Why Don’t Chinese Grow Beards?

People from many ethnicities might or might not be able to grow beards. However, if you observe Chinese men, you will realize that seldom do they grow beards. Even if they grow a beard, it is not as dense as people from other ethnicities. The question is, why don’t the Chinese have a beard?

Chinese don’t have a beard because 

  • It is a cultural phenomenon in China not to grow beards.
  • People having long beards are perceived to be unkempt.
  • Chinese men’s genetics is such that they will not grow consistent facial hair.

I will answer that question below in detail.

Why don’t Chinese grow beards?

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There are quite a few reasons Chinese are not growing beards. I will go into the details of every one of those reasons below.

1. Cultural phenomenon:

It is a cultural phenomenon in China not to grow beards. Growing beards are discouraged in China. Since most men conform to societal pressures, they do not even attempt to grow a beard. It is one of the reasons why the Chinese don’t grow a beard. The cultural phenomenon is not just limited to direct discouragement. There are a few notions behind it as well, which I will highlight below.

• Unkempt perception:

In China,

People having long beards are perceived to be unkempt.

These people are thought to be indisciplined. The general perception is that a well-groomed man is one who shaves his beard often. To avoid coming across as unkempt, most Chinese men do not grow beards. Since this has been a perception for decades now, most Chinese men simply avoid a growing beard.

• Different grooming perceptions:

In the west and other countries globally, a well-grown beard can be considered as grooming. In fact, there are men’s beard grooming products available as well. However, when it comes to male grooming in China, the beard is not the same.

In fact, if you grow a beard, you are thought to be unkempt (as we stated above). Consequently, even men and boys who try to groom themselves regularly in China do not opt for growing a beard due to the same reason. It is one of the primary reasons why the Chinese don’t have beards.

As you can see, the phenomena of avoiding beards are deep-rooted in China. For this reason, most men do not even attempt to go against this dogma.

2. Genetics:

The aversion of Chinese men with a beard has been going on for a pretty long. Due to this very reason, genetics are changed as well. Chinese men simply do not have the genetics to grow thick beards.

The genetic difference ensures that even if Chinese males try to grow a beard, it will not be as thick as their Western counterparts. Since then, beard hair does not look good enough; most Chinese men stay away from growing beards.

While there are a few products to thicken beard hair but they are not that effective. You cannot make very thin beard hair grow into thick beard hair just by applying the cream or lotion.

In fact, most Chinese men’s genetics is such that they will not grow consistent beard hair either. There will be gaps in their beards. Due to this very reason, they cannot go ahead and grow long beards.

The genetic difference between the Chinese men as well as their counterparts in the west is another reason they do not grow beards.

3. Thinner hair follicles:

You might be thinking, but some Chinese men do grow beards. While a limited percentage of Chinese men certainly do, but you will notice the difference almost right away.

When you observe those images, you will realize that the hair follicles are pretty thin. The thin hair follicles mean that the beard is not consistent. There are gaps in between the beard. It clearly indicates that even if Chinese men go ahead and grow beards, they will not achieve the same results. Due to this reason, most Chinese men simply do not go ahead with it.

4. Lack of time for maintenance:

Longbeards require proper maintenance as well.

In the absence of proper maintenance, the beard hair might get tangled. Not only that, but the beard shape might also vary as well.

The Chinese culture has, for long, been against any extra spending. Chinese like to live locally. Therefore, Chinese men do not want to spend anything extra on beard products.

Also, the Chinese people are quite industrious as well. They do not like to devote time to things that are not necessary. Since they can avoid the beard and, therefore, the time which goes into maintenance, they do so.

This thinking has shaped the generations of Chinese men in China. Due to this reason, now they do not want to go ahead and grow beards, as maintaining the beard will require time and effort.

Not only the maintenance but keeping the beard in shape or trimming the beard also requires extra time. Even if you go to the barber, it will require extra expenses to maintain the beard as well. Whichever way you look at it, maintaining the beard requires extra effort.

Since Chinese men do not prefer that, they avoid the beard altogether.

5. Association with a particular community:

In the last few decades, men growing beards in China are often associated with the Uighur community. The government distrusts that community. That is because the community is perceived to be extremist.

Consequently, law enforcement agencies, as well as the government in China, like to keep a watch on that community pretty closely. In some cases, that might intrude on the personal freedom and privacy of individuals as well.

Most Chinese men do not want to be perceived to be from a particular community to stay out of trouble. The best way is to avoid a growing beard.

It is another reason why Chinese men do not grow beards.


So, no, Chinese men don’t grow beards. There are a few reasons for the same. While some reasons might be more straightforward and others might be just perceptional. The truth is that, since this practice has been followed over the years, the genetics of Chinese men have changed accordingly. Not only that but these days, the societal perception is also against the beard. The mix of all of these reasons is the reason why Chinese men do not grow beards.


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