Best Butterfly Safety Razor 2021

best butterfly safety razors reviews

Are you in search of a close shaver and wanted to have an intimate shaving experience? Undoubtedly, the butterfly shaver remains the worthiest choice for you.

You can achieve a close shave through these butterfly shavers.

If you are using an electric shaver and in the mood of switching from electric to the traditional shaver, it might provide the whole new and thrilling shaving experience. The close shave at the one side and unknowing cuts at another side, it might change your shaving perspectives.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the best butterfly safety razor.

ProductsDimension in inchesOur Ratings
Vikings Blade The chieftan safety razor3.8 x 1.8 x 14.7
Feather All stainless steel Double-edge razor3 x 3 x 7 4.7
Merkur long hand safety razor1.5 x 1 x 44.5
Edwin Jagger double edge3.7 x 1.6 x 14.3
Parker 99r-4.4
Qshave premium quality5.3 x 2 x 1.44.3
Freelogics double edge safety razor1.6 x 2.7 x 4.94.8
Weishi Nostalgic Long hand butterfly razor-4.3
Bigfoot shaves  DE one blade safety razor3.5 x 1.1 x 2.14.5
Baili Twin Blade double edge safety razor-4.5

Best Butterfly Safety Razor Reviews 2021

1. Vikings Blade the Chieftan safety razor


Viking’s razor came with magnificent design, optimized weight, and stainless steel combined with bronze and brass alloy. Even though it is made of steelhead, the weight is optimized to increase this razor’s consistency.

The medium-length (95.3 mm) is lightweight to hold. If any razor is more comfortable to hold, it is considered the best razor.

The blade in this razor is straightforward to change, which takes less than 10s. You merely need to twist the handle resulting in the opening of the head of the razor. Afterwards, you can replace the rusty blade with the new one before closing it.

The head won’t close until a blade is properly placed. The blade must be aligned to a 90-degree holding angle. Thus, this safety measure minimizes the maximum unwanted cuts.

Eventually, while buying this razor, you are offered with leatherette and suede case. You can use these cases for travelling. For a nomadic Viking, a mirror is offered, making it easy to shave.

As soon as you buy this razor, you can start shaving your beard and hair in different parts of your body. The outcome is much appreciable.

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2. Feather All stainless steel Double-edge razor


The sleek look razor is best for its performance. You can use this razor in your skin, and it will provide the close shave with the best result. It is designed to shave any skin(sensitive to the rough skin). However, you must use shaving cream or any shaving gel before a shave.

The ergonomic length (3.5 inches) of this razor makes it easier to grab in your hand, which always prevents unwanted cuts.

It is completely made of stainless steel. Thus, it lasts longer than any other razor. Besides made of steel, it weighs only 90 g. Therefore, holding this razor is always comfortable, and shaving with this razor provides a great result.

Additionally, it comes with a feather blade which completely sharp and made of Japanese stainless steel. You can place this blade into the razor and try your first shave. You will become much more satisfied than using any other razor.

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3. Merkur long hand best safety razor


As the name suggests, Merkur razor comes with longhand, making it reliable and comfortable to use. The long hand contains the perfect grip. Therefore, while doing wet shaving, slippery won’t become the issue.

Due to its longhand, it prevents unwanted nicks and cuts. On top of that, it also prevents ingrown hair and takes the shaving too to the next level.

Merkur safety razor is made of Solingen Steel in Germany. You can use this razor lifetime as it provides a close and comfortable shave.

The ergonomic design helps to shave any hair without irritation. It is one of the most beneficial parts of the shaver.

Additionally, it offers two comb head(closed comb head or open comb heard), it definitely boosts the ease of shaving long hair.

If you buy this razor, you will get one sample blade to try your next shave immediately.

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4. Edwin Jagger double-edge


Edwin Jagger razor’s ergonomically designed razor comes with unique design, comfortable weight, smart handle, and the affordable price.

It is the best razor for money. With this razor, you can even use the low-cost blade. However, the quality provided by this razor with a low-cost blade is outstanding.

Talking about its design, it looks shiny and is silver in color. You will find the lined pattern in its smart chromed handle. It is for the perfect grip. Thus, you can use this shaver for wet shaving.

Besides, you can easily replace the blade with the new one with just twisting the handle. It is the best part of any traditional shaver.

You will definitely get stupendous shaving experience with this shaver.

It finally offers five packs of blade-free of cost. Go for it, if you want authentic shaving experience!

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5. Parker 99r


The parker 99r shaver is best for its vintage look and its quality shaving. Believe me or not, its all parts are assembled with hand. Therefore, the durability of this shaver is longer than any other shaver.

The chrome-plated brass also helps in its durability.

Like other razors, in this razor too, you can easily replace the blade. With the twisting of the knob of the handle, its wings get opened. Eventually, you can replace the blade and start shaving your beard.

