10 Best Beard Growth Kit Reviews

best beard growth kit reviews

A notable and healthy beard doesn’t grow in a single day and stay flawless forever. It requires your time and effort to fashion and holds your facial hair. A nice-looking beard calls for dedication and best beard growth kit to tame and shape your often-cussed facial hair.

What is a beard growth kit?

A beard growth kit is a set of products, combined in a package, that are suitable for the grooming and shaping a beard properly. They are specifically designed, keeping in mind the skin types to help you take good care of your facial hair – allowing men to grow a beard to their desired length and thickness – without damaging your skin.

What does a regular beard growth kit contain?

All beard growth kits combine the best and effective products required for growing a healthy and smooth looking beard. The kit usually contains a beard oil or balm, beard wash shampoo or soap, conditioner, a comb, and supplements. All these products are made up of natural ingredients to ensure healthy beard growth without causing skin irritation and flakiness.

What are the benefits of using a beard kit?

Like your hair, the beard also calls for extra care and attention for developing into a fully-grown good-looking beard. The beard kit combines all the essential products that aid in the nurturing and styling of a healthy-looking beard.  Some of the most notable benefits of using the best beard growth kit are given below.

  • Prevents skin irritation: Facial hair sometimes causes the skin to become itchy, dry or flaky. The beard oil or balm that comes in the kit softens the facial hair and moisturizes the skin, preventing flakiness, dryness or skin irritation.
  • Helps in taming and growth of beard: The beard kit has all the necessary products that are effective in taming, softening, and proper growth of beard. The supplements ensure healthy growth of facial hair.
  • Ensures soft beard: Without attention, facial hair looks unruly and rough. Regular use of a beard growth kit ensures a soft and smooth looking beard that adds on to your charm.
  • Prevents dandruff and hair fall: Hair growth often comes with the threat of dandruff and hair fall if left unkempt. The specifically manufactured beard products minimize the risk of dandruff and hair fall substantially.
  • Clears clogged pores: Clogged pores mean your skin and facial hair will not receive the necessary nutrients required for a healthy appearance. Due to unruly facial hair, dirt gets accumulated in skin pores, clogging them. Using a beard kit regularly unclogs the pores, making sure that your skin stays moisturized and hydrated.

Overall, the beard growth kit is an incredible choice for maintaining a healthy and fashionable beard. It comes with a two-tier benefit – maintaining a healthy beard appearance and imparting necessary skincare simultaneously.

10 Best Beard Growth Kits Review

  1. Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit

Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit

The Badass growth kit combines everything required for healthy growth and development of a beard. Another bonus is that the kit is manufactured by the USA military, which means that it ensures 100% guarantee.

You get to choose between Badass Beard wash and Chuck’s Hogwash – light shower gel. Beard wash contains eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint, necessary for hair growth.  It produces enough lather to remove all the dirt from the beard, leaving it clean and shiny. You also get to choose a 1 oz bottle of beard oil scent of your choice. Chuck’s Essentials multivitamins contain folic acid and biotin for healthy beard growth.


  • Made in the USA by military, 100% guaranteed.
  • It contains 8 oz. of beard wash or Chuck’s Hog shower gel.
  • A small pouch containing 1 oz. of beard oil of your choice from 15 scent flavours.
  • Chuck’s Essentials Multivitamin contain folic acid and biotin besides necessary vitamins
  • 2 oz. Light beard balm or medium concentration beard wax.


  • Guarantees 100% results.
  • It contains a variety of beard oil scents to choose from.
  • The balm absorbs quickly without leaving residue.


  • Biotin in the supplements speeds up hair growth all over the body.
  • Beard comb is absent.
  1. Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

ZEUS Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men

This beard kit packs all top-quality beard-grooming products at a reasonable price. The beard wash contains antioxidant soap specifically manufactured for facial hair and forms enough lather for deep cleaning of beard. Due to a natural ingredient, Dragon’s Blood, it is best for sensitive skin.

The beard conditioner contains avocado oil extracts and jojoba seed oil, both enable hydrated skin. The Zeus’s beard oil is a mixture of safflower, argan, and grapeseed oils and vitamin E for softening and adding luster to hair and soothing irritated skin.

The kit also contains a brush with boar bristles for applying oil or detangling long and dense beard.



  • Kit contains a beard wash, conditioner, beard oil, and boar bristle brush with a pearwood handle.
  • Beard wash – antioxidant soap – contains “Dragon’s Blood,” chamomile, and green tea for sensitive skin.
  • Zeus Deluxe grooming kit is present in three scents – sandalwood, vanilla rum, and verbena lime.
  • Beard oil is a mixture of argan, grapeseed and safflower oil extracts.
  • The kit is enclosed in a small burlap sack.


