What Does Beard Butter Do – How And When To Use It?

what does beard butter do

What does beard butter do?

Beard Butter is made of ingredients like shea butter, wax and other essential oils.  Thus, if you want to keep your beard healthy and hydrated, beard butter is a perfect choice.

Beard butter moisturizes your beard and tames flyaways. It also moisturizes your beard beneath your skin. Additionally, it also prevents beard dandruff. And on top of that, it prevents itchiness and helps in styling your beard.

Let’s talk in detail about it!

Benefits of Beard Butter

benefits of beard butter

1. Prevents Beard dandruff

Beard dandruff arises due to dry skin and is one of the common problems while growing a beard. If you use a harsh product like regular soap and normal cleanser, although it cleanses your beard but also removes natural oil needed to keep your beard moisturized. As a result, your skin becomes dry, and ultimately beard dandruff arises in it.

Meanwhile, applying beard butter moisturizes your skin and beard that prevents dandruff.

2. Moisturize Your Beard

Beard butter is a perfect solution to moisturize your beard because it contains ingredients like wax, shea butter and essential oils. It has a light hold thus spreads quickly all across your beard. As a result, it works as a deep conditioner to moisturize and soften your beard.

3. Prevents Itchiness

The leading cause of itchiness while growing beard is ingrown hair and beard dandruff. Beard butter can’t stop ingrown hair but taking precautions while shaving beard do prevent it.

Meanwhile, beard butter can stop beard dandruff. As you know, the main cause of beard dandruff is dryness.  Thus, applying scoop of beard butter evenly all across your beard moisturizes it and prevents beard dandruff along with itchiness.

4. Helps in styling your beard

If you want to look appealing with a beard, you must style it.

First, you must trim it, and once you trim it, you provide shape to it. To provide shape to it, you can use beard butter. For so, you can take a scoop of beard butter and apply it all across your beard and comb it with a wooden comb to your ideal shape. It works perfectly. You can check why I suggest you use a wooden comb here

However, if you have a long beard, I recommend you to use beard balm because it has a stronghold and lasts longer than beard butter.

5. Keeps your beard healthy

After applying beard butter, it moisturizes the hair outside the skin as well as the hair inside it. Beard butter enters inside the skin through pores and stimulates the hair follicle. As a result, you will see the shiny and good looking beard.

6. Helps Unclogging the pores

Underneath your beard, there are many dirt and dust particles trapped into it. It blocks the pores and causes breakout. To prevent it, you must cleanse it. For so, you can use beard butter. The vitamins amalgamated into it cleanse the blocked pores.

7. Beard Butter has a pleasant smell

One of the other reason to prefer beard butter is also because of its smell. You can find varieties of beard butter with a pleasant aroma.

I recommend you to choose a beard butter with the soft smell because preferring the hard smell might irritate you. Whatsoever, its personal preference. Isn’t it? Even if you like the hard fragrance, you can go for it.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you need to go for unscented beard butter. Its the only choice for sensitive skin.

These are the benefits of beard butter that keeps your beard as well as your skin healthy.

Let’s check

When To Use Beard Butter?

  • When you like to keep your beard healthy and moisturized, you can use it.
  • When you have oily hair, and you won’t like to use beard oil anymore – you can prefer beard butter as an alternative. Because it isn’t that oily and on top is softer.
  • When you don’t like the hardening effect of beard wax – you can prefer beard butter. It has a soft hold and spreads quickly all across your beard.

It is totally a personal choice on ‘when to use beard butter’.

However, I suggest using beard butter if you have a medium-length beard, needing soft hold and wants to keep it hydrated and shiny.

How To Use Beard Butter?

Beard butter is easy to apply as that of applying beard oil and beard balm.

  • Firstly you need to take a scoop of beard butter with the help of your fingers. The scoop depends upon the beard length. If you have a long beard, you will need to apply a bit more scoop in comparison to that of a short beard.
  • Rub it in your palm and gently apply it evenly all across your beard. Make sure that you use it in your skin underneath your beard too. Doing so moisturizes your beard as well as your skin. As a result, it reduces the risk of having beard dandruff.
  • Now, comb it with the help of brush or comb. Combing your beard helps to spread butter all across your beard.
  • Now provide an excellent looking shape to it.
  • Finally, wash your hand.

Does beard butter help beard growth?

There is no proof that beard butter helps in beard growth but provides necessary nutrients to boost up the growth process.


Beard butter does nothing but helps to moisturize your beard and skin, keeps it healthy and helps to aid in boosting the beard growth process. If you are seeking for the alternatives of beard oil and beard balm, beard butter is a perfect choice. It has a soft hold and a pleasant smell and on top, helps to provide a vivid look to your beard.

I hope you will like this post. If you have any queries, feel free to contact Bestgroomingtips.

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