Best Safety Razor Blades For Beginners & Sensitive Skin

best safety razor blades

Guys, what’s a safety razor blade?

Duh, it’s a sharp metal, but nothing is designed to glide in your fragile skin to provide a precious cut.

Precious cut, huh! Yeah, it gives a perfect cut with no stubble hair around your face. It’s the best tool you will ever use in your face.

For using such blades, you need a razor, namely butterfly safety razor. You open up the head by twisting its handle counterclockwise. As it opens, you need to fit the blade into the safety razor. Once you drop the blade into the razor, you close the head by twisting the handle clockwise.

It’s unique and professional than a traditional safety razor. And finally, you are ready to experience your first shave with the best razor and blade in town.

Check Out the Best Butterfly Safety Razor.

You have now known the best safety razor. But wait, do you know the best safety razor blade?

Product FeaturesWeightOur Rating
Feather Double Edge BladesJapanese Stainless Steel

Sharp Blade

Comfortable for Men
0.96 ounces4.5
Gillette 7′ O Clock Premium Safety Razor BladesLong Lasting

Ultra smooth and Ultra Shave

Provides Close Shave
4 ounces4.5
Astra Platinum Safety BladesDurable

Smooth Shave

Extremely Sharp to cut any beard
0.96 ounces4.3
Personna Double Edge Safety Razor BladesCoated with platinum makes it super sharp

Best for smooth shaving experience
3.2 ounces4.2
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor BladesFit in all kind of safety razor

Best for sensitive skin

Provides quality shave for stubble hair
3.52 ounces4.3
Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
(Amazon's Choice)
Amazon's Choice

Platinum premium blade which prevents skin irritation

Aggressive for coarse beard
0.48 ounces4.4
Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge BladesCoated with chromium ceramic and PTFE

Economical Blade

Made in Germany
10.4 ounces4.2
KAI Stainless SteelProvides Smooth shave

Outstanding Comfort

3.04 ounces4.1
Shark Safety Razor BladesBest for wet shaving

High Quality Blades

Fit in Every safety razor
0.96 ounces4.4
Safety Razor Sample PackContains Numerous brand blades

You can try varieties of blade

Best Experience for shaving
0.8 ounces4.7

On this account, we will check out the best razor blades in this post. But before checking the best blades, you must know some specific things which will help you to choose the best blades.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Safety Blades


Price always determines the quality. And the price is the first thing you will check before buying the safety blade. The high price material is always the best, and the low price is the worst. Do you think the same?

If yes, it’s time to change your perception. Because low price also works well. Don’t you believe me? We will make you believe in this post.

Talking about the pricing of the razor blades, if the cost is above 25 cents, it means that it’s expensive and will work exceptionally well.

Meanwhile, if the price is below 10 cents, it might be the best, but it won’t contain all the premium feature that must be included in the razor.

2. Sharpness

Sharpness determines the quality of the blade. The sharp blade always provides the close shave and the best blade is the one which of course has sharpened ends. Unfortunately, the chance of nicks and cuts is also high with such ends. Thus, you must be careful while using these razors.

The first benefit of using a sharp blade is non-other than a close shave. And the second benefit is that you don’t need to glide your razor over and over again – it cuts your hair with just one stroke. Thus, the problem of razor burn won’t happen while using a sharp blade.

Additionally, with a sharpness, you also need to check the smoothness of the blade. Smoothness means the cutting angle of the blade.

3. Your hair though

Different people have different hair. Some have thick and coarse facial hair, while some have thin and soft facial hair. And, the razor blade you buy also depends upon this hair.

The thick and coarse beard needs the premium quality blade. Because these blades are pretty aggressive and have a sharp end, and with these end, you can cut any hair.

Similarly, if your beard is thin and soft, you can try less sharp blade. Because using a sharpened blade has a higher probability of having nicks and cuts. Thus, knowing your beard and choosing the blade depending upon your hair decreases the possibility of begetting scars.

4. Skill

Depending upon your skill level, you need to prefer the blade. The aggressive blades mean a very sharp blade. If you are trying out a safety razor for the first time, you need to be away with these blades for a while. And as soon as, you gain experience with it, you can go on with the aggressive blades. Aggressive sounds terrifying, right?

