What Is The Best Beard Balm For Black Men?

beard balm for black men

Growing beard for most of the black men out there is the pain in the neck. Because they suffer most from an ingrown hair and the pain they will get is indescribable. The grown beard afterwards is coarse, and the way to maintain to its perfect shape is way too hard. On this account, we will help you to turn your coarse and rough beard into a softer and shiny beard by helping you to select the best beard balm for your beard.

The best beard balm for black men is the one that softens your beard by eliminating dryness, which indeed prevents itchiness.

And itchiness is another bulging problem for black men having a beard. We will try to cover all the aspects that the black man suffers and give you the best way to prevent it.

The top 7 problems for a black man while growing beard is:

Black Man Beard Problems

1. Ingrown hair

Have you ever suffer from ingrown hair? I have suffered from it, and I know the pain. The swollen face with a cyst  – you will remember it for ages.

Ingrown hair is more common for people who have curly and coarse hair. After shaving, hair grows and curls inside the skin, and after sometime bumps appear. It’s an ingrown hair.

The best way to prevent ingrown hair are:

  • Use a sharp blade because it provides a close shave.  You can also try an electric shaver.
  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving because it removes dead skin cell. It is the reason that causes hair to grow inside the skin.
  • Use shaving gel before a shave.

2. Itchiness

While growing beard, you may suffer from itchiness.

We don’t know for how long it lasts, but until it lasts, it makes you tempted to shave your beard. If you haven’t, then you haven’t had the problem of severe itchiness.

The only way to prevent itchiness is by using beard products like beard balm, beard oil, or beard butter.

The essence of using these products is it softens your beard and removes dryness from your skin and beard.

3. Dry beard

Growing a long beard isn’t only the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to look clean and tidy with a well-maintained beard. You need to maintain it up to the level that gives you an authentic look. For that to happen, your beard needs to look shiny. And it is only possible if you choose the excellent quality beard products.

You can try beard balm to resolve the dryness which provides nutrients to your hair like that of fertilizer to plants. You apply it to your beard, and it enters through the hair follicle. As a result, it aids essential vitamins and proteins needed to your beard, which makes your beard softer and silky.

4. Curly beard

I think most people don’t like curly beard because it looks a mess and maintaining it is difficult. As your beard grows, it turns curly.  It’s a natural process.

Most of the black men grow a curly beard, and there is no way to stop growing curly beard. You can try tools like beard straightener to make your beard straight for a short time.

Additionally, you can also comb your beard, which turns your beard straight for a specific time.

But it isn’t the permanent solution to straighten your beard at all.

5. Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is similar to that of hair dandruff. One occurs at your face, and another occurs at your head. There are various reasons for having beard dandruff.

The common reason for having beard dandruff is due to a fungus known as Malassezia globose. It grows at oily areas like scalp and face which break down sebum produced by the sebaceous gland. It leaves oleic acid, which turns into white flakes in the later time.

Dry skin also causes beard dandruff. If you aren’t washing your beard for a while, there remains oils and dead skin cells which turns into white flakes also known as beardruff.

6. Patchy beard

Some part of your face can’t grow beard, and there remains a patch. It’s called a patchy beard which looks awkward to see at all. You can recover patchiness if it’s caused due to blockage of pores. You can remove patchiness by:

  • Exfoliating your skin – Scrap your face with the best scraper because it removes dead skin cell and prevents pore blockage which might help to grow a beard from the patchy part.
  • Balanced Diet Food – Eating well diet food helps to provide essential nutrients needed to grow a beard.
  • Letting the beard grow – Beard doesn’t grow well at the first time if you are growing it. It takes time to grow it well.

7. Nicks and cuts while maintaining a beard

Beard doesn’t provide you with a manly look until its well-groomed. You need to trim it and provides shape to it. Thus, while shaving, razor burns, nicks and cuts are the common problems, right!

You can stop these problems by following ways:

  • You must use shaving gel before a shave.
  • You must use sharp blades.
  • You can also use an electric shaver for black men – it will prevent cuts by 100%
  • You must use a moisturiser aftershave.

These are the common problems that most black men suffer. And most of the issue discussed above is resolved by using beard balm because

  • It prevents dryness
  • It softens your beard.
  • It prevents beard flakes.
  • It makes your beard shiny etc.

To make this post worthy, we will now discuss the best beard balm for black men.

The one and Only Best Beard Balm for Black Men

Mad Viking Beard Balm

Mad Viking Beard Co Yggdrasil 2 Ounce Beard Balm, Medium to Heavy Hold, All Natural and Organic Ingredients, Paraben and Cruelty-Free, Maintain and Manage Beard Hair, Best Gift for Him and Husband

We have tested more than ten beard balm onto our skin, and Mad Viking beard balm remains the best out of ten . We always prefer to use the product made more of natural ingredients, and we have found it in mad Viking beard balm.

While applying this balm, we have found that it has a more excellent grasp on our beard. It isn’t too sticky, which is the plus point for this beard balm. The ingredients(a combination of rich oils, butter, and waxes) remains for a long time in our beard, which we liked the most out of it.

We also like the smell of this beard balm. It’s not too hard, but it is light and bright. You can find varieties of custom scent, but the scent is more inclined toward cedar and sandalwood.

Using this, balm makes our beard look healthy and shiny. I hope you will like it using this beard balm.


Beard grooming is itself a vague task, and it becomes vaguer to African American tribes. The African American people have coarse facial hair, and it takes time to soften it. You need to use the best grooming products that suit your skin. Sometimes, preferring low-quality products harms your skin. Thus, you use any grooming product – always prefer the best one.

We have tried to mention the best balm for black men. It works well for your skin because we have tested it out. And the ingredients in it is more of natural. We hope it won’t harm your skin but provide the positive result making your beard look silky, shiny and healthy.

If you have any queries to this post, feel free to comment at any time!

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