Best Shave Soap For Straight Razor

best shave soap for straight razor

I am shaving my beard using different shaving products like shaving gel, shaving cream, and shaving soap. All these products are being used for the quality shave. Quality shave means to shave without nicks and cuts, no irritation,  nor ingrown hair or razor burn. For so, you need to use a product that lathers well which helps you to glide the razor smoothly across your skin. If you are using straight razors, I have some suggestions.

If you are just a beginner trying out to shave your beard, I will suggest not to use a straight razor. Because even a simple mistake could lead to cuts. You might suffer from skin irritation as well because of sharp blades. First, try out to shave using a butterfly razor. It’s easy to handle but you might also cut your skin if you make a mistake.

Tips Before Using Straight Razor

  • Be Confident

If you aren’t confident enough to shave your beard with a straight razor, don’t use it. First, You can try shaving your beard with an electric razor then eventually shift towards a safety razor and finally to a straight razor. It gives you the confidence to shave.

Electric razors are easy to use. It won’t cut your skin but might leads to skin irritation. Meanwhile, butterfly safety razors are easy to handle in comparison to straight razor but you will cut your skin if handled unproperly. Once you boost up your confidence using these razors, you can finally shave using a straight razor.

Why I am saying not to use straight razor directly is because it’s difficult to handle and you need to master it before using it. If you are professional, you can use any razors.

  • Lather Well

If you are using an electric razor, you don’t need to lather well. But for those who are using a straight razor and butterfly razor, I suggest you master in lathering.

If you have proper lather in your face, it decreases the friction in between the blade of razor and your face. As a result, you can glide the razor smoothly across your skin with less chance of having cuts.

  • Use the best shaving brush

To master the lathering process, you need to master in choosing the best shaving brush. Because of the combination of shaving products like shaving cream or shaving soap, and a good shaving brush determines how good lather you will produce. And better the lather you will produce, there is less chance of having nicks and cuts.

  • Check your skin sensitivity

It is not that you produce a good lather, you won’t suffer from irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you will suffer from it. You can’t deny it but you can take precautions like by using aftershave or the moisturizer after you shave your beard. Using these products helps you to calm down irritation and prevent infections.

Once you master all these steps, you will get flawless skin.

In this post, we are discussing the best shave soap for straight razor

Without further ado, let’s check the

5 Best Shave Soap For Straight Razor

1. Mitchell’s WoolFat Shaving Soap

Mitchell’s wool fat shaving soap is produced from the fat of the ship. It’s not like what you think. They won’t kill ships to take the fat out but rather harvest from already-shorn wool of the sheep.

The wool of ship secret some chemical named lanolin which works well as a good moisturizer and lubricant. And from such lanolin, soap is prepared.

It is one of the best shaving soap for lubricating your skin. It lathers well and is gentle in the skin which prevents irritation and is good for sensitive skin. If you are interested, you can check out the price here.

2. Taylor of old bond street shaving soap

If you are following our blog, you will always find this product on our top list. It’s the brand that’s famous not because of its name but because of its features.

The incredible feature of this product is that it won’t leave your skin to be dry out even after post-shave. It moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness.

You need to take a scoop of this cream and using a shaving brush you can apply it all across your skin. It hydrates your skin. The amazing thing is that you will feel the magic while gliding straight razor into it. The lubrication of this cream makes it super smooth to glide any razor into your skin.

It will definitely prevent skin irritation and decreases the chance of having cuts. And on top of that, you will love the fragrance of this cream which will provide invigorated skin all day. If you are interested, you can check out the price here.

3. D.R. harris shaving soap

If you need a soap that lasts longer, then D.R. harris shaving soap must be the choice of your interest.

This shaving soap is produced by using old school triple-milling technology that uses animal fat. So, if you use this shaving soap properly, it produces a good amount of lather which is great for people having sensitive skin. While using a straight razor, this is the invincible soap to prevent cuts.

For producing a good lather with this soap, you need to use a shaving brush with boar bristle. I found that using this soap with a shaving brush having soft bristles doesn’t work well. It is one of the drawbacks of this soap.

You will find it a bit expensive in comparison to other shaving soap. But you will get a long-lasting convincing result.

4. Proraso shaving soap

If you want to get rid of skin irritation, redness and razor burns from straight razor – Proraso shaving soap is a great choice. It contains menthol and eucalyptus which aids to calm down the razor burn. So, it is a great choice for sensitive skin as well.

It is affordable, easy to use and produces a bubble-free good lather. Once you apply this shaving cream, you can easily shave your beard with no irritation and razor burn. It keeps your skin moisturized and prevents dryness which alcohol-based soap can’t. It is the plus point of this shaving soap

The mint smell, in addition, provides a great addition to your shaving experience.

5. Arko shaving soap

If you want a shaving soap that is easy to carry while travelling, Arko shaving soap is a great choice. Using a straight razor and this shaving soap makes your shaving experience better while travelling.

It’s a traditional shaving soap which you can figure it out from its cover. It’s cover has not been changed since its inception. You might not like the cover of this soap but how it performs based on its price is exceptional.

It is a tallow based soap which produces a great lather and has good lubrication.


You need to use the best soap while using a straight razor. The soap must

  • Produce good lather
  • Helps to Lubricate well
  • Moisturize your skin

If you use the soap having such a feature, you will prevent your skin from cuts and other damages.

We have researched many products and found the best shaving soap for the straight razor to be Mitchell’s Woolfat shaving soap. Having said that, I am saying other products are bad. They are equally good. But this comparison is based on features, prices, and ratings.

I hope you like this post, if you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact Bestgroomingtips.

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