Why Is My Beard 3 Different Colors?

Why is your beard 3 different colors

Your beard can’t be of the same color. Your sideburn might be of one-colour whereas your mustache might be of another color. Have you ever realized that? On this account, in this post, we will discuss why you have numerous color beard rather than one unique color.

Why is your beard 3 different colors? It is because of pigmentation present in your hair follicle. Your hair follicle contains two combinations (eumelanin and pheomelanin) of hair pigment. And the color of your beard is determined by it.

Reasons Behind Multi Colored Beard(Quick Ways To Fix It)

why do beard turns brown
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1. Mc1r Gene

If you have inherited blonde hair, then it means that your hair follicle contains an inadequate level of brown eumelanin and a significant level of yellow melanin.

Similarly, if you are of red hair type, then you might have realized that your beard hair and head hair are of different colors. Additionally, even the beard can be of a contrasting color.

It is all because of genetics.

At this place, the MC1R gene enacts a critical role. MC1R gene helps in the production of melanin which ultimately determines red hair.

Conventionally, people inherit two types of MC1R, one from each parent. Let’s suppose one MC1R gene is mutated, resulting in that one part of the hair will be red whereas the other part will be brown.

These remain the natural phenomenon of having different hair color.

Let’s talk about some other factors which turn your natural hair into something else.

2. Stress

The hair turned into grey. What does it signify? It means that you are going through stress. Doesn’t it matter what your age is? If you are going through stress for a long time, you will see changes in your hair. Therefore, you need to live a contented stress-free life. Even if the stress comes, you need not grant it for a long time.

3. Vitamin Deficiency

Another reason for beard color turnaround is because of vitamin deficiency. Pigmentation can’t work properly underneath hair follicle because of vitamin deficiency. Slowly, as a result, your beard turns white and dull.

For this to overcome, you need to intake balanced-diet food. Moreover, you can take vitamin-enriched food which includes vitamin B7 and vitamin H.

Foods containing vitamin B7

  • Milk
  • Walnut
  • Peanut
  • Cereals
  • Pork

Foods containing vitamin H

  • Egg
  • Almond
  • Cauliflower
  • Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potato

Note: Consult a doctor if you feel that it is a severe case.

4. Overexposure to the sun

Overexposure to the sun also changes your hair color. Sun rays contain various rays, including UV rays. When you exposed your hair to it, your hair will lose a certain amount of protein, which means that your hair is gradually turning into grey.

Meanwhile, it will not immediately change your hair once you are exposed to it for some minutes. You need to stay all day in daylight. Not only it hampers your hair but also your skin.

5. Genetics

Lastly, genetics is the one which turns your beard color into a different color. You can’t restrict it by using medications or in taking some vitamins. The only solution to this problem is to dye it.

Final Words

Beards with different color hair are common. It is all because of melanin below the hair follicle. The red, brown, blonde and black color hair is because of the combination of a high and low level of melanin present beneath your hair follicle.

Additionally, your gene is moreover another reason which makes your beard color Grey or Red.

You need not be worried even if you got three different color beard. You need to be worried only when it turns into dull and lacklustre hair.

The eventual solution to make your beard hair color the same is by using dyers.

Hope you liked it referring to this post. If you have any question regarding this post, feel free to ask!

6 thoughts on “Why Is My Beard 3 Different Colors?

  1. I’ve had my beard change from almost dark brown to dark red with just the dead center of my chin grows a patch of orange hair and this is over a 1 yr time. Why ? Thank you

  2. I have an orange/red beard and I’ve been getting a lot of gray hairs on my chin. I’m 33. But now I’m noticing black hairs on my chin too. And some of the gray hairs now have black roots what the heck.

  3. When I let my facial hair grow out it’s 3 tents platinum blonde, blonde, and red could you please help me understand and thanks in advance

  4. I have a beard, more specifically on my chin, that has red/white/black/brown, it is peculiar, but I am glad it is normal.

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