10 Awesome Best Beard Wash 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best beard washes

Beard is one of the style elements of men and is recently in fashion. A well-kept and trimmed beard levels up your look game indefinitely. Whereas, an unkempt beard might ruin your whole awesome look. While the beard remains in style, it also remains in rough and tough weather the whole day. Your beard collects the dirt and dust particles in the air the whole day. It directly comes in contact with every other thing that is on your hand while you touch. It can be food particles, sticky fingers, smoke, and dirt.

The accumulation of all these things will cause your pores’ blockage and lead to beardruff and acne—a condition which nobody would like to have. In order to make your beard healthy and clean looking, you need to take immense care of it. Beard care is a whole different lot. Since beard hair is thicker than your head hair, you cannot use the same products on it. You cannot apply your regular sulphate soap or body soap on it. It definitely won’t delve deep and will clean it partially.

You need a product that is specially designed for this purpose that penetrates deeply. This will clear up all the accumulated particles while simultaneously softens up your beard hair making it easily manageable. There are dozens of beard washes available in the market with different features. In order to make your shopping for beard wash feasible, we have selected the best beard washes you can get for yourself.

10 Best Beard Washes 2021 Reviews

We have prepared a whole selection of beard washes, which are reliable and can take good care of your beard. Look at this guideline and decide.

1. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard SHAMPOO with All Natural Oils From Tasmania Australia - 120gm


If you want to maintain your suave look, this one is definitely going to save the day for you. It comes up in a bar which is nearly equal to 2-27 fl. Oz. Bottles. This makes it travel-friendly and long-lasting. All the ingredients used in this mythical soap are natural, which includes the high quality and highly sought Tasmanian Seaweed extract. Other ingredients are Mount Wellington spring water, olive, Leatherwood honey, cocoa powder, essential oils, coconut castor oils, soy wax, and Leatherwood beeswax.

This natural formula is free of all the parabens and sulfates that hinder your beard growth. It works wonders for beard itch and is a great companion for people with sensitive skin. It gives a nicer look to your coarser looking beard hair while simultaneously cleaning up all the accumulated dirt and particles.

This bar features a really pleasant manly woodsy scent, which just makes up your day and refreshes you. The bar’s organic part dissolves quickly, therefore put in on a metal rack or draining it properly before keeping it.


  • Gives you softer beard
  • Great for itchy skin
  • Made from organic material
  • Travel friendly


  • Dissolves a bit quickly if not handled properly

2. Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo

Beard Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Best Organic Face Wash With Biotin & Tea Tree - Best Beard Soap With Beard Oil - Facial Hair Growth Kit For Men - Rapid Hair And Beard Growth - Made In USA


The product that tops our list is Polished Gentleman’s beard shampoo. It comes in two pieces: a shampoo and a conditioner, which means two in one. The shampoo helps grow your hair and make them healthy, while conditioner makes them softer and easy to manage. Like most beard washes, it comes in a standard 8 oz. packaging.

The shampoo is made up of all the natural ingredients such as tea tree, rosemary, biotin, aloe, argan oil, peppermint oil, manuka honey, and eucalyptus. It is organic in nature and free from all synthetic materials. The organic formula is paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free and alcohol-free, which makes it really appealing.

It has a balanced pH so that it does not disturb the natural pH of your beard. Both are scented in order to make you smell good after a wash.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Lathers up great
  • Gives you a smoother look
  • Long-lasting
  • Balanced pH


  • Does not cause hair growth in some people

3. Billy Jealousy Beard Wash 

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash, 8 Fl Oz

This Billy Jealousy Beard wash comes in three different sizes so that you can choose it according to your liking. The 8 oz. bottle is ideal for you to use and lasts well. With its organic ingredients, it deeply cleanses your beard, wiping out all the dust particles and accumulated debris over there. It gives a hydrated, moisturized, and fresh look to your beard, which is really essential to maintain your macho look.

Its chief ingredients are aloe leaf and soy protein, honey extract, green tea extract along with many others. These extracts not only play a role in softening your beard hair but also are anti-aging. This sulfate-free formula comprises a fresh fragrance. This fragrance makes you feel you are in an orchard of lavender and sandalwood.


  • Economical
  • Delivers what it promises
  • Gives a groomed beard
  • Keeps beard in good shape


  • Too much plastic ingredients are used.

