Beard Growth For Black Men

beard growth for black men

Growing dense beard with perfect shape provides masculinity. And who doesn’t want to look masculine?

However, some can’t grow a beard due to gene, and some may have the patchy beard. Nevertheless, the problem of patchy beard can be eliminated. But, you can’t recover from the issue of the gene.

For black men, growing beard is also one of the daunting tasks. The wavy hair, itchiness, and ingrown hair make it difficult to grow beard longer.

You must have the patience to grow it longer – patience to tolerate itchiness, patience to bear the pain from an ingrown hair, and so on.

Thus, in this post, we will discuss the beard growth for black men – all the possible way to make your beard thicker and denser.

Top 9 Tips for Beard growth for Black Men

1. Let the beard grow freely

People get frustrated while growing a beard. In the initial phase, it looks patchy and on top of that itchiness is a pain in the neck.  The lack of patience to tolerate itchiness may encourage you to shave your beard.

To grow a good looking beard, you must have the patience to tolerate all the pain for at least six months.

It takes time to stimulate hair follicles. As time passes, your beard grows thicker like never before. The patchy beard has grown into a thick beard.

You will forget all of the efforts to make it denser, and at the end of the day, you are all satisfied.

2. Trim it

You have grown your beard for almost six months. And you definitely need to get a round of applause for your hard six months.

In this six month, you have never touched your beard. Now, its time to provide shape to it. You style your beard according to your face shape.

For providing shape, you can use an electric shaver. Check out the best electric shaver for black men

While trimming, you move your razor from top to down direction and choke off the split end and shape it.

You will genuinely look awesome with a perfectly groomed beard.

3. Clean it

Your beard attracts dust because it is more open to the air, and it contains microbes which will affect your health and your beard as well. Thus, cleaning beard is also an essential part of beard growth.

Washing your beard hydrates it and removes dirt from hair follicles, preventing the blockage of hair growth. For washing, you can use beard shampoo.

But never use hair shampoo and soap to clean it because of the higher concentration of chemicals. It can irritate your face

4. Moisturize it

Beard moisturizer hydrates your beard which provides essential nutrients finally absorbed by hair follicles to make it look healthier and shinier. It softens your beard and prevents from dryness and itchiness. Thus, you must moisturize your beard.

Consequently, after cleansing, you need to moisturize your beard with beard moisturizer. Check out the best beard moisturizer

You can take a scoop of moisturizer and gently rub your beard for 5 minutes so that the moisturizer goes underneath the hair follicle. The consequence of using beard moisturizer is a healthy and shiny beard.

5. Comb it

Once, you moisturize your beard; it’s time to comb it. Your beard is softer at the moment and brushing it in any direction works like a charm. Combing straightens your beard which prevents curliness.

You can use a beard comb specially made of wood rather than using a plastic comb. These wood combs look more genuine and help to comb effectively in comparison to a plastic comb.

Check out the best wooden combs.

6. Use Natural Ingredients

It doesn’t matter which moisturizer, oil or balm, you would use, it must contain more of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients won’t hamper your skin and beard but provide charm to it.

Meanwhile, using a moisturizer containing a higher concentration of chemicals damages your hair. Sometimes, it might irritate your skin and the red rashes might appear in it.

7. Healthy Diet

Diet is another factor behind the growth of healthy hair.  Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to grow healthy hair. These nutrients inside a diet help to promote hair growth. Some of the diet necessary for hair growth are:

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Seeds
  • Meat

8. Drink water

You need to maintain the hydration of your body. For maintaining hydration, drinking water plays a crucial role. The well-hydrated body maintains nutrients and blood circulation. The good circulation of blood helps to keep your skin revitalized every time and so is the hair on your skin.

9. Be active

You need to work out for real. Work out helps to increase the production of testosterone and it triggers facial hair growth. Additionally, working out in the gym increases your metabolism which is directly proportional to healthy hair growth.

Similarly, it increases the strength of your hair. Thus, do some proper exercise and be physically active.

#. Related Questions

Which oil is good for beard growth?

Jack Black Beard oil is best for beard growth. You can check out the review here.

Why a black man can’t grow a beard?

Growing beard totally depends upon the texture of your skin, hair follicle and especially gene. The man who can’t grow a beard; it might be the cause of gene.

However, if you are having a patchy beard, it can be recovered by exfoliating it. Exfoliation releases the pores and makes it free to grow hair. And even if doing so won’t work, you can transplant beard.


One of the best ways of beard growth for black men is to have patience. You have to tolerate all the pain, itchiness, and patchiness of beard.

At the inital phase, you won’t look good with this flaunted hair. You need to wait for the right time to come to trim it. Once, your hair gets grown at its fullest, groom it!

Sometimes, you can’t grow a beard because of the gene. To check as if you can grow a beard or not, you can sneak peek to your parent’s beard. If your parents are growing beard, its positive sign that your gene won’t become the barrier. And you can also grow a beard.

After growing beard, you need to wash, trim, moisturize and comb your beard to get a mesmerizing look.

If you have any queries related to this post, feel free to ask us!


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