How to Stop Beard Growth? Number 7 is the Best One

how to stop beard growth

Are you tired of your beard growth? Are you looking for a way to stop it? We will share with you seven different ways that can help you tackle this problem.

How to stop beard growth?

  1. Using tweezers:

The simplest way in which you can do so is by using tweezers. However, if you pluck off the beard hair, it can be pretty painful.

A better solution is to apply ice to the area you are planning to pluck the hair. It will make the area less sensitive, and you can sanitize the tweezers with the help of alcohol before plucking the hair. Both these steps will ensure that you can remove the hair efficiently and avoid infection simultaneously.

A simple tip is to pull in the direction of hair growth. It will reduce the pain.

The advantage is that it is very affordable, but at the same time, it is time-consuming.

  1. Laser therapy:

Are you looking for a more hands-free approach to stop your beard growth?

If yes, you can go for laser therapy. Many cosmetologists can help you with the same.

The laser therapy will eliminate the hair follicles and, therefore, your beard won’t grow.

You need to keep in mind that a single session would not do. You will have to undergo multiple sessions to get rid of the hair follicles. It is entirely painless, and that is why many people prefer it.

  1. Electrolysis:

The process of electrolysis involves an electrified needle, which can eliminate the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is removed, there will be no beard growth.

You need to keep in mind that the colour of your hair matters in this process.

If you have light-coloured hair, this process is perfect for you. Once again, you need to undergo multiple sessions to stop beard growth.

It is an excellent idea to get this procedure through a licensed cosmetologist to get the desired results.

  1. Use Depilatory cream:

Are you looking for a temporary solution to stop beard growth?

If yes, you need to think about using depilatory creams. They can remove the hair temporarily. They halt the hair growth for a longer time as compared to shaving.

During this time, your skin will be entirely smooth. It is, however, necessary to choose the right cream according to the skin type. You need to look at the ingredients of the cream before making your decision.

If you’re looking for a temporary method, these creams are a perfect choice.

  1. Using Growth inhibitors:

Growth inhibitors eventually stop the growth of your beard hair. However, you need to use them for a long time.

You might be thinking, how do they correctly work?

You need to understand that these are plant-based products. They weaken the hair follicles every time you apply them.

They first make them thin and then make them soft.

During the later stages, the hair follicle stops growth since it cannot absorb enough nutrition to support hair growth.

During the first few applications, there will be no visible differences in your beard growth. It is when you use these growth inhibitors regularly; you can notice any difference. It is essential to use them as per the instructions if you want to get the desired effect.

  1. Use threading:

Most of you might be aware of threading as a procedure to trim facial hair. However, it can slowly but certainly reduce the growth of your facial hair as well.

As it is an entirely natural method, more and more people are opting for threading to stop the growth of light beard hair.

The procedure involves soothing down the area from which you need to remove the hair. After that, with the help of a thread, the trimming is done.

In many cases, the hair follicle gets pulled out as well. However, if the procedure is not done right, it can result in an injury or a wound. Due to this very reason, you should get it done only by a cosmetologist.


In the shorter term, threading can only trim your beard hair. However, if you’re getting it done by a cosmetologist, he/she should be able to pull out the hair follicles as well. In that case, you can stop your beard growth altogether.

You need to keep in mind that while it is not an inflammatory procedure, but it is indeed painful. Thus, you need to think about that before choosing this method to stop beard growth.

  1. Use Black cohosh:

Black cohosh has many health benefits. One of the effects of this herb is that it can reduce facial hair growth as well. The cohosh is available in many different forms. You can consume it by adding it to the tea or in capsule form.

If you’re not sure if it is suitable for you or not, it is better to talk to your doctor first.

The way you consume it is pretty simple. You can add 20 gms of black cohosh root to your tea while making it. Along with it, you can also add a teaspoon of honey. It will ensure that the taste of your tea is normal. You can add this mixture to 4 cups of water and boil it, and after that, strain it. You can add this mixture to your tea.

Black cohosh has a lot of other benefits as well like:

  • It reduces headaches.
  • It helps you avoid mood swings.
  • It helps you avoid anxiety and palpitation
  • It reduces inflammation in the body.

Thus, if you’re looking for a natural ingredient that can help you in reducing beard growth, this is the one that you can go with. While black cohosh might not be available at your nearest supermarket but you can easily order it online. Therefore, getting your hands on it is no big deal.

So, if you’re trying to find the answer to how to stop beard growth, you can choose between these seven methods. Not all of these methods take the same approach. Some can help you halt the beard growth temporarily. You have to first decide on the outcome which you want and then choose the right method.

The good news is that these are non-invasive methods, and therefore executing them isn’t a problem. You have to decide which one you fancy the most.

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