Is Pre Shave Oil Necessary – Does It Make A Difference?

Do you usually use pre shave beard oil before shaving?

If not, you would, of course, have the question is pre shave oil necessary?

I will today answer this question and also go into the details of the same. I will clear your confusion about pre shave beard oils once and for all. I will also share my beard care routine so that it becomes easy for you to make your decision.

Is pre shave oil necessary?

why to use it

Simply put, yes, pre shave oil is necessary. It has numerous benefits on offer. Moreover, it can save you a lot of time and effort during shaving as well. Once you keep these factors in mind, it is really necessary to use pre shave beard oilOpens in a new tab..

Before I go into the benefits of using pre-shave oil, it is essential to understand what it consists of. Only then can you know its benefits.

What are the ingredients of pre shave oil?

Pre shave beard oil generally consists of only 2 to 3 ingredients. These ingredients include:

The advantage of these natural oils is that they not only moisturize the skin but also provide the required nutrition. The pre shave oil aims to facilitate an easier shave. Moreover, many of these oils have vitamins not present in your regular beard care products. So, when you’re using pre shave beard oil, you are not providing redundant ingredients to your skin. You are providing the nutrients that you are missing out.

Now that you are aware of the usual ingredients of the pre shave beard oil, it is time to understand why it is necessary to use one.

Why should you use pre shave beard oil?

I will share with you quite a few reasons why you should think about using pre shave beard oil.

  1. Skin moisturization:

Have you ever tried shaving while your skin is completely dry and flaky?

If yes, you would know that the chances of suffering from a wound or a scratch are pretty high. Moreover, you will not be able to shave efficiently, as well. That close shave will not be possible. So, you need to first moisturize your skin. Rather than going with any alternative solution, it is better to use pre shave oil. It consists of oils that can quickly moisturize your skin. Not only that, but the moisturization effect of the oil also lasts for a long time.

  1. Increases skin flexibility:

Another reason why you should use pre shave oil is that it improves skin flexibility. When the skin is more flexible, the closer shave is possible. Since the skin is already moisturized, you will not have to worry about wound or scratches or razor burns. Hence, you can get that perfect shave.

With skin flexibility, it will be comfortable for you. Even if you’re in a hurry to attend a meeting or party, you need not worry about any scratches since the skin is so flexible. In a nutshell, supple skin that you can get with oil can help you in multiple ways.

  1. Softens Beard:

Is hard or soft beard easier to shave?

The answer is that a soft beard is easy to shave. It moisturizes not only the skin underneath the beard but also the beard itself. Thus, you will not experience tugging or pulling your beard hair and skin when you shave the beard. At the same time, you can get a perfect shave as well as long as you’re using the proper shaving technique.

The lack of tugging or pulling means that the skin irritation underneath the beard will be on the lower side. As a result, you need not have to worry about inflamed skin or irritating skin after shaving.

While this might not bother you much, but the truth is that, when you’re shaving just before the event or a meeting, inflamed skin can deteriorate your appearance. So, this small benefit of pre shave beard oil can serve you a lot when it comes to such situations.

  1. Eliminates the risk of ingrown hair:

Yes, beard hair can have ingrown hair too. Not many consumers might indeed know about the same, but this problem does exist.

The ingrown beard hair can be painful, cause infection, and cause itching as well. So, it is better to do everything that you can to avoid ingrown beard hair.

The best way is to use preshave oil in advance. With vitamins and nutrients present in preshave oil, the probability of beard hair reduces significantly. Moreover, the preshave oil will dramatically soften the beard hair. Hence, you can opt for a precise shave. When it happens, the hair will not be cut at an odd angle. The cutting of the hair at an odd angle is what causes ingrown hair in most cases.

Thus, a lesser-known benefit of preshave oil is that it reduces the probability of ingrown beard hair.

  1. Multipurpose:

Do not want to use the shaving foam?

  1. Reduces razor drag:

As I have stated above, it can help you moisturize the skin and beard hair. As a result, the razor drag is reduced significantly. The effect is that you can shave in a short time. You will not have to move the razor over the same area again and again. It means that the amount of time it takes for you to shave will also be on the lower side.

At the same time, you need not worry about cuts.

Did you know that preshave oils have so many different benefits?

Most consumers do not. It is one of the reasons why they often think that preshave oil is not necessary. The truth is that, due to these numerous benefits, preshave oil should be a part of your regular shaving routine. Once you include the same, you will be able to eliminate many of the usual problems that you face during shaving.


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