Beard Balm Vs Beard Butter – Which One To Use

beard balm vs beard butter

Growing a beard is tough, but maintaining it is tougher. This is a phrase that you will often find bearded men saying. But, when it comes to managing your beard and taking care of it, there are several products available in the market. from the oil-based products to the beard balm and beard butter.

While every single one of them has their specific benefits, knowing about their roles in your beard health can further ease your confusion that you have been harbouring in your mind.

In here, we are going to share some typical benefits and differences between beard balm vs beard butter that you possibly weren’t aware of.

Beard Balm Vs Beard Butter – Which One Is Superior?

What is beard balm?

Before anything, it is always better to start with the definitions. Beard balm is a product that comprises several ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, natural carrier oils, and essential oils. 

The main reason why this is used is to help keep your beard’s hair in a best-conditioned way. It acts as a natural conditioner and helps keep the beard soft and managed. It can also be used as a styling agent to help tame the loose flyaway in the beard, so it looks sleek and well maintained. 

It is also developed to help keep your beard moisturised and in the best health without any further complaints. It keeps the beard well-groomed, so you can look presentable even during the No Shave November.

What is beard butter?

Unlike beard balm, beard butter does have a wide range of ingredients in it including a wide range of essential oils and shea butter which helps keep the beard conditioned and moisturised. It has a very thick and solid kind of texture, unlike the beard balm which is a lot more pliant. 

These help in keeping the flyaway in control and offer better styling options for your beard. The only thing about the majority of the beard butter is the fact that it lacks beeswax, which can be a boon for some as it is easier to apply without any kind of complications as such. It does have a soft butter-like consistency which is perfect for styling your beard and at the same time, help keep it hydrated as well.

The beard butter also has a good penetrating power which seeps deep into the follicles of the hair in the beard and conditions it for better strength and moisturisation. It helps soften the beard, so it doesn’t look rough and dry. 

The majority of the men tend to incline towards beard butter when they are trying to get rid of the irritating beard itch or dry skin and dandruff, which is common in beard without maintenance.

When should you use which?

Beard balm and beard butter differ in their functions. If you are here wondering when to use which, you must be clear about that. The main reason why that is the case is that it helps you with the application.

For the most part, experts do recommend using the beard balm during the day time as it helps keep your beard tamed and in the way that you want for a longer period. It also does keep a hold on the flyaways and works like how a hair gel would work, ensuring that you can use it for the day time during your office hours when you want your beard to look more presentable.

Beard butter, on the other hand, are more for a casual look wherein you want your beard to look well-groomed but at the same time, don’t want it to look too uptight. It helps in moisturising your beard and keeps the beard well managed as well. It is predominantly for the night time routines because it provides better nourishment to the beard, aiding growth and improving the quality simultaneously.

Comparing the benefits

One of the best ways to understand the differences or comparisons between beard balm and beard butter is when we compare the benefits of the two. These two products have several key benefits that have been found effective in keeping the beard in the best possible condition. 

Beard balm benefits

  • Helps moisturise the beard and prevents the itching in the inside of the beard
  • Helps reduce the issues with tangles and constant knots in the beard that is making it harder to tame
  • Prevents unnecessary beard hair fall with frequent application
  • Helps recover the beard patches to ensure smooth and effortless growth of the beard further

Beard butter benefits

  • Helps in deep conditioning your beard to prevent dry and rough-looking hair
  • Help make the hair in the beard softer and a lot more pliant
  • Prevents consistent frizziness and dryness that could make the beard have more flyaway
  • Helps with styling the beard as well

Is there any difference in the application?

When it comes round to the application of the beard balm and beard butter, nothing is too drastically different. It all comes round to the similar process of taking some on your fingers and running it through the beard, ensuring to reach the roots as well.

The only difference is with the beard butter application. You must wash your hair with warm water before applying the beard butter. Then the process is similar to what you would generally do. 

Final say

When it comes to the comparison between beard balm and beard butter, it all comes down to the kind of use you need.

If you need something to moisturise and deep condition your beard, the butter variant is a better option. On the other hand, if you want something to tame and help style your hair better, the beard balm is a better option.

It all comes down to what your requirements are and what kind of impacts you want the same to put in your beard is what makes all the difference. The balm provides more hold while the butter helps with deep conditioning. Now, you choose your fighter!




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