10 Best Flat Iron For Damaged Hair

best flat iron for damaged hair

Hair straighteners or flat irons seem to be of huge importance to people in the fashion industry nowadays. These are also becoming a huge necessity for people as they use flat irons and hair straighteners almost every day in their daily lives. 

These flat irons have the power to turn dull and lifeless hair into sleek and smooth locks. With a flat iron, you can bring life back to your hair and add a unique and sleek look. Flat irons are also of great value because many people aren’t satisfied with our curly or wavy hair. For such people, flat irons have become a daily item of need. They need to have a flat iron on hand at all times in order to turn their locks into straightened hair. 

These flat irons if you want to turn your straight hair into waves and curls. This might take some practice, but you can even form gorgeous locks of waves and curls with the help of a flat iron. Constant use of flat irons can also damage your hair in the long run.

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So, What are the best flat iron for damaged hair?

There are many flat irons available in the market right now but it is necessary to read up about all the flat irons and find one which won’t further damage your hair. Browse through the list below to get an idea about the best flat irons available right now.

10 Best Flat Iron For Damaged Hair

BaBylissPRO BABNT3072TN | best flat iron for damaged hair

The first flat iron in our list is the BaBylissPro straightening iron. It is said to be the best flat iron in the market. It is widely used by professional people in hair salons and parlors.

This flat iron is very lightweight and if you have thick hair you won’t get tired out from holding it. This flat iron comes in three plate sizes, 1 inch, 1 and a half-inch, and 2 inches. It can straighten hair at a very fast speed as the temperature can go as high as 450 Fahrenheit. Even though 450 may be a very high temperature, it still saves your hair from getting burnt. The size of these plates is 5 inches long, with the help of which one can straighten a large amount of hair at the same time. 

 The reason why this flat iron can prevent your hair from getting damaged is that the plates are made up of Nano titanium. Another great thing about this straightener is that it has 50 different settings for heat.


  • It is very thin and easy to use
  • It has 50 different heat settings so it’s very versatile
  • The plate sizes are 5 inches long



  • It should be handled with care as it can get very hot and since its thin, it might hurt you



HSI Professional Glider

If you have damaged hair, then this is the best flat iron for you. The reason for this is because it has ceramic and tourmaline plates, these plates are very light and won’t damage your hair any further. It is an extremely popular flat iron because it is more suitable for damaged hair. 

The plates are one inch narrow and provide a good surface area for your hair. Other than that, it heats up very quickly and to a certain extent that it doesn’t damage your hair. There is an extra-long cord provided with it which adds to the convenience factor. The heat settings can be adjusted between 150 and 450 Fahrenheit. If your hair is damaged, then it is advised to set the heat to a lower temperature. As a result, the entire process can get long and tiresome but your hair can be saved from any further damage. 


  • You get many extras with it including a pair of heat resistant gloves, travel-size argan oil sample, and a travel bag
  • It is very affordable
  • It is travel-friendly
  • It heats up quickly
  • It is suitable for all hair types


  • There is no auto shut off option
  • You can use it on wet hair



This is a very basic and easy to use flat iron. It is included in this list because this flat iron by Remington can work fine for you if you have damaged hair. It doesn’t have any extra features that might complicate things for you.

This flat iron has the ability to go as high as 410 Fahrenheit in only 30 seconds! That is a very high speed to reach in very little time. Other than that, it is very affordable and won’t be a strain on your budget. With the floating plates installed on this flat ion, you won’t have to straighten one section of your hair repeatedly. It has a swivel cord and static control feature in it as well.


  • It is budget friendly
  • It heats up very quickly
  • It has auto shut off feature in it as well


  • It doesn’t work well on coarse hair
  • It doesn’t have any extra features and has a very simple design



KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Next up is another great hair flat iron that can help you get the sleek look that you want in no time. It is used widely on a professional level because of the efficiency of this flat iron. 

The plates of this hair straightener are made up of titanium with the help of which you can have smooth, straight hair without damaging them. These titanium plates are about 1.5 inches long. This helps in making the task easier and shorter as you can straighten a large amount of hair at the same time. The temperature range goes from 170 to 450 Fahrenheit and the heat settings are adjustable. You can also view the temperature on the digital screen at the top of the flat iron. It also automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of no use.

One huge feature in this flat iron is its adjustability to the electric current in different locations. There is a special electronic circuit installed in it which automatically turns on and adjusts the heat temperature and the voltage setting to whichever place you are in. With the help of this feature, you won’t have to worry about the heat settings fluctuating. 


  • It has auto shut off feature
  • The plates are coated with titanium
  • It is very affordable
  • The plates are very spacious


  • It is a bit heavy and might be hard to carry at times



Another great flat iron for damaged hair is the InfinitiPro by Conair. Two main factors make it stand out. One, it is very budget-friendly and gets the job done without causing you financial strain. Two, this hair straightener also works great on damaged hair. 

Infiniti Pro has floating plates with which you can smoothly straighten your hair without there being any additional struggle or friction between the plates. These are tourmaline plates and have infrared technology. The plates on this flat iron also emit ions with which you can avoid any frizz. It has 30 heat settings and goes as high as 455 Fahrenheit. It also has the auto shut off feature and is said to give you 5 times stronger hair with as little breakage as possible so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting any more damaged. 