Thus, unless you have less skill, you go with less sharp blades. Using mild blades, there is less chance of having cuts, and even if you made a mistake, there is less likelihood of having cuts.

It takes time to learn, but you will become a master soon. Anyway, know your skill and choose the blade.

5. Try Different Blades

For many people who have been using a safety razor, they prefer using the same blade. They don’t prefer switching it to another brand. I know it works well? But who knows switching it to another brand might work more efficiently.

It doesn’t matter how sharp it is, how costly it is; they stick to the same blade. They won’t get the benefit of switching blade to another brand.

Thus, you must try switching different blade and prefer the best one that works best for you.

10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin

1. Feather Double Edge Blades 
Feather Double Edge Blades

Feather blades are one of the best blades we have encountered with, and we have mentioned it on the top of our list because of its strength towards shaving. It’s extremely aggressive and will work best for coarse hair.

It is actually coated with platinum which provides a sleek look to it. Due to the coat of platinum – even if it cuts your skin, it won’t cause infection to it. This is one of the best features of this blade.

We have checked its durability during its usage, and we are astonished by it. It’s much more durable than the rest of the razor. It lasts more than seven to eight shave. We aren’t surprised because it lasts for 8 shaves but because the close shave it provides even after 8 shave is beyond expectation.

It deserves a round of applause for it.

Feather blade has accurate precision. It’s because of its precise cutting edge. Thus, you won’t need to glide your razor repeatedly in the same place over and over again to choke off the hair but cuts it off at just one stroke. Therefore, you will never see razor bumps and burns using this shaver.

Meanwhile, if your skin is sensitive, then you need to deal with cuts. Thus, you need to glide razor carefully using this blade.

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  • Japanese steel makes this blade durable
  • The precise cutting angle helps to provide a close shave
  • Premium Coat prevents infection


  • It won’t last long for a coarse beard
  • It might cause cuts to sensitive skin
  • Its wrapper contains a layer of wax. Thus, its s difficult to unwrap


2. Gillette 7′ O Clock Premium Safety Razor Blades

gillette 7 O'clock sharp Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
Gillette has carried a legacy in the shaving world that no one has reached yet. And it has maintained its legacy in double edge razor blades too. It has made no compromise in its quality. You will get the best quality blade with a highly sharp edge to cut any hair. Thus, it is considered as Amazon’s choice blade.

Wrapped in a single piece of wax paper once unwrapped provides the first shiny and glamorous look of the razor. It looks fancy and shiny – the shine coming from the razor let you see your face in it.

Gillette is famous for its quality and durability. We have tested shaving soft and coarse facial hair using this blade. The best result we have obtained is for coarse facial hair.

Extremely sharp edge makes it difficult to shave sensitive skin. It makes rashes to sensitive skin.

But for coarse hair, it’s a great blade to use.

The precision is also accurate. It provides a close and smooth shave. You won’t need to be afraid of ingrown hair while using this blade.

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  • It’s sharp, precision is accurate, and on top of that, it’s a worldwide famous brand.
  • It is manufactured in Russia.
  • It cuts any coarse hair


  • It is somewhat expensive


3. Astra Platinum Safety Blades Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

The quality of any blade is determined by its sharpness and durability. Every other blade out there is sharp, but they lack durability. But Astra platinum blades are the ones that contain sharp edge with extra durability.

We have tested an Astra blade and found that it works best for coarse and thick facial hair. The durability remains the same, even after 4 shaves. You won’t feel any pain nor any bumps. That’s amazing, right! Thus, we consider this blade the best due to its durability and same performance even after the number of shaves.

Astra blades are economical, and you can afford it anytime. If you feel like it’s dull after numerous shave, you can slide out another blade from the pack and try out the new blade.

Since the blade is sharp – you might think that it won’t work good for sensitive skin. But it also works best for the sensitive skin too. Astra blades are shaped out to make the best shave for any skin. We are fortunate that we have shaved our hair with Astra blades.

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  • It is economical.
  • Close shave, and it’s much durable
  • Performance is best even after the four shave


  • Quality of razor is slowly decreasing


4. Personna Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Personna Double Edge Razor Blades
Oh wow! We have used Persona blades and found out that they have extra sharp edges than any other blades. It is coated with Polyamide which aids extra sharpness to it.

