Chest Hair Coloring : Everything You Need To Know About It

chest hair coloring

There comes the point in every man’s age where they are faced with the harsh reality of graying chest hair. But no need to worry as there are many options present that can shatter that fear. Some people prefer to trim their hair; some prefer to shave it off while some people prefer to wax it off.

But the most popular method is by coloring their chest hair. This is a great method as you don’t need to cut or get rid of your luscious chest hair by waxing it off. You can choose the color of your choice to make you look and feel young again.

When Do You Need to Start Coloring Chest Hair?

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There is a huge misconception that your chest hair will start to grey when your head hair starts to grey as well. But the reality is that as your head hair might take a long period of time before graying, your chest hair will start to go grey around the age of 35.

Chest hair is considered as a pillar of masculinity and some men take great care of it. Maybe you want to look different and want to add to the excitement of it all. Either way, you want to start looking at the best hair dyes that you can use.

How to Dye Your Chest Hair

There are some things to consider before coloring your hair. You need to dye according to the length of your chest hair and the thickness. You also need to apply the dye in such a way that it doesn’t stain your skin and gives you an even dye.

There a total of seven steps that goes into dying your chest hair:

  • Patch Test

In order to check if the dye you chose is even compatible with your skin, you need to apply a small amount of the dye on any small part of your body for example the elbow. Leave it on for about 2 days. If there are no signs of irritation or any type of discomfort around the applied area then the dye is good to go.

  • Apply Vaseline

It is recommended that before dyeing your chest hair, you need to apply a lair of petroleum jelly or Vaseline around the borders. This is done to prevent skin staining and over spillage of dye when applied to your chest area.

  • Preparing the Dye

Now that you’ve already done the patch test and know that this dye will work for you, you need to get to the main part. This is to mix the dye. First, you need to wear any protective gloves i.e. latex gloves. This is done to prevent staining on your hands and makes the whole process mess free.

After that, you need to mix the dye of your choice. Usually a dye comes with two components, the base and a developer. You need to mix these two together in the provided mixing tray or bowl with the spatula that comes with the dye. One thing to note is that some dyes come pre mixed.

  • Applying the Dye

Now is the time for you to apply the color on your chest. You need to use either an applicator brush if you have one or gloved fingertips. Just apply the dye mixture in small amounts in an upwards motion. This is to prevent the dye from spilling downwards which would cause an uneven dye.

You don’t need to apply the dye aggressively, instead just gently apply it while trying not rubbing the skin underneath. If there is any dripping of the dye, quickly clean it off to avoid staining. After you’ve evenly and properly applied the dye to your chest hair you need to let it rest.

It is noteworthy that it depends on the type of dye you’re using that determines how long you should leave it on. Just be cautious of not applying it for too long because the general rule is, the longer you leave it the darker the color becomes.

  • Time to Rinse it Off

Remember not to leave the dye on for too long as it can cause the color to be darker than what you want and it can also irritate your skin as well. Now you need to wash the dye off in order to get the perfect color.

Get in the shower and wash with lukewarm water. You might see some dye washing off. But that is to be expected as the excess dye needs to be washed away. If you’ve correctly applied the dye then you will get the color you desire.

  • Drying

After you’ve showered off the excess dye off your chest hair, you can then use a towel and lightly use it to dry off your chest. Just be sure to be extra careful not to fade the dye and get your towel stained with dye.

  • Reviewing your Work

If you’ve dyed your chest hair and in the end you aren’t pleased with the results, then there’s no need to worry. Dyes are not at all permanent. They usually last about 4-6 weeks after that it will start to fade. If you don’t want to spend 4-6weeks waiting for the dye to fade then you could just simply trim it off. 

One thing to consider is that it may take a few days for the original color of the dye to emerge, so don’t be fully disappointed if the dye isn’t as you desired. It is to be noted that you should also avoid leaving the dye on for too long. This can make your chest hair look unnatural and that might lead you to regret and disappointment.

How to Choose the Perfect Dye for Yourself

why is chest hair white

  • Color

When choosing the perfect dye for yourself, you need to consider the fact that the color should not look unnatural. It is recommended to choose the perfect dye which matches your skin tone and natural hair color. You can match the color with the color of your head hair and then you can make an informed decision. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard and select a completely incompatible hair tone.

  • Purpose

You need to ask yourself if you want to perfect your current look or just give yourself a new look by dyeing it completely. If you are looking to get a younger look by completely dyeing your gray hair, then choose a hair color that suits you.

But if you don’t mind your current silver look, then there are plenty of options you can choose from that will give you the perfect blend. You can achieve that perfect combo of salt and pepper. Just be sure to choose a color that can blend the tones without becoming too overpowering and unnatural.

  • Quality

Be sure to get the best quality dye for coloring your chest hair. There are a lot of cheap options available in the market. These options might seem tempting but you need to know that they can be harmful for your hair and skin.

If you go with a cheap quality dye then there is a chance that it will cause quite a lot of irritation for your skin. Your hair might fade a lot earlier and might not give the best look. There is also a chance of your hair starting to fall if you go for a cheap product. So it is recommended to get a good quality dye that is from a reputable company that will give you the best results. 

How to Prevent Staining

When you are dyeing your chest hair, there is a major chance that dyes might stick to your skin. This stain can last for a few weeks and would look very unpleasant and sloppy. So there are a few ways you can prevent your skin from becoming a canvas for your dyeing routine.

