What Does Sandalwood Smell Like? And It’s Benefits & Effects

what does sandalwood smell like

Sandalwood is the one scent that is widely used in many grooming products like aftershave, beard balm, beard moisturizer, and shaving cream. So, what does sandalwood smell like?

Sandalwood has a distinct note, mainly including sweet, creamy, and woody notes. It smells more woody and creamy. But mixing it with other notes provides a different smell.  For example, while combining the note of sandalwood with earthy scents produces more earthy scent.

It doesn’t matter what you mix it with; it creates a rich and refreshing fragrance.

Furthermore, it has a soft and subtle note. Thus, it is widely used as a carrier for other aromas.

The noteworthy thing is that even if it is amalgamated with different aromas, it can be easily distinguished. That’s why it is more popular among other fragrance and the demand for it is increasing every other day.

Where Does Sandalwood Come From?

Sandalwood comes from the leaves of sandalwood trees whose main origin is India but native to China, Indonesia, Australia, and Philipinnes.

In comparison with the sandalwood of India to other native countries, it has the most delicate smell. While other countries have kind of harsh smell, that’s why the demand for sandalwood in India is high!

Meanwhile, due to its high demand, the Indian government has banned its cultivation.

Is Sandalwood Good For Skin?

Yes, sandalwood is good for the skin. Let’s check out the benefits of sandalwood.

Benefits of Sandalwood Smell

1. Sandalwood has Anti Aging Property

An antioxidant can slow aging says, Dr. David Colbert

Sandalwood has luxurious antioxidant properties. Thus, it is capable of removing the fine lines in your skin. And the men who use it as a shaving cream, aftershave, beard balm, or oil has fewer possibilities of having wrinkles and the fine line in their mid-age.

But you must apply it regularly.

2. Sandalwood Contains Anti Inflammatory & Antifungal Ingredients.

If you are shaving your beard, then there is a high risk of having cuts and razor burn in your skin. For so to overcome, you can use sandalwood aftershave balm. It not only soothes your skin to provide relaxed feelings but also prevents the wound from fungal infection.[1]

3. Sandalwood Contains Astringent

Perhaps, sandalwood contains only a mild amount of astringent that isn’t equal to that of Witch Hazel, but it works effectively to tighten your pores. It not only tightens your skin pores but also prevents skin irritation, infection, and stops bleeding.

4. Sandalwood Can be used as Antiseptic

While shaving your beard, this antiseptic property comes in handy to prevent infection. Mainly this property is included in shaving cream or aftershave splash having sandalwood essential oil or fragrance. You can verify it by looking at its ingredients.

Side Effects of Sandalwood

There are some side effects of sandalwood. After perceiving its effect, you immediately need to stop using it.

1. Irritation rash and burn

Sandalwood has many benefits if used accordingly. But if you use it with its full strength, it causes irritation, rash, and blisters.  Thus, I highly recommend you not to use it directly onto your skin.

You can mix sandalwood oil with rose oil or lavender oil to get the best outcome from it.

2. Increase Blood Pressure

If you are consistently using sandalwood fragrance or oil, it increases your heart rate, causing you to increase your blood pressure.[2]

If you are patient of heart, I suggest you take precautions before using it.

3. Never ingest it

Directly ingesting sandalwood causes nausea, vomiting, and irritation. If you feel uncomfortable, you must consult the doctor.

4. Allergy

Sandalwood also causes allergies to extra sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin – you first need to conduct a skin patch test before applying it. If no allergy is seen, you can use it.

Sandalwood Aftershave Balm

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood


As an aftershave balm, I am fond of using Art of shaving aftershave balm because it works best for me. It contains no alcohol, and it is one of the reasons behind using this oil. I always recommend you use grooming products with no alcohol because it dries out your skin causing wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from it, this balm has a high-quality sandalwood scent, which I think most of you will like.

The only downside of this product is its price. However, you won’t get such quality with other products at such price. If you are interested, you can check out the price.

Sandalwood Beard Balm

Zeus Conditioning Beard Balm

For Sandalwood Beard Balm, I will recommend you to use Zeus Beard Balm. This beard balm not only nourishes your beard but also hydrates it.

It has a perfect hold, and as soon as you apply it to your beard, it perfectly turns your coarse hair into soft and moisturized hair. With such excellent scent, you will have an incredible beard which provides you the manly look.

Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Taylor of the old bond street is always my favorite choice. It is an excellent choice for you not only because of its fragrance but also because of the preshave and post-shave effect.

It produces a soft and slick lather that eases your shaving experience. After shaving,  the post-shave effect is also noteworthy. You will have well moisturized and soothing skin.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

For sandalwood beard oil, I prefer using Vikings Beard oil.

Viking is one of the best grooming brands and always comes up with quality ingredients. Applying this oil softens and moisturizes your beard. Additionally, it removes beard dandruff and also prevents itchiness and irritation.

Moreover, the pleasant smell justifies the presence of sandalwood in this beard oil.

If you are interested, you can check out the price here!


The sandalwood essential oil or fragrance smells more like woods. However, blending it with other fragrances gives different smells like earthy, spice, and herbs fragrance.

You can prefer your best taste.

Alongside sandalwood smell, I have also discussed benefits, side-effects, and best sandalwood beard balm, oil, aftershave balm, and shaving cream in this post.

I hope you like this post, ‘What Does Sandalwood Smell Like?‘. If you any queries, feel free to contact Bestgromingtips

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