Beard Without Mustache( It’s Meaning With 20 Unique Styles)

beard without mustache

I’ve witnessed many people with a full beard. But without a mustache is rare. At that time, I genuinely thought of researching about people having a beard without a mustache. Over here is what I fortunately discovered!

People shave their mustache because of two main reasons.

  1. Religion: Predominantly Muslims shaves their mustache. It in common is to signify to be the faithful follower of Prophet Muhammad. Other than devout Muslims, it is equally common in Amish man.
  2. Personal Preference: People shave their mustache because of their interest as well. They want to observe how they look without their mustache. And some look extremely indifferent without it. For example. Hugh jackman as wolverine in the classic movie X-Men.

Let’s talk in detail about it!

Why Muslim shave their mustache?

It’s a general misconception that Muslim shaves their mustache. But in ultimate reality, it is not the truth. Shaving is not allowed in Islam but is considered as a ‘Haraam’. Instead of shaving, they do trim their upper lips.

Rasulullah says:

‘Trim closely the mustache and  let the beard grow’

In Islam, whatever Allah told us to do and whatever Allah did is a divine blessing. So, people follow Allah to be like him. As follows, they trim their upper lips and let the beard grow freely.

Is beard without moustache ok?

I’ll say it’s a personal choice! Beard without a mustache is fine, but it must admirably suit your face. If it looks embarrassing, I will suggest you not to trim it!

For me personally, I will say a magnificent beard with mustache looks more masculine and sexy. I find full and perfectly trimmed beard the desirable one.

Men are ordinarily wearing beards from long ago. The trend of a beard went down a bit in the late ’50s ’60s and ’70s. But the downfall soared up.

Now in ’21s century, the trend of beard is in the hype. Every man out there wants to have a beard because women are fascinated toward it. Additionally, they look more bold and confident with it.

Thus, men started trying different beard styles since then. It keeps them look fashionable.

Out of many beard styles, beard without mustache is one that they have also tried. This type of beard style is more typical in people who believe in religion.

Mostly, Muslim and Amish people wear it.

In Amish, beard signifies that  ‘a man has become a man’. He shaves his mustache but no beard until he gets married. One of the other reason Amish shaves their mustache is to signify that they retain no connection in the military.

Ultimately, I’ll say that you need to have a beard either without a mustache or with it. If it looks cooler without it like Hugh Jackman in X-Men, why not try it!

Otherwise, I will tentatively suggest you have a fuller beard!

What is it called when you have a beard but no mustache?

Commonly, if you have a full beard without a moustache it is entitled as ‘lion’s man’. In Muslim, it is considered to be the core follower of Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile in Amish, if you have a beard but no mustache, you will be regarded as a man. You are a devoted follower of your religion committed towards your family and wives.

20 Best Beard styles without mustache

1. Soul patch

Soul patch beard

Soul patch is one of the subtle beard styles for men. It typically features a patch just below your lips. It looks impressive only when you maintain stubble beard around your face. Otherwise, stubble fades away the distinctive shape of the soul patch.

2. Chinstrap Beard

chinstrap beard

Chinstrap mostly suits on people having sharp jawline. It contains a strap of beard that runs on the side of your face to your jawline where a beard doesn’t connect to the moustache.

3. Mutton chops

Mutton chops look really cool on a round face. But mutton chops aren’t, in fact, a beard. It is just a hair growing in the side of your face.

For it to look cooler, you need to maintain it regularly by trimming stubble hair in the chin and upper lips.

4. Chinstrap with a goatee

chinstrap with goatee

This is one of my favourite beard styles. It looks undoubtedly admirable, but it is for those who love challenging to trim their beard that needs heavy maintenance.

5. Chin curtain

chin curtain beard

This is the beard style that is adopted by many celebrities; Zac Efron is one amongst many known artists.

To have this beard, you must be a skilled trimmer. While trimming this type of beard, you need to be exceptionally careful to have an exact length of hair.

6. Dutch Beard

Back then, dutch people aren’t encouraged to have a moustache. Then they started growing this type of beard presently known a dutch beard. It is a full beard but lacks mustache. You can still find this type of beard who believes in dutch society.

7. The Lincoln Beard

lincoln beard

It looks cool but requires significant maintenance. Beard needs to be trimmed carefully to maintain the uniform length of beard.  The most challenging part is to maintain the hair inside the beard circle.

8. Neat Chinstrap

neat cheanstrap

If you want to have neat chinstrap, you need to do mastery in trimming. You need to trim your beard in detail along the chin shaving other hair in the face and upper lips. You need to maintain the stubble hair daily to possess a thorough look.

9. Stubble beard with no mustache

stubble beard with no mustache

Particularly in this beard style, you will grow stubble beard around your face and chin. This requires less maintenance in comparison to other beard styles.

10. Neat faded beard with no mustache

neat faded beard with no mustache

You need to fade your beard around your face of the same length to have this kind of beard. If you can maintain it, it is the best choice!

11. Long goatee


A lot of singers adopted this kind of beard – James Hetfield is one of them. This is the unique beard style that distinguishes you out from many in the crowd. You don’t need to trim it, but you need to maintain stubble hair around it.

12. Chin puff

You shave whole your face except some patches in your chin to have this kind of beard. You will look funny with this beard style.

13. Full chin curtain

You allow hair to grow all around your face except moustache. Thus, it requires less maintenance.

14. Longbeard with no mustache

Longbeard with no mustache is one of the common beard styles that you will find everywhere. To have this beard, you just shave your mustache by letting other hair to grow freely. You need to trim it once a week to maintain the shape of it.

15. Amish Beard

amish beard

If you are lazy enough to trim and maintain your beard, Amish beard is the perfect choice for you. Here, you just shave your mustache, allowing facial hair to grow freely meanwhile not caring about its length. It gives you an unkempt look. Thus, it might not be suitable for those who work at a place where they give preference to their look.

16. Retro  Sideburn or Retro Mutton Chops

It looks precisely like mutton chop but is a smaller version of it.

Particularly here, you allow growing thick and shiny sideburns shaving other facial hairs.

17. Lower chin beard

If you have a round face, lower chin beard gives a perfect look. For this particular beard style, you grow some hair at the bottom of your jawbone, shaving other stubble hair.

18. Anchor

Anchor beard is a part of goatee beard. One of the exciting fact about this beard is that it looks good with or without a mustache. If you don’t like mustache, chop it off.

19. Islamic Beard

muslim beard

Islamic beard is U in shape that needs to be trimmed regularly to get the exact form.

20. Neck Beard

Finally, the neckbeard, here you grow a beard only in the neck region below the chin. Above chin, all are cleanly shaved. This style of beard gives you a hipster look.

Beard With no mustache Black Men



Is beard without mustache ok? It is ok unless you look good with it. Amongst many best beard styles, I personally prefer goatee without a mustache. However, if you look odd with no mustache, I suggest you have a mustache. It bestows a contented look to your face.

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