to your skin. Thus, Nivea is also the other best gel for sensitive skin.

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  • Alcohol-free
  • Cooling effect
  • Comfortable Shave
  • No irritation and allergies
  • Dermatologically tested



  • Strong fragrance

7. EZ Blade Shaving gel


Generally, EZ shaving gel is an oil that helps to shave your face in a totally new way to prevent irritation and cuts. You can apply 2-3 drops of oil to your face. Eventually, rub it and lift the hair. The oil penetrates into the pore and conventionally opens it. Therefore, it gets easier to shave the lifted hair with an opened pore.

It lubricates your skin. Thus, it doesn’t let the shaver to let cut the skin while you glide in the skin. The interesting fact is, it doesn’t produce foam. However, this shaving gel’s result is no less than any shaving gel present on the market.

It works with any kind of razor and helps to ease your shave at any time. The main motto of this shaving gel is to provide a close and comfortable shave.

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  • Shaving gel with oil
  • Open-pore
  • Lift hair
  • Reduce razor burns



  • No Foam

8.  Gillette Fusion5 Hydra Gel


Another product on our list is Gillette Fusion5 hydra-gel. This fusion5 gel works better on sensitive skin. Due to its advanced glide technology, the razor works smoothly such that there is no chance of cuts and wound in the skin.

Generally, softer hair is easier to cut.

As follows, this gel literally softens the hair. As the hair turns softer, you can start your shave. You can easily shave your hair smoothly and comfortably after using this gel.

You don’t need to worry about your skin. It is specially designed for sensitive skin. The main aim of this gel is to provide a clean, smooth, and close shave.

In the end, you will get a fresh face. As it contains a light fragrance, it makes your day awesome.

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  • Advanced glide technology
  • Clean and smooth shave
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Light fragrance



  • You might not like the smell

Note: It works better with Gillette razors.


9. Organic Natural Shave gel

Organic Natural

If you don’t want to use shaving gel blended with chemical ingredients, Organic natural shave gel might remain your choice. The gel made of pure organic ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe, Sunflower, Coconut oil, etc., makes your shaving experience to the next level.

It is super slick and highly concentrated. Thus, you don’t need to apply more of it to your face. Just a few drops work for the entire shave.

The main advantage of this gel is to it provide you with natural and glowing skin aftershave. You won’t feel lathery skin. The skin looks completely natural and glowing.

We can’t say that cuts won’t happen during shaving. If it happens, natural products like aloe vera, shea butter works to prevent antibacterial infection. As a result, the wound will heal quicker than you think.

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  • Organic
  • Highly concentrated
  • Long-lasting
  • Aloe vera to moisturize your skin



  • You might not like the smell

10. Edge Ultra Sensitive Shave gel

Edge Ultra

Last but not least shaving gel on our list is Edge Ultra shave gel. If you really want to shave your beard without irritation and rashes, you must go for this gel.

This is one of the best gel for sensitive skin. The lubrication produced by this gel is outstanding. After you lubricate your skin with this gel, you can easily glide the razor. There is no chance of cuts, nicks, and razor bumps.

This gel solves the problem of irritation. It uses natural oatmeal to prevent irritation. There is no use of fragrance in this gel. As a result, you will not feel any irritation and headaches caused by shaving gel.

What about the moisturizer?

It removes the dryness from your skin by moisturizing skin. Even the bleed stopped with the help of this shaving gel.

So, why not go for this gel?

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  • Ultra smooth shaving
  • Prevent irritation
  • Moisturize your skin
  • No Fragrance



  • Moisturizer not last longer

What to look for before buying a shaving gel?

So, you are ready to buy shaving gel. But wait! You need to consider the following things before buying a shaving gel.

1. Fragrance

Shaving gel comes with strong, light, and no fragrance. Our recommendation is to buy a light fragrance gel. If you are totally allergic to the smell of the fragrance, you can also go for no fragrance shaving gel.

2. Cooling

If you want to have a fresh look after shaving, you must go for shaving gel with a cooling effect. It will make your face cool and give a cold and chill mood.

3. Foam

It totally depends on you while choosing a foam. Do you like to shave a beard with little foam, more foam or no foam? If the shaving gel produces heavy foam, it might get difficult for you to shave a line. If you are an experienced one, you can go for it. However, the amateur shaver can go with shaving gel that produces little foam.

4. Lubrication

Lubrication is one of the essential things to look at before buying any shaving gel. If the lubrication of shaving gel is not good enough, don’t ever buy those gels. This gel could cause terrible wounds in your face. Just buy the gel with better lubrication.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is not suitable for the skin. It might damage your face. Even more, the wrinkle appears at an early age. Thus, you need to neglect the shaving gel, which contains alcohol.


To sum it up, shaving gel is the one that lubricates your skin and helps the razor to glide smoothly in your skin to provide a close and comfortable shave. The comfortability is achieved only when you choose the shaving gel that best suits your skin texture.

In order to do so, you need to determine your skin. And then, you can choose the shaving gel. Remember to buy the shaving gel with the best lubrication, cooling effect, and fragrance (or not totally depend on you). Finally, you can shave with no irritation, razor burns, cuts, and nicks.

We have mentioned all these shaving gel according to their features, price, and reviews.

If you have any queries related to this post, feel free to comment below!

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