Do BTS/K-Pop/BlackPink Idols Shave Their Legs/Arms/Armpits/Face?

bts and kpop idols shaves their legs,armpits,arms,underam,chest

BTS and K pop idols have flawless skin.  Have you ever wondered about having such glowing skin without any hair? Do BTS/K-pop idols/Blackpink shave?

Koreans don’t have excess hair. There is a fine line of hair. Male do shave their facial hair regularly but not their legs and armpits. Female lasers everything from their face down to their legs.

You Shave Yourself

Kim Namjoon

How Do BTS/K-Pop Idols/Blackpink Deal With Hair?

Everyone grows hair so do BTS and Kpop idols. But they keep it kempt either by laser treatments, shaving, plucking or waxing.

For Underarms and Moustache – laser treatment is better.

Special Treatment For Head Hair

BTS and K-pop idols frequently dye their hair twice or thrice a month. Hair turns so brittle and dry as a result of it. They also suffer from hair fall. But to keep it appealing, they do some special treatment – treatments include hair replacement and hair restorations. 

According to DailyVanity, Kpop singer recommends applying Moroccan oil to the hair end to keep it shiny.

These 7 idols have confessed balding, according to the Koreaboo.

Eyebrows – Shaving

Eyebrows can either be waxed, shaved, or plucked.  They prefer shaving. But managers don’t let them do it by themselves. Makeup artist shaves their brows.

There are fewer BTS and K-Pop idols who plucks or wax their eyebrows

Facial hair – Laser

K-pop idols prefer laser treatment for facial hair.  It hurts but is the most effective hair removal method. It completely removes peach fuzz hair from their face and keeps their makeup much smoother. The application will be straightforward afterwards. But if they don’t want laser, a makeup artist shaves it.

In contrast, BTS shaves their beard!

Armpit hair – Laser

BTS & K-pop Idols prefer laser treatment underarms.

Laser treatment can permanently remove underarm hair. It takes around $50. It is viable and pretty much affordable. At the same time, guys might need to get more treatment because of thicker hair.

While all of them don’t need to do laser because some are also are born without armpits hair. And some guys don’t shave their armpit.

K-pop idols don’t prefer shaving because they can’t shave it all the time. Even after shaving, it might look dark and messy.

Body hair including Legs & Arms – Laser

All K-Pop Idols and BTS prefer laser treatment for body hair.

Some also wax their bikini line. But not a lot of them prefer waxing because laser is much affordable.

Some men can also trim their body hair, including legs and arms!

Why does BTS/K-Pop Idols/Blackpink Shave?

do bts have hair on their legs


The facial hair of most of the BTS is sparse. They end up looking untidy if they don’t shave.


In Korea, Men with facial hair are often assumed to be unsanitary and poor.  While, Clean-shaven is a sign of sharpness and youth.

Younger audience

BTS and Kpop idol audience is young people.

Shaving keeps them look younger and provides a more youthful vibe. In contrast, facial hair destroys the youthful image.

Beard isn’t their beauty standard.

Beardlessness is a Korean beauty standard.

According to NextShark,

Beard makes them look barbaric

In Korea, most women prefer clean-shaven men because it signifies that the man takes care of himself and his appearance.

To have Pale skin

Korean think their pale skin represents beauty. Pale skin means noble and attractive!  It is the symbol of the upper class. It is believed who have dark skin have to be hardworking and dirty.

To have pale skin, they shave!

Media Influence

In Korean media,

Being clean-shaven is a symbol of success.

In many K-dramas, a man grows a rough unkempt beard as he starts living on drugs and alcohol. And when he decides to get his life back on track, he wears a sharp suit and shaves his face clean.

These messages imparted through media market cultural values and greatly impacted what people like and dislike.

Their Appearance is their popularity.

All BTS members can grow a beard. Are they popular because of their beard! Of course not, but because of their adorable babyface.

To have a baby looking face, they need to shave their beard.

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Does BTS Shave Their Legs/Arms/Armpits/Face/Chest?

Most BTS and K-pop idols laser their legs, arms, chest and armpits except for eyebrows. Makeup artist shaves their eyebrows. They prefer laser over shaving is because it is long-lasting, easier, no nicks and cuts and not painful.

Does BTS Have To Shave?

The Korean beauty standard is beardlessness. Most women like clean-shaven face. On top of that, BTS have a younger target audience. So to keep them looking younger, BTS have to have shaved.


Everyone grows hair, whether it is Blackpink, k-pop idols or BTS. They whether shave, laser, wax, or pluck it.

BTS shaves their facial hair and lasers their armpits, arms and legs. At the same time, K-pop idols laser everything from their facial hair down to their legs.

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