It comes along being wrapped up in a paper. One carton contains 100 of blades that all being wrapped up. It’s another specialty of this blade, and it’s reusable. Totally amazing!

We have experimented shaving our legs with this blade, and it works like a charm. We got an outrageous result concluding that it is best razor for face, leg and any other part of your body.

It is a bit thick in comparison to Gillette and has less bend, but while you glide the razor using this blade, the result is totally outstanding. It’s the blade made in the USA. Finally, the blade on our list made in the USA.

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  • The beginners can try this blade. We aren’t saying that experienced ones can’t use it. Whoever uses it, they will get an exceptional outcome.
  • It’s recyclable
  • Best for the money razor blade


  • Gets dull quickly
  • It doesn’t come up with the same way you see on the internet. They come up with different packaging as said by most of the customers.

5. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
Derby DE blade is a stainless hard steel blade that gets deposited by chromium ceramic, tungsten, and platinum at its edge. These deposits uplift the superiority of this shaver by making it ultra-sharp, smooth, and durable.

This technique of depositing a high energy particle to a thin layer of material on the blade is called sputtering. A final coat of Teflon is still left to be deposited in it, which reduces friction between the blade and the shaver’s face. These deposits prevent razor burns and help you to provide a close shave.

These blades are made in Sweden, and the best part of this blade is that every single blade that’s being manufactured are inspected carefully by quality control equipment which ensures that every single blade you will get is of high quality.

We have used this blade in very sensitive skin, and it works best in it. It also did best for coarse hair, but it is more appealing to sensitive skin. It provides a comfortable and bumps free shave. Thus, it is also considered Amazon’s choice blade.

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  • It works out best for sensitive skin
  • Made of hard steel
  • It provides a smooth shave with no razor bumps and burns at all.


  • It gets dull after few shaves


6. Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Merkur DE Blades
Merkur is another famous brand in the shaving world. You won’t find any person who is unaware of this brand. Emil Hermes was the man who initiated the production of Merkur who then owned a cutlery factory.

From owning a cutlery factory to shaving business, he has expanded his product worldwide and is still spreading like wildfire because of its quality.

We have personally used Merkur DE razor blade for many time, and we always get struck by its performance. Any shaving product of Merkur is of high quality but not only the blades. That’s why it’s famous, right.

The blade is fully coated with platinum which gets fit in every other razor available on the market. It offers quality, comfortable, and close shave.

You can use this blade for more than 4 shaves. Up to 4 shaves, it gives a painless and comfortable shave. Once it gets dull, you need to try a fresh blade which comes along with a package of 10 blades wrapped individually.

The price of Merkur DE razor is medium. It’s not too expensive, yet the quality recovers it’s worth of it.

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  • Famous Brand and is aggressive which is best for coarse facial hair
  • Comfortable shave
  • Platinum Coated
  • Prevents Infection


  • Not good for sensitive skin and beginners

7. Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades

Wilkinson Sword Classic DE Blades
As you can see, two swords being picturized in the outer package of the Wilkinson blade – it is the symbol of sharpness however sword can’t give you a cut-free shave. But Wilkison has pulled it off quite correctly to ensure the quality and close shave.

It’s not much sharp like Gillette, but the close shave it provides is more like of Gillette.

Wilkinson classic blade is coated with three different layers of chromium, ceramic and PTFE. This coat has different values – the coat of chromium exhibits corrosion, the coat of ceramic makes the blade long-lasting by providing strength to it, and PTFE helps to prevent irritation.

With each Wilkinson blade, it ensures 4 to 5 shave. These shaves are painless and all it prevents razor bumps and burns. It’s affordable because each blade costs 0.20 cents.

It is manufactured in Germany and is in this shaving business for more than a decades.

While testing, we have found that it is best suited for beginners and the person having sensitive skin.

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  • Geman Based Product
  • Best For Beginners
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Affordable


  • Works less in coarse facial hair

8. KAI Stainless Steel

KAI Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor Blades
Kai is one of Japan’s cutlery manufacturers and has started their venture of producing shaving blade. They produce good quality DE razor blades.