  • Premium quality products at an affordable price.
  • Available in three amazing scents.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.


  •  Beard comb or balm isn’t included.
  1. Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care

This all-inclusive kit contains 100% natural and organic ingredients without undesirable scents or supplements. A unique feature of this affordably priced kit is that it includes a pair of sharp barber scissors. Another distinguishing feature is that all the products are unscented. This kit is a blessing for all those men who are allergic to scents but want the best care for their beards and skin.

100% natural means beard oil and balm are purely organic with Jojoba, Argan, and Vitamin-E oils as primary ingredients for moisturized and hydrated skin and keeping dandruff away.

The kit also contains a boar-bristled brush for uniform application of oil and balm on the beard and a wooden comb for detangling and styling beard. The kit comes in a nice gift box, perfect for gifting to your friend who loves beard care.


  • 100% natural and organic beard oil and balm – a mixture of jojoba, argan and Vitamin-E oils.
  • Unscented balm and oil with no extra supplements.
  • A pair of stainless steel barbers’ scissors for trimming and shaping of beard and moustache.
  • 60 ml of unscented conditioner.
  • Handmade anti-static wooden comb for detangling and styling beard.


  • 100% pure and organic products.
  • Fragrance-free products.
  • A pair of sharp scissors.
  • It comes in a nice gift casing.


  • None.
  1. Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

Beard Styling Sets by Beardsley

Although the kit doesn’t include a brush or a comb, it has packed premium quality beard care products. Unlike the other beard kits, this one contains four or eight-ounce bottles of beard wash, conditioner and oil. Even though the products are a mixture of herbal extracts and oils, suitable for sensitive skin, with alcohol and human-made components, but they are not 100% natural and paraben-free. Yet the quality of their products is top-notch.

The shampoos encompass aloe vera, chamomile and essential nutrients; conditioner combines jojoba seed oil, goldenseal and marigold essence. The beard oil is a combination of six oils extracts, and there’s a sealing lotion containing numerous oils and shea butter and bay rum aroma, leaving beard soft and managed along with moisturized skin. All this is enclosed in an attractive pinewood casing.

Note that except beard wash and oil, all products contain alcohol.  If you do not emphasize on all-natural, paraben-free products, and beard comb then you might consider purchasing this kit for its best results.


  • Two 8 oz. bottles of shampoos, conditioner/balm, oil and sealing lotion.
  • Shampoos are in two different scents – wild berry and cantaloupe.
  • Lotion – with bay rum aroma – contains numerous oils and shea butter.
  • Products, except beard wash and oil, contain alcohol and paraben.
  • The kit is packed in a pinewood box.


  • Two bottles of beard shampoo in two different aromas.
  • Super soft beard and hydrated skin.
  • Pretty pinewood packaging.


  • Not all-natural and paraben-free.
  • Contains alcohol.
  • Both beard brush and comb are absent.
  1. Beard Grooming Kit with scissors by Craft Beard


Beard kit for Men Grooming Care

Growing beard is not difficult for men; it is the grooming and upkeep that poses a real challenge. Craft Beard aims at taming and styling beards for men without extra effort and hard work. Their grooming kit with scissors packs a pocket-sized wooden comb, a pair of sharp scissors, and two bottles of beard oils. If you have a bearded friend or relative, this will make a perfect Christmas or birthday present.

The beard oil is a mixture of all-natural essential oils with an attractive manly aroma. It leaves beard soft and shiny, preventing you from the predicament of beard-druff and dry and prickly skin.

Note that two bottles of oil are in different combinations of scents. One has citrus, pine and floral aroma and the other is a combination of coffee, vanilla and chocolate.

The sandalwood comb slides smoothly through the oil-treated beard, detangling all the unkempt facial hair and leaving behind a nice-looking evened beard. In the last, specifically designed scissors come in handy from trimming the beard and mustache.


  • Two 1-ounce beard oil bottles with separate combination aromas.
  • Homemade sandalwood beard comb and a pair of sharp scissors for shaping and styling the beard.
  • All-natural beard oil to treat dandruff and irritated skin.


  • Affordable price kit.
  • All-natural aromatic components.
  • Soft and manly scent.


  • No beard wash and conditioner/balm.
  1. Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard Care Kit


Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

This is another one of the best beard growth kit famous for its premium quality and elegant look. It matches up to French fashion trends and is inclusive of beard wash, balm/conditioner, moustache wax, and a beard comb made of sandalwood. You will be glad to know that the package also includes a free organic body soap ideal for sensitive skin.

All products are free of artificial ingredients and paraben. The handmade beard soap has anti-bacterial qualities, a blessing for sensitive, itchy skin, due to a unique component of beer. Beard shampoo and balm have a pleasing aroma and are effective against dandruff and itchy beard.

