Fat Guy With Goatee : Why They Love It?

fat guy with beard goatee

A goatee is small pointed hair on the chin. It gives a distinct style to fat guys.

Why Fat Guys Love Goatee?

Hides The Chin

If you are a fat guy, you will have a double chin, and a goatee will help you out with this. It blurred the line between the two chin.

Make sure that the length of your goatee is longer than the height of your double chin.

 Slimmer Look

How you look also depends upon how you trim your beard!

Goatee hides a chubby face. It can alter the appearance such that it keeps your face broader and longer. But it is only up to a certain extent. If you keep increasing your size, your beard won’t work out.

Hair is Too Patchy On The Cheek

A patchy beard is common! Guys of any age can have a patchy beard.  While hair is uneven and too patchy on the cheek, you can trim it to a goatee.

A well-trimmed, well-shaped goatee is better than a patchy beard.

Goatee Adds Maturity

According to this study,

Beard adds social maturity, confidence and masculinity.

A  man with a beard always looks older than a man without a beard. A study also finds that a man with a beard looks 8 years old than a man without a beard.

Goatee also contributes to adding maturity and masculinity to your face!

Full Beard is too Hot for Summer.

During summer, a full beard can generate heat and can make you hot. You may even sweat. If you want to get rid of it, you can trim your full beard to a goatee.

Not all Fat Guys Have a Goatee

Every fat guy might not like a goatee, and every goatee doesn’t suit fat guys. Instead, they try.

Goatee suits perfect on a round face if you keep the lines straight and tight.

Length of Goatee for a Fat Guy

There is no exact length to have a goatee. You need to grow it until you find it to be perfect. While under the neck – it should be two fingers wide above your Adam’s apple.

If you find it uncomfortable with its length, you can trim it to your favourable size.

However, according to Braun, you can grow your beard to about 10mm in length, and you’re good to a goatee.

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How To Get Perfect Shape For Goatee?

Grow your beard

Let your beard grow for a week. It will be thick below and around your mouth and will be perfect for a goatee.

Keep it grow until it becomes thicker than the normal length because shaping will be much easier.

Trim your beard

Using the blade, trim your neck and cheeks. You need to slowly trim from the edges of your chin to get the desired outline.

Shape your goatee 

You need to be careful while shaping. Firstly, cut a line at both of your ends with slow movement towards your ear and secondly at the sharp corner to your jawline in downward movement.

Make sure that the length and width of the goatee are in balanced shape.

Finally, trim your lip line.

By now, you have the perfectly shaped goatee.

Clean shave your beard.

Apply shaving cream, clean shave the stubble near your goatee. Make sure that you shave away from the goatee, not towards the goatee. If you accidentally cut it, you will need to restart the whole process.

Wash & Moisturize Your Beard

Finally, wash your goatee and moisturize it. It keeps your goatee hydrated!

Rinse your trimmer

Rinse your trimmer with tap water and keep it in a damp area.

How to Make Goatee Grow Faster and Thicker?

Exfoliate your skin

To prevent dead skin cells, you need to exfoliate your face. It stimulates the growth of new hair.

Take Vitamins

Lack of vitamin slows down beard growth. Food containing vitamin B1, B6, and B12 are essential.

Take Proper Rest

Rest helps to stimulate the hormone. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night improves the quality of your beard.


Dermaroller punctures the skin. This injury causes superficial bleeding that leads to stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration. It increases blood circulation and helps to grow new hair.

Disadvantages of Having a Goatee

  • Difficult to maintain

For having a perfect goatee, you regularly need to maintain it. Maintaining its length is quite hectic. You also need to shave the cheek and neckline regularly.

  • Goatees aren’t attractive.

Many women feel that goatees aren’t attractive compared to a full beard and a clean-shaven beard. But it is not always true. It looks perfect for people having a round face.


Fat guy with goatee looks slimmer, smart and confident. It hides the double chin and makes them look more confident. However, all fat guys don’t have a goatee, and all goatee doesn’t suit fat guys.

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