4. Maapilim Theodore Beard Wash

Experts highly recommend this beard wash. It works well now only for normal skin type but goes well with sensitive skin and people who are having various skin issues. This is particularly more effective on men with drier skin. This mixture of carrier oils enables the wash to revitalize your bread giving it a hydrated and cleansed look. The primary ingredients are really worth mentioning. The Argan oil fortifies and strengthens your beard hair, cedarwood oil soothes itching of your skin, and mandarin orange peel nourishes the hair.

Who would want to miss this amazing formula, which comes in 8.4 fl. oz. bottle? It is free of all those sulfates and harsh chemicals that would be harmful to your beard growth and makes the hair dry and fizzy. It leaves your bread with a sweet scent of lavender mixed with grapefruit. You would want to wash your bread multiple times because of this fragrance.


  • Works well for dry skin
  • Reduces itching
  • Produces great lather
  • Moisturizes beard


  • No cons found

5. Bluebeards Original Beard Wash with Extra Conditioning

Bluebeards Original Beard Wash

If anyone around you or you yourself have frizzy, tangled beard hair then Bluebeards beard wash with extra conditioning should be your last stop. It comes in a bottle of 8.5 Fl. oz., which has a flip on the cap. The packaging is great, and you can carry it anywhere. With its extra conditioning qualities, it tames unruly hair giving them shape and style.

It comprises a remarkable natural combination of ingredients which include lime, Provitamin B5, and aloe gel. These ingredients provide you relief from any itching on your beard and help remove beardruff from your beard. So, next time you do not have to worry about visible flakes falling on your shirt. It takes care of your beard as well as your skin so just don’t need to worry about your skin.

This gentle, sulfate-free formula imparts a natural shine on your beard without leaving any sticky residue. It leaves a scent of fresh lime and tea behind it, which is really pleasant.


  • Works wonders for itchy beards
  • Smooths out frizzy beards
  • Active natural ingredients.


  • Is not long-lasting
  • Does not lather up quickly

6. Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Wash

Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash

This beard wash is a real solution for all those suffering from stunted beard growth and skin issues on their beard. It comes in a bottle of 4.7 fl. oz., with a nozzle on it. Devoid of any artificial material such as gums, fillers, and chemicals; it is 100% natural. The chief natural ingredients are olive fruit oil, organic coconut oil, lavender oil, rosemary leaf oil, organic jojoba seed oil, vitamin E oil.

This natural mixture not only energizes your skin by reducing itching, redness and beardruff but also cleanses and removes the sebum and dead skin cells. With continuous usage, all your skin issues will get resolved, and it will instigate beard growth. You can easily witness the early stages of beard growth once your skin is healthy and fresh. It leaves an earthy smell after you wash your beard with it. The lather is big and fluffy enough to cover full-length beards.


  • Initiates beard growth
  • Eliminates skin irritation
  • Foams up quickly


  • Leaky nozzles waste lot beard wash

7. Wild Willies Beard Wash and Conditioner

Wild Willies Beard wash

This is one of the favorite deals you would like to have. You get a shampoo and a conditioner in 4 fl. oz. travel size bottles. These compact bottles make them really easy to carry around while you are travelling by hunching them into your gym bag and toiletries pack. You surely would not want to have a messy and unruly beard on your vacations or around the town. This has been formulated in such a way that it gives you a flawless look to your beard.

It follows the maxim of 3 R’s, which is replenished, revive, and restore.  With its natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass essential oils, it can renew the stunted growth of your beard. The natural formula after replenishing revives healthier growth of your beard while simultaneously restoring a smooth and silky shine to you.

What else would you like to have? The conditioner will further help you in smoothing out hair, giving you a finer look.


  • Natural composition
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Imparts shine to your beard


  • Watery shampoo
  • Sharp tingling scent

8. OneDTQ Big Forest Beard Shampoo

Big Forest Beard Growth Shampoo

The Big Forest is famous for producing an extensive range of beard care, which produces remarkable results. One DTQ Big Forest Beard shampoo carries forward the same legacy of satisfying customer’s needs. The beard wash comes in a 9 fl. oz. bottle, which is larger than your standard beard wash size. It is an ideal product for all those men who face the problem of ingrown hair and under beard acne.