  • Use No-Drip Dye   

This is the first method for preventing a dye from staining your skin. This might not be essential but for the inexperienced this can help a lot. There are dyes in the market that are labeled as a non-drip dye. This means that when applied, the dyes will not spill or run down.

This will greatly reduce the chance of staining. Although there aren’t a lot of dyes made specifically for chest hair that have this feature, this is still a great thing to look for when choosing your dye.

  •   Use Towel After Wash

When you’ve rinsed off the excess dye, be sure to use a towel to dry off your chest. Use your towel gently to remove any residual dye and dry off the hair. Just be sure to be careful not to roughly dry as the dyed area is irritated initially and you might run the risk of fading the dye. If you’ve stained the towel there’s no need to worry. It is better that the towel gets stained and not your skin. 

  •   Wear Gloves

This is an essential step when you’re dyeing your hair. When applying your dye, either by an applicator or by hand. There is a sure chance that you will get some on your hands. It is better to keep your hands protected from staining by wearing gloves.

It is recommended that you dye your hair in the bathtub. You need to surround the area with towels. This will make sure that none of the area is stained and will make cleaning up after a lot easier.

  • Use Light Touch

This is quite an important part during the dyeing process. When applying your dye, just be sure to apply it lightly either with gloved fingers or by an applicator brush. It is also recommended to do it in an upwards motion to avoid dripping.

If you rub your dye, you have the chance of rubbing the dye into your skin. This will be difficult to avoid if you do this this way and will not look pleasing.

  •   Apply Petroleum Jelly

Although this rule might not be set in stone, it is quite highly acclaimed by men and they swear that this is essential for the perfect dyeing process. When you’re about to apply the dye onto your chest apply a layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline around the border of your chest hair.

This is done to prevent the dye from spilling and running out of the area you want to dye. This will reduce the chance of your skin getting stained and will do a great job of keeping the dye inside. This is one of the essential preparation steps before applying the dye onto your chest.

  •   Wipe Off Stains ASAP

When you’ve applied the dye, you need to ensure that the dye doesn’t stick to your skin. This will cause your skin to be stained and will be very unpleasant as it will take weeks to fade. It will also give an unprofessional look.

Be sure to clean the extra dye stains as soon as possible. If you don’t do this step early then it will be quite difficult to get it off. It is recommended to wipe off the excess to give you a clean and professional look.

Things to Consider When Dyeing Your Hair

  • Avoid staining your skin
  • Wear proper protective gear
  • Choose a dye that is compatible with your skin
  • Note the exact time you have left on your dye
  • Seek professional help if not comfortable
  • Follow instructions on the box
  • Chose a natural color
  • Apply dye evenly
  • Don’t rub in while applying
  • Dry lightly with towel afterwards
  • Buy a good quality dye
  • Wait at least 48 hours for final result

Things to Consider if Seeking Professional Help

If you’re not comfortable with applying dye and you feel that you might mess it up and will end up looking like a clown or even if you’re inexperienced. Then it is a purely viable option to seek professional help so that you get the best results possible. But there are a few factors to consider before going this route:

  • Online Reviews

When looking for a hair colorist, consider looking at the reviews of that person. If the reviews are quite positive and people feel comfortable going to that professional then it is a good option to go for. But if the reviews are generally negative and people are not happy with the results, then just avoid that place.

There are a lot of websites that offer reviews of places. Be sure to check them out before considering anyone. As an inexperienced person can surely mess up your dye and can make you look unpresentable along the way. Just be sure to pick the right person.

  • Price

When seeking professional help don’t spend a fortune on getting your chest hair dyed. There are a lot of saloons and barbers that are way overpriced and you can get that same experience someplace that is budget friendly. 

Be sure to spend accordingly as dyeing your hair shouldn’t be an expensive buy. But a thing to note is that the expensive places offer the top quality dyes that won’t irritate your skin and would look quite natural. But if you’re not comfortable spending that amount, you can buy a dye of your choice and get your hair dyed from someplace relatively inexpensive. 

  • Dye Quality

If you’re In the market for a hair colorist, make sure that the dye they are using on your chest hair is the best one for you. Cheap quality dyes can cause staining, make your skin irritate and even make your hair look unnatural. You can also run the chance of hair fall if you go for a cheap dye.

It is recommended that you buy a top quality dye yourself and get it applied from a place you trust. This will provide the best results and you would be comfortable with the dye.

  • Experience

Coloring chest hair is not a relatively hard task but it is difficult to perfect. So, when choosing a professional for yourself, make sure that they have plenty of experience with dyeing and hair coloring. You don’t want to end up looking bad.

A professional hair colorist shouldn’t stain your skin, nor should they give uneven dyeing. You want the professional to know the techniques which are needed to perfectly apply the needed color and give you the best results and experience.


All in all, it is not as hard as perceived. It is a thing to be considered that you shouldn’t feel pressured into dying your chest hair. You should be comfortable in your own skin and you should rock with your natural look.

But if you feel the need to dye your chest hair, then by all means go for it. Hopefully, we have helped in the process and have made it easier for you to get that done. Just be sure to get the best quality dye to get the best results and seek professional help if you aren’t comfortable with doing it yourself.

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