Beard Not Connecting To Moustache, Sideburns, & Chin – Why?

While growing beard, you will often see cheek beard not connecting to the moustache, sideburns and chin. Do you know why it happens?

More often, beard isn’t connecting to moustache, sideburns, and chin is because of Genetics. Beard growth cycle on top enacts a critical role. Moreover, how you genuinely care your beard and what product you will use equally impact the growth.

Without further ado, let’s check some factors why your beard isn’t connecting!

Beard Not Connecting – Why?

You might be genetically deprived.

The gene you will inherit decides whether you will grow a beard or not, firstly. And the same gene will make sure that, either or not, you will connect your beard to moustache, chin or sideburns.

To check whether you will connect or not, you can check your parent’s beard. If they are encountering no problem in connecting it, you will neither have any problem as well.

Oppositely, if you don’t inherit the connecting gene, it will be impossible for you to connect it.

As such, If the gene is the common reason behind not connecting your beard, neither any remedies nor anything will work.

Perhaps, the only possibility for it will be transplantation.

You might be younger.

Generally, young people don’t possess any patience. They will always be complaining about their beards! They want to have a fully mature beard at such a young and truly impossible age.

To comprehend this, you need to know about the complete life cycle of beard. You need to know from what age it starts growing, and at what age it stops it’s growth.

For comprehensive information, you can check our article here!

You don’t have Patience.

Beard doesn’t grow magically – you merely desire it, and it grows. You need to have patience. Eventually, it grows step by step.

Initially, your moustache will grow, then afterwards, chin beard and eventually cheek beard. Ultimately, after some time, they get connected.

If you want your beard to be connected with a moustache after its growth, it will not be possible.

Hair Follicles hasn’t been stimulated.

Hair follicles are responsible for beard growth. While hair follicles aren’t stimulated, it is quite impossible to see beard growth.

As such, even if you crossed the puberty and waited a whole month to connect those patches; if you don’t see any progress, it might be that your hair follicles aren’t stimulated.

To stimulate hair follicles, you can do the following things.

  • You can exfoliate your face
  • You can massage your hair follicles
  • You can use a boar bristle brush

Testosterone production isn’t good

The amount of DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) production also determines how fast it will be your growth. If you don’t see any recovery between those patches, it is also that your body is not producing a good amount of DHT.

For improving the production of testosterone, you will need to do the following things:

  • Do daily exercise
  • Eat protein
  • Intake vitamins and minerals
  • Take less stress
  • Get Vitamin D

If you feel that your beard is not connecting to your moustache, you can try these beard styles without a moustache.

How to Deal with it?


A study shows that 3% of minoxidil works better than placebo

Wherever you find patches, you can apply minoxidil and do some gentle massage over it. It will stimulate dormant follicles and helps to connect your beard to such patches.

Derma roller

You can also use a derma roller to connect those lines. Any derma roller can pretty much do! However, I suggest you use this derma roller because I’ve personally tried this and works pretty well.

Generally, derma roller creates a puncture in the skin. While doing so, small blood droplets come out that.  It signifies the brain that your body is being hurt.

Thus, the brain increases blood flow in that area to heal the punctures.

As a result, it stimulates beard follicles resulting from growing beards.

You can roll derma roller anywhere. If you feel like you have a thin moustache, you can roll it over there. No matter where you roll, you need to be consistent to see the result.

Some suggestions while rolling a derma roller:

  • Roll little hard to boost your growth
  • Roll the derma roller in the direction of hair growth

Castor oil

Instantly after rolling derma roller, I suggest you apply organic castor oil. It is rich in oleic acid that also improves blood circulation.

Some other benefits of castor oil are:

  • Stimulates beard growth
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Keeps your hair shiny

Note: Apply castor oil daily before sleep to get the best result.

To know about castor oil for beard, you can check our article here!

Train your hair

Training your hair also helps to connect those patches. It is one of the undermined technique. If you have patch between your moustache and cheek beard, train your moustache to go away from your mouth and bridge it to the side.

Not only you can train your moustache hair, but you can train any hair you wanted to grow and whatever side you needed.

This will surely work to connect between the patches.


The main reason behind your beard doesn’t connect to the moustache, chin and sideburn are

  • Genetics
  • Not stimulated hair follicles
  • Young Age
  • No patience

If you really want to connect it, you can try using Minoxidil, derma roller and can train your beard.

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