This razor’s handle is 4 inches, which is more than enough to have a tight hold and the perfect grip. Thus, the slippery hand will not become a problem while wet shaving.

The weight is a little bit heavier; however, it won’t become a problem for men.

If you want a classic look and long-lasting shaver, go for this shaver.

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6. Qshave premium quality


The Qshave razor is best known for its adjustable handle. It’s similar to that of an electric shaver that adjusts the blade level. Once you adjust it, you can shave your hair.

The adjustable level starts at 1 and ends at 6. The lower number means little bit possessive towards shaving. As the number increases, it becomes aggressive in shaving. You can use the higher or medium number for stubble shaving. If you want a relax shave, you can go for the lower number.

Overall, the design of Qshave is well satisfied. It looks authentic and designed with proper care.

The razor handle is 4 inches, which is almost easy to hold and provides a comfortable grip. It’s not that heavy nor too light. It has an average weight, which helps to increase the charm of shaving.

You need to pop off the top plate for changing blade, replace the blade, and pop the top plate back. It’s so simple even a child can replace it in less than 5s.

With this razor, you are offered with Leather protective sleeve, which protects your razor from damage.

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7. Freelogics double edge safety razor


Are you afraid of shaving your hair with butterfly shaver? Freelogics safety razor might remain the compelling choice for you. The razor majorly designed to prevent cuts and nicks which helps amateur shaver to have a close shave. It is suitable for both men and women. Once you shave your hair, you will get a smooth, close, and comfortable skin.

It definitely prevents irritation and redness of the skin.

The design of this razor is beyond awesome. It is made of high-end zinc alloy combined with chrome plate finish. It looks sleek with its design.

The weight is a little bit heavier. However, the outcome of this shaver is at top-notch.

It offers a five-pack of a stainless steel blade which is sharp enough to cut any hair.

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8. Weishi Nostalgic Long hand butterfly razor


Another shaver for money is Weishi Nostalgic long hand butterfly razor. With such an affordable price, the quality and the performance of the razor is outstanding.

It is made of brass which is 72 g in weight. The weight helps to push the razor to have a great and close shaving experience. While shaving, you need to push the razor with a bit more pressure into your skin. It helps to have a close shave.

Its handle is about 11 cm in length. It is that you can hold it with perfect grip. Thus, you can use this shaver in the wet mode too. However, you must take some precautions during wet shaving.

The blade replacement is easy. You need to twist the knob to open the wings of the shaver. As it opens, you can replace the blade and twist the knob in the opposite direction.

For close, comfortable, and excellent shaving, you can use this shaver.

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9. Bigfoot shaves  DE one blade safety razor


Bigfoot razor is best for close shaving. The handle is so heavy that its weight almost increases some pressure to have a close shave. It is the best shaver for beginners and the experienced one.

This shaver tremendously helps to save money because it is one of the strongest shavers. It is made of stainless steel. There is no mix of plastic material. Hence, there is no chance of getting rust or being damaged in a short time. We can also say, it becomes a lifetime shaver once you buy it.

For a smooth and close shave, you need only one blade. It works like a charm. You will not see any nicks and cuts nor any razor bumps or damages. However, you must use it carefully.

The striped line at the handle increases the grip. Thus, it is also perfect for wet shaving.

Furthermore, it offers custom travel kit which you can use while traveling.

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10. Baili Twin Blade double edge safety razor


Last but not least, Baili Twin Blade razor is at number 10 on our table. This razor is made of Zinc alloy material combined with chrome which provides an elegant look. Besides its look, the performance is also good. It avoids razor burns and redness of the skin.

The micro comb design helps to cut your hair even more smoothly. It prevents accidental cuts.

The handle of the razor is 94 mm. It makes it easier to shave any hair with full comfortability. Besides, the weight(70 g) helps to apply more pressure during shaving. Hence, it helps to get a close shave.

At last, it offers one American platinum blade, mirror, and Travel case. Hence, as soon as you buy this shaver, you will have a clean, close, and comfortable shave.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Safety Razor 2021

1. Comfortability

Shaver must be comfortable before buying it. If any shaver is uncomfortable, it causes unwanted cuts and nicks.

2. Blade Replacement

The design of blade replacement must be easier. You need to buy the razor where you can replace the blade without any fuss.

3. Handle

The handle of a safety razor must be comfortable to hold. If any shaver handle is short, it will become difficult to shave. As a result, it will cause razor bumps and cuts.

4. Weight

The weight of any razor must be comfortable to carry. If it is heavyweight, it helps to provide a close shave.

5. Material

The material must be made of unrusty material. It causes the razor to be long-lasting and durable.


On the top of the list, we have mentioned Viking blade razor. It is one of the best razors. It’s comfortability, feature, weight and its quality is dominant over all other razors. However, all other razors are best according to their unique features.

We have reviewed all these razors based on their rating, features, and price.

If you have any queries related to the best butterfly safety razor, comment below!

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