There are five different heat settings in this flat iron so you can choose from them according to your hair type. Other than that, this flat iron comes in 3 different sizes. They have the inch plate size, 1.5 inch and 2 inches plate size flat iron as well. The larger the size of the plate, the more amount of hair you can iron at one time. The prices also differ according to the plate size so if you are on a budget you can simply get the 1 inch plate flat iron which will produce the same result. 


  • The heat settings are adjustable
  • It heats up in 15 seconds and is very quick
  • Various heat settings
  • It is affordable


  • One has to be careful while handling the dial for adjusting the heat levels


Karmin G3

Next up in the list for best hair straighteners for damaged hair is this one by Vera manufacturers. It is another great flat iron for your hair which can turn your hair smooth in no time and also damage as little hair as possible during the entire process.

It is an exceptional hair straightener in the sense that it comes with new technology in hair straighteners. It has diamond-infused ceramic technology with the help of which the heat in the flat iron is distributed evenly and hair smoothening and straightening is fast and stays that way for a long amount of time. This flat iron is used widely by professionals in the hairstyling industry. It also has tourmaline technology which makes it perfect for damaged hair. The heat settings go as high as 450 Fahrenheit and it takes very little time to heat up.


  • It has various new technologies such as the diamond infused and the tourmaline tech
  • It heats up pretty quick
  • The tourmaline tech helps in reducing any hair damage


  • It is a bit more expensive than other flat irons. 


RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

This flat iron is also used on a great scale by professionals in the hairstyling industry because of the efficiency and effectiveness of this hair straightener. There is a new technology installed in it with the help of which this flat iron takes one step ahead in its progress.

This flat iron by Rusk has 1.25-inch-wide plates which are ceramic coated. This ensures that you can straighten your hair quickly without any damage and do it smoothly as well. It has one huge feature which makes it perfect for damaged hair. It has sol-gel technology with which straightening can be done quickly with very minimum hair damage. These plates are titanium infused too. This sol gel technology makes it especially great for people who have damaged hair as even on the tiniest pull they might experience hair fall. With this technology, the entire process will be very smooth and there will be no further hair damage or hair fall.


  • New sol-gel technology for hair protection
  • Titanium infused plates
  • Quick heating
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • The grip is not great. 


  • GHD Gold Professional styling iron 

GHD is a famous brand in hair straighteners. It is widely used by professionals on celebrities and other important figures that need their hair to be straight and smooth for longer durations for time with little effort. 

The best part about this hair straightener is that it smoothes your hair without making it frizzy. It is a bit expensive but the end results are worth the money. This hair straightener comes with two different plate sizes; it is advised to go the 2 inch one if you have thicker hair. The plates are ceramic and gold-infused, and they heat up pretty quick. The temperature goes as high as 365 Fahrenheit which the optimum recommended temperature for all hair types. It has an auto shut off feature too.

If your hair tends to get frizzy real quick or if it is just frizzy by nature then this is the perfect device for you as with the help of it you will get straight, smooth and sleek hair without any frizz. 


  • It is travel friendly as it comes with a 9-foot-long cord
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • There are different plate sizes to choose from.


  • It is expensive



The Xtava Pro is famous for heating up quickly and for straightening your hair in little to no time. It has 2-inch-wide plates and heats as high as 445 degrees Fahrenheit. It has infrared technology for fast heating and ceramic plates. These pates have tourmaline as well and can help in hair protection.

These plates are great for your hair since they can be passed through even the roughest, damaged and coarse hair and the end result will always be beautiful and smooth hair. There are several temperature settings. 

These settings can be adjusted according to the user’s preference and what their hair type is.  For those of you who have fine and delicate hair, it is suggested to keep the heat of the flat iron between 265 degree and 300 degree Fahrenheit. For people with normal hair that are not damaged or extra frizzy, they can set the heat temperature to about 380 degree Fahrenheit. Lastly, for people who have thick hair, there is a different limit set for them as well since thick hair can be hard to straighten. People with thick hair can set the heat temperature from 385 to 445 degree Fahrenheit. The same temperature setting is to be followed for those people who have coarse or rough hair. 

It is very travel friendly with an 8-foot-long cord. There is a 2-year warranty provided with it as well. There is a screen on top of it as well to show the current temperature. 


  • Travel friendly
  • Infrared technology
  • There is a 2-year technology


  • The positioning of the control buttons is not approved by some users. 



Last product in this list is the Karmin G3 styling iron. It is a great hair straightener for flat iron because it has ceramic coated plates which have tourmaline too. There are also heat control settings to prevent hair damage. 

The plates are inch wide and it heats up in 30 seconds. It goes as high as 450 and as low as 260 Fahrenheit. There is a 9-inch-long cord for travelers and the anti-slip edges on floating plates make hair styling smooth. It has a sleep mode and shuts off on its own after an hour of inactivity. This flat iron comes enclosed in a heat proof mat. The advantage of this mat is that you can put your iron into it as soon as you’re done ironing your hair because of the heat proof feature.



  • It has a three-year warranty plan
  • Voltage settings for those who travel with a flat iron
  • The range for temperature options if huge


  • It is pricy



There is a huge range of hair straighteners in the market right now that are designed specifically for damaged hair. Browse through the list given above to get a grasp on the best products available in the market right now.

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