Is it Safe To Wax Beard? Is it A Good Idea

is it safe to wax beard

Many of having this question in mind are whether waxing your beard is safe? Well, we are here to answer your question.

Before moving onto any other details you need to first understand how waxing works. Waxing is done by uprooting hair. In other words, the hair is pulled out from its roots.

Waxing is a method that is mainly used by women to remove their body hair. They don’t use the same technique to remove their facial hair. Even if they do, the waxing method is slightly different from the method that is used on their bodies. That’s because our facial skin is more sensitive than our body’s skin. So is it safe to wax beard for men? Let’s find it out in the discussion below.

Advantages of waxing beard

You can very well opt for shaving to get rid of your beard or any unwanted facial hair. But how different it is from waxing?

Unlike women, men only have two methods of removing their beards. They either opt for shaving or waxing. Here are some of the main advantages of waxing your beard.

  1. It helps you to uproot the hair right from its roots. As a result, you get a smoother and better shave.
  2. When you wax your beard, the results stay for more than two weeks. Your hair grows back much later which is not the case in shaving. Therefore, it makes a better option for people who hate shaving every day or don’t have time to regularly shave their beard.
  3. Another good thing about waxing is that it is more precise than shaving your beard. Shaving cannot remove all your facial hair.
  4. Waxing is more affordable than shaving. You don’t have to buy expensive shaving foams and blades to get rid of your hair.

Disadvantages of waxing beard 

Waxing does have some cons which you should know before opting for this method. It will be easier for you to judge when you know both the pros and cons of waxing beard.

The problems with waxing beard are as follows:

  1. Waxing can give you a smoother and better shave but it usually makes the hair come back hard. The quality of hair that grows back becomes thicker than before.
  2. Waxing can damage the hair follicles and as a result, the growth of your hair may decrease. If you continue to wax your beard chances are that you will have a hair-free face after few years.

Is waxing painful?

Men often get scared of waxing because they believe that it is extremely painful. Well, it is true to some extent. Waxing is perhaps the most painful way of removing hair.

Our facial skin is more sensitive and thinner than our body skin. For this very reason, you get more hurt while waxing your beard.

Waxing is not good for everyone. Whether you should wax your beard or not depends on the following conditions:

  1. If you have sensitive skin then it’s better to avoid waxing as it is not good for your face.
  2. For those who get frequent breakouts or have acne problems should completely avoid waxing. This may only worsen the problem for you.
  3. You should not use waxing if you have any medical conditions. For example, you are affected by lupus then you are advised not to wax. This will only make your skin more irritant. In this case, you should consult a dermatologist. They can tell you whether your skin is suitable for waxing or not.

Is it true that waxing makes your hair hard?

You will often hear ladies complaining about getting thick hair after waxing. But is this true? Is it applicable to men too? Will your beard grow back thicker? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

No, your facial hair or beard will not grow back thicker after waxing. But some people still believe in their theories. There is no scientific proof that supports this theory.

What you may notice is less hair regrowth. If you continue to wax, you will gradually get less hair on your face. This is applicable even for the beard. The only time hair grows back thick is when it is broken instead of getting removed. Now that you know the actual thing, you don’t have to pay attention to what others have to say.

Does your skin become red after waxing?

Men have ten thousand questions when it comes to waxing their beards. But we are here to answer all your questions.

As you already know waxing is a hair removal process that uproots your hair. This may result in some skin irritation. For this very reason, you may get red skin. But this is only temporary. It should last only for a few minutes after which your skin will get back to normal provided that you don’t scratch or rub it continuously. However, if you are extra sensitive then the redness may stay for hours. But there is nothing to worry about it.

You should give yourself time to recuperate. This is especially needed if you are waxing your beard for the first time. Your skin is not used to such harshness. If you are planning to wax your beard for an event, you are advised to get it done a few days before the event. This is important so that you don’t have to attend the event with a red face. If you have sensitive skin you should better stick to shaving because waxing will only create problems for you.

You can reduce the redness using ice or aloe Vera gel. It cannot prevent the redness but it can at least control it.

From the above discussion, we know that waxing your beard is safe as long as you don’t have sensitive skin or acne problems. If you belong to this category then you should completely avoid waxing.

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One thought on “Is it Safe To Wax Beard? Is it A Good Idea

  1. “The only time hair grows back thick is when it is broken instead of getting removed.”
    yeah, that’s what I was thinking at first, waxing should weaken the hair follicle over time and that’s the valid reason to prefer it over waxing for those unlike me, who are not put off by its discomfort.
    This is what confused my on the disadvantage of waxing beard
    “Waxing can give you a smoother and better shave but it usually makes the hair come back hard. The quality of hair that grows back becomes thicker than before.” especially as you state the opposite right after
    “Waxing can damage the hair follicles and as a result, the growth of your hair may decrease. If you continue to wax your beard chances are that you will have a hair-free face after a few years.”

    I generally only start shaving where I know I don’t want any hair and planning to shave that zone of the body regularly in summer, mostly stopping in winter, personally. It’s a myth though that hair can get thicker or have any long term effects just shaving once or a few times, hair growth might only increase a little shaving regularly over a long time, but it’s a myth that more hair grows back, the same number of hair grows in, a little thicker, maybe, and stronger or just prickly and a bit longer 🙂 and only for some people anyway, many people’s hair really stays mostly identical over years however long they shave ^_^. Consider it gets thicker for other reasons, for the most part, growing up, hormone changes, genetical sensitivity and the stubble effect. Some zones I started shaving at 30, like my shoulders, over time seemed to grow not as fine and soft hair and that it remained a bit longer than before I started when fully grown back last winter, but I keep shaving in summer to prevent it :). It eventually stabilizes and shaving won’t have any further effect, so don’t be afraid to keep shaving, if you don’t like hair.
    I agree on the expectations, I’d always recommend to only shave if you want to, man or woman but I know it’s not that easy, especially for women and compromises might often be necessary.

    As for waxing my beard I also thought about that at first because I didn’t want to grow hair below my Adam apple and have it starting to get stubbly and thicker hair and having to keep shaving there too and it to turn like the rest of my beard. I tried to tweeze but that eventually got needlessly painful and slow. At the end I took the razor and shaved my neck and it was really easier and much better, I mean there’s nothing to be afraid of or to regret, just shave as low as you need, yes it might turn similar to your beard on the adam apple, but it’s usually much thinner below. The neck skin is a bit more sensitive, but if you are gentle it won’t hurt or itch so you can just keep shaving and it won’t be there if you don’t want it, it takes just a few seconds more than you needed before anyway.

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