The Kai blades aren’t as sharp as that of other blades like Gillette, but it isn’t that weak in its performance in comparison to its competitors. It is good shaving blade for sensitive skin and can cut whiskers with ease.

If you are shaving coarse hair, then you might need to apply a bit pressure to it. It isn’t bad; however, it causes razor burns to it.

The Kai blades are made from surgical grade steel. Thus, there is no dilemma of it being of less quality.

Its design is a bit unique because of larger gauge steel. The perception of using larger gauge is to increase its longevity.

It lasts up to 4 shaves and can provide smooth shaving experience in your delicate skin.

It comes up with 10 packages of 5 individually wrapped blades.

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  • Good for sensitive skin and beginners
  • Provides smooth shave
  • Lasts longer than any other blades


  • Not good for coarse hair
  • A bit expensive

9. Shark Safety Razor Blades

Shark DE Blde
Shark blades are mostly used for the mild shave. Don’t baffle by the word mild – it doesn’t mean it isn’t sharp. It is sharp but not much as that of other blades like feather and Gillette.

For being mild, you can utilize this blade using it in different parts of your body. The benefit of using a mild blade is that there is less fear of having cuts. Thus, if you are just a beginner, you can try this blade.

As a beginner, there is more probability of making mistakes. You can have a nice experience using this blade. Once, you get solid experience using safety razor with these blades; you can try the next stuff.

Since these blades aren’t coated with platinum, it is more likely to be dull quickly. But you can have 2-3 shave much effectively. And the price is even cheaper than the rest of the blades – you can buy the next blades with more ease.

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  • Best blades for Beginners
  • Provides a mild shaving experience
  • Cheaper


  • Less Durable

10. Safety Razor Sample Pack

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack

We are at the end of our list, and we have decided you to give a surprise which includes varieties of blades in a single pack. If you are a person wanting to experiment trying different blades, this might be the best choice for you.

This pack includes different brands of the blade from very famous Gillette to Wilkinson to many more.

We have always insisted you to try different blades rather than depending upon one single blade. Because you will lack knowing the benefits of other blades while trying out the same blade forever.

You need to unveil the mystery and to do so, you have to try different products.

Unfortunately, grooming products are very expensive, and it’s kind of difficult to accumulate all different products.

Thus, these opportunities, including all brand of the blade in a single pack; you mustn’t miss.

buy now


  • Varieties of products
  • Not much expensive
  • Can explore different blades to find the best result


  • It’s short term

Some Related Questions

How often to change safety razor blades?

how often to change razor blades

The life span of a razor blade depends upon its sharpness. Once, the sharpness fades away its useless.

You can use a razor upon its mild sharp edge. But, you need to apply a mild pressure to shave your hair and upon applying the pressure might cause injuries. You might not like injuries happening to you. Don’t you? Thus, I won’t prefer you to use a dull blade.

Safety razor blade lasts up to 4 – 5 shave, but it also depends upon the type of hair you cut in the past. If you cut coarse hair, it won’t last that long; it’s a one-time usable blade, and you need to dispose of it. Contrary to this, if you are shaving a thin and soft hair, it might last more than 10 to 15 shave.

But I suggest you even if it works; you need to throw it after five shaves for maximum. Because after five shaves, it loses its strength and while shaving, you are applying little pressure up to some extent unknowingly. And you know, you have to face razor bumps, nicks, and cuts.

Thus, changing the blade after five shaves ( maximum) is a safe way to prevent all the injuries might happen from sharp yet not much sharp meaning dull blade.

How to put a blade in a safety razor?

how to put blade in safety razor

If you have just shifted from a traditional straight razor or a cartridge razor to this safety razor, then this might look a whole new tool to you. It’s advanced than these previous razors. Its design is unique, and safety is also maintained. Thus, termed as a safety razor.

You will be baffled at first to put even a blade into it. But it’s not a hard task. We will give you the step by step tips to put a blade into a safety razor.

  • Safety razor looks like a butterfly with two wings – wings being opened by rotating its handle. You rotate the handle counterclockwise; it opens up the head. Similarly to close the head, you need to rotate the handle clockwise. It’s simple. Isn’t it?
  • You just opened the head of the safety razor. Now, you need to put the blade and adjust it into the razor. That’s it.
  • Close the head of the razor and start shaving your beard.

