What Happens If I Pluck My Beard? With It’s Benefits & Side Effects

plucking facial hair

Are you plucking your beard? Do you know what will happen if you pluck your beard? In this post, I’ll discuss it in detail.

Nothing will, fortunately, happen if you pluck your beard for just one or two times. Meanwhile, if you do it continuously for a long time, the problem undoubtedly arises like the shrinking of the hair follicles and slow facial hair growth.

Without further ado, let’s earnestly discuss it in detail.

What Happens If you pluck your beard?

1. Bald Patches

If you pluck your hair for just one or two times, it is ok! It will regrow.

Meanwhile, if you do it continuously for a long time, it will traumatize the follicle and will send a message to the hair follicle that there will be no need to grow hair in that area.

Due to it, hair follicles shrink, and hair growth stops completely from that area.

As a result, you will need to suffer from bald patches.

3. Slow facial Hair growth

If you pluck your hair, it directly removes hair from its roots. As follows, it slows down the growth process.

If you don’t like the moderate growth, I suggest you trim your beard because trimming doesn’t remove hair from its roots but cuts from the surface.

4. Irritation

Plucking hurts, and it will hurt even more if you have a thick beard. On this account, I suggest that, if you have thick hair,  either shave it or go for permanent solutions like electrolysis and laser.

If you pluck those hairs, you will definitely suffer from irritation and inflammation.

Some of the hairs that I suggest not to pluck are:

  • Grey hair &
  • Thick hair

5. Ingrown hair

There is less possibility of having ingrown hair if you remove hair from its root. Whatsoever, if you have clogged pores, the probability increases.

To prevent ingrown hair, you will need to cleanse pores more often. I suggest you exfoliate your face once a week.

You can use a face scrub, but while scrubbing, do it gently.

Best Ways to pluck facial hair

If you really want to pluck your hair, over here are some of the tips you can follow to improve the plucking techniques.

  • Firstly, you will need to wash your face. It will open up the pores a bit and makes it easy while plucking. Additionally, you will need to place a warm washcloth over your face. It will open up the pores even more.
  • Now, you should need to dry your face. Wait until it becomes dry.
  • When your skin dries, you will need to apply either baby powder or talcum powder. Take a tiny amount of powder and apply it gently all across your face. It makes your hair noticeable and also prevents irritation.
  • Straight away using a tweezer, grab the hair as close to the base and pluck it quickly in the direction of its growth.
  • Finally, after plucking all your hair, wash it with cold water and apply some moisturizers.

Best Tweezer for plucking beard

Tweezer Guru:

I am recommending this tweezer because using this product, not only can you remove your facial hair but can also remove eyebrows, ingrown hair, and blackhead.

It has an accurate precision with which you can tweeze your hair with minimal pain.

I also like its size. It is neither too big nor too small. I have personally used this product and felt that it is more durable as well.

If you are interested, you can check out the price here!

Advantages of plucking hair

1. No need to use chemicals

In order to pluck your hair, you just need a tweezer. No need to use any chemicals. Thus, there is no effect of chemicals on your skin.

2. Long-lasting result

If you wanted a long-lasting result, plucking is the best solution. Not only it takes time for hair growth but also thins your hair.

3. Easy and Safe

Other than shaving and waxing, plucking is additionally straightforward and safe. By plucking, you neither need to glide razors nor you need to use chemicals, but you just need to tweeze it. Thus, it is totally safe.

4. Inexpensive

For plucking hair, you don’t need to invest more. You just need to buy a tweezer, which can cost you around $10 to $20.

5. You can do it at your home

You can pluck your hair easily at your home. If you feel monotonous to pluck hair using tweezers, you can also try using epilators.

By using a tweezer, you can just pluck single hair meanwhile using epilators; you can pluck bunches of hair.

Tweezing facial hair side effects

  • It can cause irritation, red skin, and inflammation.
  • It can completely stop beard growth
  • It can cause ingrown hair
  • It is tedious. For completely tweezing your facial hair, it may take around an hour.
  • If you use bad tweezers, it can cause scars to your face.

Some FAQs

How many times do you need to pluck a hair before it stops growing?

There is no scientific proof that if you pluck your hair for that much amount of time, it will stop growing. But I can say that it will stop growing when hair follicles shrink. And it will happen when you pluck your hair for a long time.

Does plucking chin hair make it grow more?

A study shows that plucking hair can stimulate hair growth. While testing it by myself, I’ve found that after plucking my hair, it grows back thicker and fuller.

Beard pulls out so easily, why?

If you don’t treat your beard carefully, it will fall out easily. So, you need to keep your beard hydrated. In order to do so, you need to apply beard oils and some other beard grooming products.

There is also another reason behind hair fall as well. When it completes its life cycle, it also falls out. At that time, you won’t need to worry about it.

Is it bad to pluck beard hair?

If your skin is not irritated and if you don’t feel pain. Moreover, you feel comfortable with it rather than waxing and threading; it is not bad to pluck beard hair.


While plucking your hair, it may damage hair follicles resulting in stopping hair growth. Additionally, it will also slow down the hair growth process.

Note: It will only happen if you do it for a long time. Plucking your hair just for one or two times doesn’t show any effect.

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