Do Kpop Idols Have Hairy Body, Legs, Arms & Armpits?

hairy kpop idols

All Kpop idols look completely flawless! Don’t they grow hair?

Are there any hairy Kpop idols?

All K-pop idols grow hair. Some show it while others throw it.  Dia ki huihyeon came to the news when her armpit hair was publicly revealed. She admitted ‘she does have armpit hair, but not a lot.

Kpop Idols with leg hair

Some idols with hairy legs are:

Kai has also been seen with fine leg hair. It is normal for men to have leg hair.

But frankly speaking, most idols laser their leg hair. Thus, you won’t see many idols with hairy legs.

Another reason is their genetics. This is also attributed to lower levels of testosterone and DHT in them.

Why do most male idols shave their legs?

  • It looks gross

Most women don’t prefer hairy legs. It looks disgusting to them.

  • To look youthful

Some idols look younger perhaps their older age. It is attributed to their hairlessness.

How does Kpop idol deal with leg hair?

Most Kpop idols lasers their leg hair. They prefer laser over shaving and waxing is because it is cheap and, on top is effective. Once the laser is done, it is guaranteed that they won’t grow hair back for at least two years.

Kpop idols with Arm hair

kpop idols arm hair

Some idols don’t shave their arm hair. As such, they are seen with a fine line of arm hair.

How do Kpop idols deal with arm hair?

Female Kpop idols generally laser, wax, or shave their arm hair. It is their personal choice. In contrast, most male idols leave their arm hair untouched.

Kpop idols with armpit hair

Some Kpop idols with armpit hair:

While almost all-female Kpop idols remove their armpit hair, but when they forget to shave, sometimes controversies may come out to the surface, like Dia ki huihyeon, who has been captured with armpit hair.

How do Kpop idols deal with armpit hair?

armpit hair kpop

Most female Kpop idol usually lasers their armpit hair. Some also wax and shave it. At the same time, male Kpop idols left it untouched. Thus, you will find many male idols with the hairy armpit.

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Kpop idols with Chest hair

Most of the idols shave their chest hair. However, some idols let it grow like

Kpop idols with body hair

Female Kpop idols laser their body from top to bottom. They look completely flawless. Meanwhile, only a few male idols lasers their body.  It is completely their preference whether to have hair or not.

How do Kpop idols deal with body hair?

Kpop idols lasers their body hair. They can also wax or shave it.

How do Kpop idols don’t have body hair?

  • They are not genetically inherited.

Most Kpop idols genetics is such that they will not grow thick hair. There will be a fine line of hair. Due to this very reason, even if they have body hair, it can’t be seen.

  • The influence of Media

The Korean media has also strengthened the idea of hairlessness as a standard of beauty. K-pop bands, which are at the forefront of male media fashion, almost all sport clean-shaven.

  • Hairlessness is Korean Beauty Standard 

Despite the evolving standards of healthy masculinity in the Western world, men being conscious of their looks have been generally regarded as feminine and undesirable. Whereas in Korea, most women prefer clean-shaven men because it signifies that the man takes care of himself and his appearance.

The Western world defines masculinity with completely different traits: strength, ruggedness, and roughness. While many of these standards are now understood as toxic to both men and women – men are now encouraged to show their vulnerabilities more – the large, rough, hairy look is still a strong contender on the sex-appeal chart. The evidence for this can be seen in how much of a heartthrob Jason Momoa is.

However, the Western standards of male desirability aren’t exclusive to just that side of the world. Korean women have claimed that while they prefer their own men clean-shaven, they find foreign men well-groomed very attractive.

  • Climatic Condition 

When people started migrating across the world, their bodies developed according to the region’s climatic needs. People in cold climates developed a lot of body hair to ensure survival, whereas people in hotter or temperate climates, like Korea, did not.


All Kpop idols are hairy unless they remove it. They shave eyebrows, laser facial, armpit, and body hair, including legs and arms.

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