This remarkable mixture helps you fight multiple problems of beard, which includes removing dead skin cells, grime, tackling flaky skin and patches underneath your beard. After catering to all these issues, it soothes your skin and stimulates hair growth. All the ingredients present in it are natural and organic free from all the parabens, sulfates, and plastics. The chief ingredients are organic coconut oil and enriched with effective and stimulating jojoba, cedarwood and fir needle oils.

These ingredients not only work wonders for your beard but also leave behind a woodsy scent behind after ever wash. It lathers up really quickly, leaving behind a moisturized and nourished beard that looks cool.


  • Fights ingrown hair
  • Great for sensitive and itchy skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates beard


  • Some people think it is a bit runny.

9. Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash

Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash, 6 Fl Oz

Are you fighting coarse and brittle beard hair and are fed up with all ordinary washes that leave your beard hair dried up and tangled? Here is dual purpose beard wash that will not only deeply cleanse your beard hair but also with its creamy texture balance your beard’s natural texture. Anthony conditioning beard wash has a creamy texture, which keeps your beard hydrated while imparting them a healthier look. It comes in a decent packaging of a tube with 177 ml in it, which is more than enough.

This dual-purpose product also saves you from the hassle of applying conditioner after every wash and saves your money too. An admixture of natural botanical extracts including black currant, rosemary extract, lemon, orange, and olive oil work to soothe and nourish facial skin. Coconut oil conditioner assists in detangling and softening beard hair. Furthermore, it is dermatologically tested.


  • Creamy texture
  • Conditioner with a wash
  • Secure packaging
  • Reduces ingrown hair


  • Might not be great for people with oily skin

10. Viking Revolution Beard wash

Viking Revolution Beard Wash

This Viking Revolution beard wash is made up of premium ingredients, which surely deliver their result. One of the greatest advantages is that it comes in a large size bottle, which is by the largest bottle we have seen. It comes in a full-length bottle of 17 oz., which means you can be your partner for a long time.

It includes Argan and Jojoba beard oils, which give a nourishing look by imparting all the necessary nutrients to your facial skin. It is a mild formula free from all the harsh chemicals. This amazing composition resists the buildup of irritating flakes on your beard. It just gives a luscious texture to your beard, ultimately levelling up your look game greatly. After every wash, you feel really fresh with a gentle peppermint and eucalyptus scent.


  • Natural oil softens beard hair.
  • Helps in getting rid of beard dandruff
  • Lasts much longer


  • The fragrance smells vaguely of chemicals.


Beard wash- Buying Guide.

Before you land up in the market to find a beard wash for yourself, you should know which things to look for in an ideal beard wash for yourself. To ease out things for you, we have compiled a list of things you should check out before buying. Let’s have a look:

1. Ingredients

Whenever you are out in the market for buying a beard wash, always look carefully at the label and ingredients. Whether the ingredients are organic or chemical-based. Organic ingredients will soothe out your skin without having any harsher effects on your beard. While chemical ingredients can cause skin irritation. An ideal beard wash should have Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Springwater, Olive oil, Castor oil, Soy Wax, Beeswax, Seaweed extract, Honey, Cocoa powder, Chamomile Extract, and Essential oils without any filler junk.

2. Skin Type

Apart from ingredients, you should choose a beard wash which is designed according to your skin type. People who have a drier skin should lookup for a beard wash having oil in it so that the beard does not become much drier after every wash. Similarly, those having sensitive skins should pick up accordingly in order to avoid any adverse effect on the skin. Know your skin type and choose wisely.

3. Usability and Performance

Usability refers to the texture of beard wash and how quickly it creates lather. If a beard washes foams up richly after a lather, then you are good to go with it. Performance refers to the result and effect of beard wash on your beard hair after each wash. Whether it creates a nourished and softened look or not.

4. Packaging

The shelf life of any packaging depends on its packaging. Generally, Amber bottles are recommended for things with natural ingredients. Other than this, the product should be packed in a way to avoid leakage.

5. Fragrance

This is a pivotal factor because your beard is right below your nose. You would not like to have a sharp scent of your beard wash. Ideally, your beard wash should have a mild, refreshing a manly fragrance yet.


We have mentioned all the qualities which a beard wash should have. Additionally, we have also picked up the best beard washes to ease up things for you. Now, the ball is in your court to choose accordingly.

This review is solely based on personal use, reviews and rating. I hope you will like this post. If you have any queries, regarding this post, please feel free to contact Bestgroomingtips.

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