Is Beard Oil Worth It – Is it Necessary To Use It?

is beard oil worth it

Beard oil is one of the best beard products, and I frequently use it to keep my beard moisturized. Over here, if you are seeking whether beard oil is worth it or not, you are in the right post. I will discuss it in detail.

Beard oil is the blend of different essential and carrier oil. Due to this, it not only moisturizes your beard but additionally provides necessary nutrients necessary for your beard. As a result, it stimulates the growth of your beard. Apart from that, it removes beard dandruff, itchiness, irritation, and tangles from your beard… Therefore, for me personally beard oil is definitely worth it.

Let’s dig it in detail!

Why is Beard Oil worth it?

is beard oil necessary

Ingredients of Beard Oil

If you want to know anything about any products, it is necessary to know about its ingredients. Ingredients reveal products, good and harsh side. And you will decide whether to use it or not depending upon its ingredients.

Let’s check out the ingredients!

Carrier Oil Essential Oil
Jojoba Oil Eucalyptus
Argan oil Lavender
Grapeseed oil Lemon
Castor oil Peppermint
Cocoa butter Tea Tree

The blend of these natural oils makes beard oil more worthy than any other product.

However, there is a bad side of beard oil too. It is the use of chemical ingredients.

Thus, I recommend you to use beard oil that contains more natural oil rather than chemical ingredients.

Benefits of Beard Oil

#1. Hydrates beard

I mainly use beard oil to keep my beard hydrated. As a result of it, my beard always shines and looks healthy. If you also want to keep your beard nourished and moisturized, I recommend you to use it as well.

#2. Prevent Itchiness and Irritation

Back then, when I grew a beard – when I was unaware of the use of beard products like beard oil and balm, I always need to suffer from an itchy beard. Do you know why it itches?

It’s because my beard will always be dried. I will tell you what will happen if your beard is dried. You will have to suffer from all these problems that I have experienced through like itchiness, irritation, & beard dandruff.

Thus, I suggest that you always keep your beard moisturized. For so, whether you use beard oil or balm or any other beard products – it won’t matter, but you need to keep it moisturized.

#3. Removes Beardruff

The leading cause of beard dandruff is dry skin. And the leading cause of dry skin is due to the use of regular soap and cleansers.

You have grown your beard waited so long to make it fuller; thus, I suggest you be precise on using products too.

Don’t go for typical products like regular soap and wash. Instead of it use beard wash. Although the price will be a bit expensive, the outcome will always be fruitful.

Check out the best beard oil for dandruff.

#4. Stimulate beard growth

If you think that does beard oil cause growth? The answer is still vague because there is no scientific proof that it will grow a beard.

However, I can say that after you apply beard oil, it goes deep down the skin near hair follicle through pores and stimulates it. As a result, it increases blood circulation around it and will somehow impact the beard growth process directly or indirectly.

#5. Prevent Tangles

Your beard tangles at its own because it’s a natural phenomenon. Once it reaches its certain length, it starts to curl, and tangles happen. But saying that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it.

There are two ways to prevent tangled beard. One is to trim it. Yes, you can trim the wavy part that prevents tangledness. And second is to comb it. For so you can use beard oil and a wide-toothed comb. I suggest using a wide-toothed comb because wider teeth let you comb it easily with no problems at all.

#6. Decent Smell

Beard oil comes with various fragrances. My favourite fragrance is sandalwood because it invigorates me as well as my surrounding space

You can also choose your personal fragrance and exert it into your beard. I think you won’t regret it with its smell.

Is Beard Oil Necessary?

Yes, beard oil is necessary. But I won’t say that beard oil is only necessary because you can also try various alternatives. One of my favourites is beard butter. I use beard butter because it is soft, easy to apply and gets easily spread out all across my beard.

Perhaps having various alternatives, I suggest you use it because similar to beard butter it has soft hold, easy to apply and affordable and it works great for stubble and medium length beard.

But if you have a long beard, I suggest you use beard balm.

Disadvantages of Beard Oil

Yes, beard oil has disadvantages too. Let’s check some!

  • Clogs up the pore

Some beard oil contains comedogenic ingredients. This ingredient block pores and as a result of it causes breakouts. If you have acne related problem, you must check as if it contains comedogenic ingredients or not.

To prevent acne, you can avoid these ingredients in beard oil like:

  • Shea butter
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lauric acid
  • Algae Extract
  • Stearic acid.
  • Allergic Reaction

Beard oil can also cause an allergic reaction. Thus, I always suggest that before using any product in your skin, you always do a skin patch test to be on the safe side. If any allergies are seen during the test, immediately stop using it.

An allergic reaction can also arise due to hard fragrance. If fragrance is the cause, you can use unscented beard oil.


Even though beard oil has disadvantages, I will say again, and again repeatedly it is a worthy product, and you must use it. It creates a charismatic aroma around your face. Just compare yourself with and without using beard oil, you will realize yourself.

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