How Long Does Beard Itch Last?

how long does beard itch last

A lot of us wanted to grow a dense black beard. But the problem is that some can’t grow it, meanwhile, some can’t put it for long due to itchiness. I have also gone through these stages, and I do know how to tackle these problems. Thus, in this post, I will try my best to give a feasible solution regarding itchiness.

So, the first question arises as to how long does beard itch last? It is kinda challenging to say that it will remain for this much time. For some people, it will last for more than a week whereas for some it relieves within a day. And for some other people, they don’t need to experience this stage. How lucky they are? Isn’t it?

If you dare to grow a beard, don’t push back yourself during the time of itchiness. It happens and goes. Just remember, beard itchiness is temporary. You can use beard oil or some moisturizer to get relief from it.

Let’s see why itchiness occurs.

why does my beard itch

Why does my Beard Itch?

You may feel itchiness because of several reasons. The first reason behind itchiness is shaving. It’s amusing to say that but it is what it is. You have been shaving for several years and in the midst, you started growing beard.

Due to regular shaving, your beard hair possesses a sharp edge. Once you started growing it, the sharp edge of hair push against the edge of a follicle resulting itchiness.

The second reason is tolerance. The sensitive skin can’t tolerate the coarse facial hair and begins to cause itchiness.

Some other reasons behind itchiness are:

Dry Beard – Dry beard also causes itchiness. When you grow a beard and it isn’t moisturized, it makes your skin dry. And dry skin, of course, causes itchiness.

Dirt – When you get dirt into your beard. And if you don’t clean it for weeks. The dirt contained in your beard might block the pores and it causes itchiness.

Damaged Beard Follicle – Beard follicles get damaged due to extensive heat caused by dryers. While you grow a beard, these follicles get swollen and lead to itchiness.

Lifestyle – You need to live a healthy lifestyle which in turns makes your beard healthy. If you choose to live a bad lifestyle, it will make your beard dirty and itchy.

How do you stop your Beard from itching?

1. Wash Your Beard

You need to wash your beard every once or twice a day. You can use beard wash to wash it off. It will remove dirt from your beard.

Not only dirt, but you also need to cleanse dead skin cell from your face. If these dead skin cells are not cleaned properly, they will cause itchiness.

Note: Avoid using normal soap to wash your beard. It won’t completely remove dirt from your beard.

2. Moisturize your beard

Eventually, after washing your beard, you need to use moisturizer. You can try using beard oil or beard balm or beard gel.

Take a scoop of balm and gently massage it all around your beard. It will make your beard moisturized preventing your skin from becoming dry.

If you don’t have these moisturizers, you can also make your own. For this, you can use 2-3 drops of coconut oil.

3. Brush your beard

You can now brush your beard. For this, you can use a beard brush. It will provide a perfect shape to your beard.

Brushing makes your beard turn straight. If you brush your beard, it prevents your beard from becoming curl.

4. Trim Your Beard

To have a perfect beard, you need to trim it. You can use an electric shaver to trim down the perfect line in between your neck and cheek. The trimmed beard always looks perfect rather than an untrimmed beard.

5. Don’t Use Chemicals

Sensitive skin is prone to chemicals. Thus, while trimming, you need to use alternatives to shaving cream.

6. Take Proper Food

Food also prevents from itchiness. If you are having junk food, it literally causes an impact on your skin. While you are on the roll; of having long hair, it definitely has an impact on your skin.

You need to ingest balanced diet food. The food that contains less carbohydrate and more vitamins and proteins which makes your hair healthy.

Precaution: Intake of less junk food.

7. Rest

Rest is indeed important to have the best beard with no itchy problem. You need to have proper sleep because it helps hormones to function well. And, it directly impacts to have a healthy and silky beard.

Final Words

Conclusively, beard itchiness is a common problem when growing a beard. Itchiness is temporary, and you don’t take action immediately after having itchiness by shaving your beard. You might regret it.

The best solution to keep away your beard from itchiness is by using beard moisturizer. It makes your beard moisturized and keep it healthy and shiny.

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