The antioxidant beard oil absorbs in the skin, quickly leaving behind a woody scent and neat lustrous beard.


  • Body soap and beard oil are specifically manufactured for sensitive and itchy skin.
  • Handmade anti-bacterial body soap contains beer, for irritated skin, and shea butter
  • Beard oil contains Tocopherol, an antioxidant agent, with a woody scent.


  • Handcrafted products for sensitive skin.
  • All-natural ingredients with a pleasing aroma.
  • Premium quality products in an elegant-looking leather bag.


  • None found.
  1. Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Care Kit for Men

Made in West Virginia, the USA, this brand screams 100% natural ingredients at a regular price. The kit packs beard wash, beard oil and balm in two different woody scents, and a military-style beard brush. All these products are enclosed in a burlap pouch.

The entire package is perfect for strengthening hair and moistening the skin. Beard wash contains all essential oils formulated from an organic Castile soap base to clean the beard without stripping it off essential oils. The military-style brush is relatively tough but detangles even long beards without damaging the skin.


  • High-quality products, all from natural elements, made in the USA – packaged all products in West Virginia.
  • 2 oz. WV Timber Beard Oil and Beard Balm in cedarwood and fir needle aromas.
  • 4 oz. Beard wash specifically manufactured in WV Timber fragrance.
  • Products enclosed in a burlap bag.


  • Affordable price.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Pleasing woodsy scents.


  • The military-style brush is a little rough compared to brushes in other kits.
  1. Beard Legacy Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit


The products in this kit are a perfect combination of styling and stimulating beard growth. The package has a derma roller, beard oil and balm, scissors, bristle brush and a sandalwood comb. The unscented beard balm and oil are ideal for men who are allergic to aromatic products. Even a few drops of oil and balm are enough to smooth scruffy beard and relieve you of itchiness. Derma roller is effective for stimulating hair growth.

The sandalwood comb is anti-static and has thick and thin teeth suitable for beards of all lengths and thicknesses. The kit comes with a synthetic pouch for easily storing products while you’re travelling.


  • Titanium-needled derma roller activates elastin and collagen production
  • Unscented Beard Oil and balm contain all organic ingredients – argan, jojoba and vitamin E oils.
  • Stainless steel barber scissors and oval-shaped bristle brush made of pearwood.
  • Leather travel pouch for carrying products.


  • The perfect combination of products for trimming and styling the beard.
  • Handy travel pouch.
  • Stimulates beard growth and nourishment.


  • Beard wash is absent.
  1. Isner Mile Beard Kit

Upgraded Beard Care Kit for Men

The kit comes with all four essential products – beard wash, conditioner, oil, and comb – required for making beard soft and manageable. They all have pure and natural ingredients. All products have a gentle, barely-noticeable, aroma.

The all-natural beard wash, used together with the beard balm, moisturizes and hydrates hair and skin leaving them soft and supple. You can easily style and shape your beard, regardless of its length and thickness, with a beard comb. The boar-bristled brush helps you evenly distribute beard oil and balm to improve hair texture and appearance. This kit is a perfect present for a man who takes beard care seriously.


  • Organic unscented beard wash and balm – mild apricot and lavender aroma.
  • Stainless steel scissors for trimming
  • Wooden comb and 100% boar-bristled brush.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Organic products.
  • Suitable for all types of beards.
  • Reasonable price with a money-back guarantee.


  • Unscented beard oil and balm.
  1. Meet the Mirror Grooming Kit

Beard oil kit-beard

This kit contains high-quality products formulated from organic materials. The unscented beard oil and balm is a perfect combo for softening brittle facial hair and eliminating dryness and itchiness from the skin.

A unique feature is a double-sided wooden comb suitable for styling beard of any length and density. Stainless steel scissors are sharp enough to trim and shape beard to your desired length. Another good thing about this kit is that it comes with a cotton-carrying pouch for travel. Also, you get your money back or another kit if you are not satisfied. This luxury combo kit is perfect for gifting to a bearded friend.


  • All-natural and organic ingredients.
  • Unscented beard oil and sandalwood beard balm/wax.
  • Double-sided wooden comb and stainless steel scissors.
  • 100% satisfaction – money-back guarantee.


  • Organic products.
  • Cotton travel pouch.
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for styling beard of any length.


  • Beard wash is not included.


Taking care and grooming of beard is a serious business and is evident from a plethora of beard grooming and styling kits available in the market. All kits contain a combination of products suitable for beard growth and styling. Mostly beard care products use natural pure and organic ingredients, but there are a few that use artificial elements. It is up to the customer to pick the product which suits their needs best.  The above article highlights some of the best beard growth kits available in the market specifically designed for different skin types to eliminate itching and dandruff and deliver shiny and tamed beard.

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