Note: How you put your blade depends upon the razor you have? Some razors open up the wing while some razor gets detached from the handle. In that case, you need to place the blade in between the prong of the top and bottom part. And finally, fix it into the handle.

It sounds complicated but doing it live is easy. Try it and learn it; you will love using a safety razor.

How to Use a Safety razor?

how to use safety razor

As I have already told that, you need to be conscious while using a safety razor. If you don’t concentrate on shaving using a safety razor, you might get unwanted cuts. Thus, we will check out how you can tackle to prevent these problems by implementing these methods:

1.Shaving cream

All for one, one for all – Shaving Cream. It is one of the must-have product while you shave using the safety razor. You never ever cut your beard without using shaving cream.

Shaving cream lubricates the blade and helps to cut the beard effectively with no wounds and cuts around your face.

Shaving cream creates a thick lather in your skin. While gliding razor, lather won’t let the blade to touch your skin forcefully. Therefore, there is no way of having cuts.

You can apply shaving cream in your face by following ways:

  • Take a thin scoop of shaving cream
  • Apply it to your face
  • Take a shaving brush. Dip it into the water and  workaround into your beard area
  • It produces a lather, and if you are not satisfied with the later, you can add more water to it.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can start shaving your beard

2. Insert the blade into the safety razor

The previously used safety blade must be removed and insert a new blade into it. You can also use an old blade but only if the blade is not dull at all. While using an old blade, you must first cleanse it with water. It helps to remove gunks from the previous shave.

But it is much worthy of using a new blade for the fresh shave. Because using a new blade provides a close shave without unwanted cuts.

After adjusting the blade into the razor, you are all ready to experience your first shave.

3. Rinse after each stroke

You have applied shaving cream in your face. A thick lather has been produced. You have inserted a blade into the razor. You are all ready to move your razor in your delicate skin.

While moving the razor; back and forth, you need to rinse it in water after each stroke.

Water falling from tap helps to remove the stubble hair from the razor additionally aiding sharpness towards the edge of the blade. It improves the efficiency of your shaving and provides a close and comfortable shave.

4. Remove the gush

While shaving, a razor collects a thick layer of lather and stubble hair in between its prong. These lathers block razor blade to move forward. And if you shave even with these gushes on at your razor, you won’t get a comfortable shave. You need to apply a bit of pressure towards razor. And all you know, what will happen at last. Don’t you?

As a precaution, I have told you to wash your razor after you make each stroke in your face. It decreases the possibility of cut, which results to provide a close shave.

5. Apply the beard moisturizer

You shaved all your hair. What next?

First, you need to cleanse your face with a fresh towel. Then, you need to check as if any stubble has been left out to cut in your face. If there is no left, you can use a beard moisturizer.

Beard moisturizer soothes your skin and prevents irritation. It moisturizers your face and provides a different glow and vigorous look to your face.

Choosing beard moisturizer isn’t a daunting task, but you must use a beard moisturizer containing more of natural ingredients. We have written a post about best beard moisturizer – check it out.

6. Cleanse the razor

Finally, after you shaved your hair – you need to cleanse it.

Check out how to clean a razor

The benefits of the cleansing razor are:

  • It makes your blade and razor long-lasting
  • There is less chance of having an infection.
  • Your razor won’t rust quickly


Choosing the best safety razor blades and shaving hereafter, inserting it into the razor provides a comfortable shave. Despite doing all research to find the best blades, sometime, you might end choosing a bad blade. It’s not your fault. In the grooming field, you never know which works the best. Sometimes even the bad product works miraculously, and sometimes good product won’t work for you.

Thus, it’s all about experiments. You choose one good blade and experiment with it. Even if it works well, you can’t stop experimenting next stuff. Who knows what works well? What if the next product works better than previous?

Thus, in this post, we have mentioned the top 10 best safety razor blades. You can choose any product and try it into your skin. But you must know first your skin type, type of your beard and the pricing of the blade.

We have tried to mention all products based on its reviews, rating, and price. There are costlier items and even cost-effective products. It’s totally on you – which product to choose and use it effectively. Anyway, whatever product you choose, always experiment, and choose the best one for your skin.

If you have any queries regarding the best safety razor blades, feel free to comment below!

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