Plastic Like Hair In Beard( It’s Causes & Quick Ways To Fix It)

beard hair like fishing line

I have realized keenly that I have plastic-like hair in my beard, and it is way too thicker. To find out why I have those beards, I’ve carefully researched many articles, and over here is what I’ve discovered!

The reasons behind Plastic like hair in Beard


I’ve found that gene is the predominant factor that determines my beard to be thick and thin.

To find out what gene I inherited, I look at my parent’s beard.

I know my father has a bushy beard. But I can’t remember my grand dad’s beard. I inquired my father about his beard. He told me he had a thick beard.

From that, I have found, I’ve inherited gene of a thick beard.

That’s the first reason I’ve identified to have a thick beard.

If your gene is of a thick beard, no matter what you attempt, you can’t have a thin beard.


Testosterone is an androgen that stimulates the characteristics of a male. Your body releases testosterone when you hit puberty. Its production soared up during late teens. And after crossing 30, its production falls.

On the same note, before puberty, you will have thin hair. It is called vellus hair.

But after crossing puberty, you will perceive changes in its growth. During this time, thin hair tends to be dark and thick. This hair is now called terminal hair.

Ultimately at the late teen, it will become denser.

From this, I’ve detected testosterone to be the second reason behind having thick hair.

Pili Multigemini

I don’t have a pili multigemini beard, but it is also another reason behind plastic like thick hair.

So, what really is pili multigemini?

It is a disorder where you can have more than one hair in a single follicle. As a result, it makes your hair look thicker.

It can occur in any part of your body but is more common in the face.

The downside of it is that it can cause inflammation and acne-like bumps. Due to these bumps, it can cause scars to your face.

How to get rid of a thick beard

By plucking it

Plucking is the best way to get rid of a thick beard. It removes hair directly from your follicle, and if you especially have pili multigemini, I would recommend you to pluck it.

Because it is easy and cheaper, for plucking hair, you will just need a tweezer, and using it, you can pluck it.

By Waxing it

Waxing is another alternative to plucking. You can also wax your beard, but it will hurt. If you have sensitive skin, I will not recommend it.

Not only it hurts, but it will also irritate your skin and causes redness to it.

By Lasering it

A laser is a semi-permanent hair removal method. Not only it sheds thick hair but also thins the growth of it.

Thus, you will only need to go for laser if you don’t like facial hair.


There are three reasons behind having thick hair:

  • Gene
  • Hormone &
  • Pili Multigemini

And the best ways to fix it are

  • Plucking
  • Waxing &
  • Lasering

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