Why Are Koreans Beautiful?

why are koreans beautiful

Not all Koreans are beautiful, but those who are beautiful are extremely beautiful. K Pop, BTS, Blackpink, are few but popular and beautiful icons from Korea.

Why Are Koreans beautiful?

Koreans are beautiful because of their small face, V shape jawline, pale skin, double eyelid, medium-sized nose bridge, heart-shaped lips and slim figure. Apart from it, their skin regimen is also top-notch.  Moreover, they follow standard steps even for washing their face.

“You are not ugly, you were just born in a judgemental society”

Kim Nam-joon

Korean Beauty Standard

I’ve mentioned some beauty standards Koreans are following!  However, everyone can’t maintain these standards because they aren’t born with these features. Meanwhile, they opt for cosmetic surgeries.

Small Face

According to JapanTimes,

People with small face have large eyes and small chin. They look attractive and stimulate nurture feeling.

Koreans wants to have a small face. They try all kinds of diet to keep it small. If the diet doesn’t work, they opt for cosmetic surgeries!

V shape Jawline

People having V shape jawline has a slim and oval face. It provides a sharp chin with a well-defined jawline. Research shows that V shape jawline provides a younger and feminine appearance.

V Shape face is the most beautiful face

Not everyone is blessed with this face. But products like face massagers help to lift the face to V Shape. It is a temporary solution.

Meanwhile, treatments like Smart Lipo, N-Cog Skin lift, and Botox helps to get the permanent v shape face.

According to DailyVanity,

V Shape is highly sought-after look in korea!

Pale skin

White skin means noble and attractive!

Korean like white and flawless skin. It is the symbol of the upper class. It is believed who have dark skin have to be hardworking and dirty.

Korean believe white as pure and dark as dirty.

They also admire the western culture, and this admiration makes Koreans like White.

According to the Association of consumer research,

Various methods of lightening the skin have long been used in Korea, such as applying miansoo lotion and dregs of honey (Jeon, 1987)

Double eyelid

Double eyelid is the symbol of success! It open up your makeup and make you look brighter.

Double eyelid adjusts the skin above the eyes and keeps it more beautiful.

According to Koreaherald, South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery globally, while double eyelid surgery is the most common surgery.

The average price of double-eyelid surgery varies between $1500-$2500

Medium-sized Nose Bridge

Korean prefer a medium-sized nose bridge – not too big, not too small.

According to Hyundai Aesthetics,

Optimal nose bridge width is 70~80% of width of nostrils.

In Korea, a high nose for a girl is considered unattractive. The nose must be medium-high with a round tip.

Heart-shaped Lips

According to cosmopolitan,

People having Heart shaped lips are considered to be independent and strong willed

Heart-shaped lips are the most feminine. They look stunningly beautiful and, on top expressive, fearless and seductive.

The secret to Korean heart-shaped lips is cupid bow surgery.

Korean Celebrities having heart-shaped lips

Slim figure

The average Korean female size is considered to be 55. While skinny size is considered to be 44.

According to Seoulselection, while developed countries get fatter, Koreans remain thin!

Most Korean stars are skinny because they took a diet assigned by a Nutritionist. They follow it strictly.

Some tips for a slim figure are:

  • Live active lifestyle
  • Do proper exercise
  • Eat fewer carbs

How Strict is Korean Beauty Standard?

In the past, it used to be strict. They eat only cucumbers to lose weight. Girls take a laxative to lose weight. It is not good for their health. They are forcefully taking drugs to look slimmer. They prefer unhealthy methods to achieve this goal.

They can’t eat what they wanted.

However, According to k pop idol, Grazy Grace, beauty standard is now changing. Talent is now more focused rather than appearance.

Educate us what should we be eating, she said! How do Koreans learn to feel more confident about their beauty – beauty standard must be open-minded, she added!

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The ugly side of Korean beauty

K Beauty market is estimated to be a 13 billion dollar with an annual growth rate of 11.3%. It soars up to 21 billion dollars in 2026. K beauty conglomerate earns 5 trillion dollars a year.

Cosmetic surgery is extremely prevalent in Korea. Many girls do plastic surgery.

There is no problem in surgery – but sometimes take it to the extreme

History of Korean Beauty

Once upon a time, there was a prince named Hwanung. He was the son of Hwanin, “the lord of heaven”.

