Can Navy Seals Have Beards?

You have seen many navy seals with cool beards, right! Don’t it make you think, can navy seals have beards or not?

Actually, Navy seals can have a beard only if they have a Religious Accommodation Memo or No Shave Chit Letter from their commanding officers! 

Navy Grooming Standards

According to the,

  • Any navy seals can have a beard only if commanding officers are authorizing it!
  • Even if you have a beard, you need to trim it below 2 inches.
  • In the case of a mustache, you can have it, but it must not extend the upper lips.
  • Handlebar mustache, goatee, beards, or eccentricities aren’t authorized!

How to grow facial hair at Navy?

There are actually two ways by the help of which you can grow facial hair. One is using a No shave chit letter, or another by using a Religious accommodation Memo.

How to get one?

It is actually easy to get the first one. You need to prove that you will get bumps during the shave.

If you get more than 15 bumps, you will need to ask the commanding officer about the issue! If he permits it, you can have a beard.

Moreover, you will also be prescribed Hydrocortisone. It heals the bumps and prevents infection. But I will suggest you not to use it too often because it is strong and can bleach your skin.

To get a Religious accommodation memo, you just need to fill a form of your specific religion. Especially, Jews and Muslims can get this memo with ease!

Why Navy Seals grow facial hair?

To Blend with the Native Population

While being deployed in the middle east and Afganistan, having a beard will increase trust among locals. Because most people over there have beards, and they would trust those who look native to them.

Meanwhile, being deployed in Iraq, you will need to have a clean shave beard because most Iraqis like to have a clean shaved face.

To Look Masculine

Beard is a sign of Masculinity! You look tough, bold, and strong with a full beard. Thus, any man who is into the Navy definitely wants to have a beard!

Why are Beards not allowed at Navy?

Releases Toxic Gas with Breathing equipment and Beards On

In March 2016, the Naval Safety Center researched the volunteers with varying facial hair amounts. It concluded that having a beard and sideburns had an adverse effect on the performance of respirators. Not only will it risk them, but they also risk other crew members who are relying on them.

Uniform Look

Having a clean, shaved face provides uniformity. Recently Rear Adm. Collin Green, the Navy Special Warfare Command chief, issued a four-page directive to senior leaders about the incidents that raise questions about SEAL’s discipline.

Green wrote.

“We are U.S. Naval Officers and Sailors first and foremost and we will realign ourselves to these standards immediately,”

Now, Commanding officers are required to conduct a weekly basis inspection on Navy grooming and uniform standards!

Navy Seals Beard




Navy seals can have a beard only if commanding officers are permitting them! Otherwise, they will need to follow the Grooming Standards, which means they will need to have a clean-shaven face!

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