What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like? And It’s Benefits

what does ylang ylang smell like

Ylang Ylang is the flower of the Cananga tree.[1] The tree is native to India. Oil is extracted from this flower, which is quite beneficial.  Any fragrance consists of multiple notes. The same is the case with Ylang Ylang.  It has three different notes.

What does Ylang Ylang smell like?

  1. Sweet notes:

Simply put, the first note which you will experience is sweet. The sweet fragrance can vary from one person to another. However, there is no stark difference in the sweet fragrance of this flower.

One thing that you cannot ignore when you smell it is that the fragrance is pretty intense and powerful. It is tough to ignore this note.

That is why, when you smell the oil of this flower or the flower directly, you will notice an intense sweet note right away.

  1. Sensuous notes

This flower has a romantic and sensuous smell as well. It is the primary reason it is used in perfumes. That is why, if you want to wear an attractive fragrance, wearing this flower or applying its oil is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

At the same time, you can use the oil to enhance your home’s ambiance. Many women have also claimed that this fragrance can energize them. That is why; it is one of the best ways to create positive and energetic vibes at your home.

  1. Earthy notes:

While the earthy notes of this flower might not be as strong as the earlier two ones, they are present. The earthy and wooden notes are not ignorable. That is why; it is the third note you will come across when you smell this flower.

Have you ever come across any other flower with so many different notes present naturally?

It is tough to find one. That is why this flower is so unique. At the same time, it has quite a few other benefits that help it stand out.

Benefits of Ylang Ylang

Some of the benefits can be derived by directly using the flower, whereas others can be derived using its essential oil. The benefits of this flower are:

  1. Mood enhancer:

The number 1 benefit is that it can elevate your mood quickly. When you’re down or feeling negative, smelling this flower can uplift your mood.

Also, it can make you calmer as well. It can make you joyous and positive. It is one of the reasons why you should keep it around.

You can derive these benefits in two different ways.

You can smell the flower, or you can dab drops of its oil around you. It will ensure that you can make your mood much more positive. This benefit alone has made it pretty popular among users.

  1. Aids reduction of stress:

In today’s hectic lifestyle, wouldn’t it be great if you get a natural stress reliever?[2] Nobody likes to rely on drugs to do so.

The truth is that the oil of this flower can help you in this regard as well.

It works as a mild sedative. That is why; it has a calming effect on the nervous system. However, it is not that overpowering either. It means that you can continue with your regular work even after smelling this essential oil or being around it.

It can help you reduce your anxiety, as well.

One of the reasons it is so beneficial is because it regulates the heart rate. As a result, if you’re exhausted or tense, it will calm you down.

You need to apply a couple of drops of this carrier oil on your skin or get massaged to help you reduce stress. No matter how stressful the situation around you is, this essential oil can help you out.

  1. Improves hair and skin quality:

Most of you might not know that the flower has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is anti-septic as well. You can gain all of these benefits when using its essential oil.

The advantage of these properties is that you can easily apply 1 or 2 drops to your skin or massage your skin with the same. It can help you deal with acne and other infections.

You can mix it with coconut oil and apply it to your face and neck areas to get glowing skin.

At the same time, if you apply it to your hair by diluting it with water, it can provide you with lustrous and thick hair.

Also, things like the dry scalp or extensive hair fall will become a thing of the past. That is why, when you use it in the right way, it can nourish your skin, hair, and even your scalp. It is one of the reasons why this oil is so versatile.

  1. Works as an aphrodisiac:

As I mentioned above, it has a sensual smell. The benefit which I am going to highlight now is a result of that smell.

It enhances the libido of the people around due to the virtue of its smell. At the same time, the relaxing experience which it provides you can help you with the same.

You can add a few drops to the diffuser or in your bathtub to get that effect.

Another way is to apply a few drops on your neck or your wrist. You can do the same for the bedsheets as well.

Opting for any of these ways will ensure that you get this benefit out of the essential oil.

  1. Helps regulate blood pressure:

As I mentioned above, it can help you control the heart rate.[1] The beneficial effect of heart rate regulation is that it regulates your blood pressure.

If you’re suffering from cardiovascular problems, using it in limited quantities can help you control your blood pressure naturally.

Also, it has a calming effect on the nervous system. If you occasionally suffer from elevated blood pressure levels, using this oil along with the medications prescribed will benefit you immensely.

As you can see, the benefits of this oil are plenty.

Can You Mix Ylang Ylang with Lavender?

You can mix ylang ylang with lavender. Not only with lavender, but Ylang Ylang also goes well with grapefruit, cedarwood and sandalwood too. After mixing with these other fragrances, it creates a totally new aroma around you. You will definitely like it.


When it comes to the fragrances as well, it has three different notes, which make this flower unique. If you search for a flower that stands out among others on the virtue of the fragrance and benefits, ylang-ylang is the perfect one.

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