How To Use Bar Soap? Is It Hygienic & Beneficial?

how to use bar soap

People are using bar soap for ages, and still, they are exerting it. It is possible many don’t know the accurate way of using it. They use their hand to apply bar soap to their skin which I totally disagree with. Because it doesn’t produce a rich lather, you will need to apply more soap to it in case of needing rich lather. In doing so, you will waste more soap.  So, How to use Bar soap?

The best way to use bar soap is by using a loofah or washcloth, or poofy. 

  • To begin with, you need to wet your washcloth or poofy or loofah.
  • Straight away, you rub bar soap into it. You will perceive exceptional lather being produced from it.
  • Once enough lather is produced, you scrub it into your body.

This is a convenient way to use bar soap. Practicing this method saves soap and helps produce great lather to remove dirt and grime from your body.

How to Use Bar Soap In The Shower?

bar soap in a shower

You use bar soap to wash off stinks and dirt from your body, right! Over here are some of my recommendations for using bar soap in the shower!

Initially, I suggest you wet your entire body before applying soap because it eases you to glide soap. Furthermore, if your body is wet, it produces excellent lather. And it applies to your face too.

  • Starting from the face

bar soap for face

Here to apply bar soap, I recommend you to use your hands. You can also use a washcloth. No big deal at all! I feel that hand works better at your face. So, I recommended it.

To use your hand, you must first cleanse it. And after that, rub bar soap into it until a good amount of lather is produced. Once the good lather is created, you apply it gently to your face and massage it in a circular motion. Don’t scrub it too hard; otherwise, you will irritate your skin.

  • Now Neck To Body

Now, you move down a bit and wash your neck up to your upper body. Here, you wash your neck, arm, armpit, chest, and waist.

To wash these body parts, you use a washcloth because it’s vast, and you will need more lather. Using only a hand to create a lather for such a body part is quite difficult.

  • Finally to buttocks and legs

Finally, using the same washcloth, you wash your buttocks and legs. Make sure you cleanse your buttocks properly. It maintains your hygiene. Also, Cleanse the back of your legs and feet.

You cleanse your body from top to bottom. Now, you are all clean.

Here, I recommended you wash your body from top to bottom is because it leaves fewer residues. The lesser residue, the more hygienic you will be!

Why use Bar Soap – Benefits of Bar Soap

#1. To Cleanse Dirt, Bacteria, & Fault Odour

Your body contains millions of pores, and dirt might stick to them. Meanwhile, to remove that dirt, you can use bar soap. Correspondingly, you can also use bar soap to eliminate bacteria and fault odor produced from sweat.

#2. To prevent Nicks & Cuts during the shave

Bar soap produces an adequate amount of lather. Thus, you can also use it as an alternative to shaving cream. It eases to glide razor and reduces friction between your skin and the razor blades, preventing nicks and cuts.

#3. For invigoration

If you are feeling dull, wash your body with bar soap. It has a pleasant smell and will surely invigorate you with its smell. Check this bar soap with a great smell!

#4. To keep your body moisturized

If you have dry skin, you can try using bar soap. It will definitely keep your body moisturized because it is made up of fats and oils.

#5. You won’t need to use many preservatives

A preservative is harmful to your skin. Therefore, I recommend you use a product that contains less preservative. For so, you can try bar soap that contains no preservatives at all.

#6. It’s easy to use

There is no hard and fast rule to use bar soap. You can simply apply it by using your hand or washcloth.

#7. It lasts Longer

Bar soap lasts for more than 4-5 weeks that saves you not more but some amount of money. It’s another advantage of using bar soap.

These are the reasons why you need to use bar soap.

Is Bar Soap Bad To Use – Is it hygienic?

People think that bar soap harbors bacteria. So, it is unhealthy to use. But it isn’t the case. Indeed, bar soap contains bacteria, but your body contains more bacteria than soap.

Those bacteria are indeed needed to protect you from the pathogen. While you apply bar soap, bacteria from your skin gets transferred to your soap and back again to your skin after rubbing it.

There is one case when bacteria gets transferred to your soap. It is during the time of using a moist washcloth.

If you don’t dry your washcloth after washing your body and use the same washcloth again can cause bacterial infection. Thus, I recommend you dry out your washcloth after washing your body.

How To Keep your Bar Soap Clean?

  • To keep your bar soap clean, you can cleanse it with running water.
  • Make it dry, meaning that while not using soap, keep it away from water
  • Don’t share the same soap with others – not even with your family members.
  • Put a sponge in a soap dish underneath the soap. It absorbs water and germs.


The best way to use bar soap is by using a washcloth, loofah, or poofy. However, while applying it to your face, I recommend you to use your hand.

Bar soap removes bacteria, dirt, and bad smell from your body, making it clean and fresh. Additionally, it keeps your body moisturized. It is easy to use and can be affordable for anyone.

Thus, I highly recommend you to use bar soap.

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