Can Beard Oil Grow New Hair (It Can’t Then What Can…)?

does beard oil grow new beard

I have applied numerous brands of beard oil into my beard, but I haven’t observed beard oil growing new hair. Thus, I thought of researching can beard oil grow new hair!

Beard oil doesn’t grow new hair but helps boost the beard growth process. But the one that grows new hair is a hormone.

If you want to grow new hair, you need to increase the production of a hormone

Why Doesn’t Beard Oil Grow New Hair?

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Beard oil doesn’t grow new hair because the new hair growth solely depends upon the production of your hormone and gene.

If you are genetically not capable of growing hair, applying beard oil expecting new hair growth is baseless.

Furthermore, the hormone carries out a significant role in growing a thick and thinner beard. If the production of a hormone is limited in your body, you will observe a thin beard, while, if production is high, you will have unusual hair on your body. Therefore, the production must be stable.

Beard oil can only increase the beard growth rate but can’t grow new hair.

Beard oil contains essential ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and other essential oils. While applying beard oil into your beard, these ingredients enter deep down the hair follicle and nourish the follicles, resulting to increase blood circulation in follicles. As a result, you will observe a low to a mild increase in beard growth.

If Beard Oil Doesn’t Grow New Hair – What Does?

Minoxidil & Biotin

Minoxidil is a drug involved in dilating blood vessels. It eases the blood flow and also stimulates the hair follicle, allowing to grow abundant hair from patches.

Minoxidil doesn’t grow new hair from bald skin but what it aids is that it helps to grow dense hair back from a patchy beard.

On the other hand, Biotin is vitamin B7 that works in the production of keratin that is directly related to hair. Research shows that biotin helps in growing new hair.

Beard Growth Vitamins

Sometimes you can’t grow hair due to a deficiency of essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. As soon you get it, it starts growing. Thus, vitamins are important for growing new hair.

Some vitamins essential for growing new beards are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B7

Along with vitamins – zinc, fish oil, and caffeine extract are equally worth it!

Thus, I suggest you ingest vitamin-enriched food.

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What If All These Products won’t Work?

I can imagine what you will experience if trying all these products won’t work in growing a beard. I can be frustrated as you, but being frustrated won’t overcome the issue, right.

But I would dwell on what is restricting the growth of my beard. I would beforehand check my heredity as if the gene is causing the problem.

I would look as if my father and grandfather can grow a beard or not. If they are growing beards, of course, I can too.

If the gene is the issue, you are in big trouble.

All these products won’t cascade you out from growing a beard. The only ultimate solution for the hereditary problem is beard transplantation.

Unfortunately, it’s relatively expensive, and if I were you, I wouldn’t do transplantation but perhaps live a beard-free life.

If a gene is not an issue, you aren’t growing a beard because

  • Clogged pores are halting beard growth. You can exfoliate your skin to start beard growth. You can try out these exfoliators.
  • Hair follicles aren’t healthy. To make it healthy, you can use beard growth oil and try consuming some vitamin-enriched foods.

On the odd occasion, a thin and patchy beard might be an issue too. It can be due to your premature age. You can’t expect a thick beard at a premature age, but you need to cross your adolescent stage to get a mature beard.


Unfortunately, beard oil can’t grow new hair, but it helps to boost the beard growth process. To grow new hair, hormone and gene play a critical role.

If you want to try beard products for growing new hair, I will suggest using Biotin.

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