Hwanung desire to live on the earth among valley and mountain. He was then permitted by his father to reside with his 3000 followers.

He finally descended to the sandalwood tree on Baekdu Mountain.

Nearby the mountain, there was a cave where bear and tiger lived, who would come to worship Hwanung every day and pray to transform them into a human.

Upon hearing, Hwanung gave twenty cloves of garlic and mugwort and promised them to transform into a human if they eat only his garlic and stay inside the cave for 100 days.

Tiger gave up after 20 days and left the cave, but the bear remains faithful.

Hwanung transformed the bear into a gorgeous woman with light skin. She later married Hwanung and gave birth to Dangun, who became the founder of Korea’s first kingdom, ‘Gojeoson.’

This story tells that the woman becomes a mother of Korea because she stays out of sunlight and she became a human with light skin,

White skin denotes spiritual purity and patriotism. It also represents high social status

Light skin is chosen by the Joseon dynasty that ruled from 1392 to 1910.

Confucianism is the state ideology of the Joseon dynasty! It emphasizes simplicity, modesty and harmony.

Extravagant makeup is banned for both men and women. Beauty ideal was clean and light complexion. They were smooth and radiant.

In Confucianism, it is believed the body is a reflection of the soul, and a beautiful soul reflects a beautiful body.

As a result, they develop to achieve glowing skin. They Use natural ingredients to make glowing skin.

  •  Cleansing

During Joseon Dynasty, Jodu is used for cleansing. It is a powdered soap that had whitening properties.

It is made by grinding mung bean, red beans and soybean to a fine powder

The powder is then mixed with water and rub it into the skin

It removes dead skin cell, stimulate blood circulation, and provides revitalization effect.

Ordinary Korean who can’t afford Jodu uses grain and rice powder. They also use rice water which is still the best skin regimen in Korea.

  • Facial Lotion

After cleansing, cucumber is applied directly into the skin. It works as a facial lotion. It has a great moisturizing property that reduces swelling and, on top, provides a natural glow. It also reduces dark circles.

  • Moisturizer

Myeonyak is used as a moisturizer.

To prepare Myeonyak, it is needed to have 3 eggs,  a jar and wine

  • Crack eggs in a jar
  • Pour wine over it
  • Seal the jar for fermentation for 4 weeks, and it is ready to use

It prevents cracks and wrinkles.

  • Face Mask

For a face mask, Honey or Mugwort are used. It has antioxidant property that moisturizes the face and keeps it hydrated.

The origin of Korean skin cream is relevant today!

Korean Glass skin tips – 9 Step Skincare Routine

1. Remove MakeUp

  • Firstly, you will need to remove makeup before applying any beauty product.
  • Use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup. Apart from removing makeup residue, it also hydrates your skin.
  • Finally, wash it off with warm water and pat your face dry with a towel.

2. Remove impurities using a water-based cleanser

A water-based cleanser removes impurities. Squeeze a little bit of product – create a foam and massage it around your face

3. Exfoliate Your face

Sweep and gently massage your face using an exfoliator. Make sure your face is wet before exfoliation.

I suggest you not exfoliate your face every day. Do exfoliate two times a week.

After exfoliation, wash it with warm water.

4. Apply Toner

Toner assures to absorb the next product you are applying

Gently apply toner to your face. Make sure that it matches the ph level of your skin.

5. Apply Essence

Essence repair dry patches and pigmentation. It also hydrates and rebalances the skin.

Gently apply the essence to your skin.

6. Apply Serum

The serum provides a high concentration of active specific ingredients that prevent damage.

Gently apply serum to your skin.

6. Face mask

A face mask brightens your skin.

Now wear a face mask but don’t wear it for too long. It sucks moisture from your skin if it drys up.

I suggest you try it once or twice a week.

After using the face mask, Let the moisture sit into your skin.

7. Eye cream

Apply eye cream where wrinkles are seen. It has great antioxidant property that provides hydration and nourishment to your skin

8. Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

9. Sleep mask or sunscreen

Apply a sleep mask or sunscreen, depending upon the condition. It locks in the moisture.


Koreans are beautiful because they strictly follow Korean beauty standard. They use top skincare products. They also undergo cosmetic surgery to look beautiful.

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