Does Beard Filler Work – How do I fill patches in my beard?

do beard fillers work

Are you planning to use a beard filler? If yes, you would surely have doubts regarding its effectiveness. Therefore, before you start using a beard filler, it is a good idea to find the answer to the question Do beard fillers work?

Beard fillers do work; however, use them in the right way. Only once you do so can you expect them to work. Moreover, you need to choose the right beard filler. Not every filler is the same.

In case you’re wondering about its application method, we will highlight the same below.

How do I fill patches in my beard?

We would highlight the step-by-step procedure, which will make it easy for you to fill patches in your beard.

  1. The first important thing you need to do is make a mental note of the patches. Only once you do that will you know how many patches you have to fill.
  2. After that, you have to start finely filling in the gaps. Many fillers come along with a fine comb. If you comb with a fine comb, it will be easy for you to fill in the patches.
  3. After each application, you have to examine your beard to ensure that the gaps in the area which you are filling are closed. Otherwise, you have to think about reapplication.
  4. You have to ensure that you are allowing the filler to set before heading outdoors. When you do so, you can be sure that the effect will last for a long time.

That’s it!

The beard filler application process is that simple; however, it will undoubtedly take some time even though it is simple.

That is why, when planning to use one, you have to take out the time to ensure that you’re not doing the hasty job. In case you’re wondering how long it will take, we will answer that question below.

How long does it take for a patchy beard to fill in?

With each use, it will require you less time to use the filler. At the start, it can take up to 30 minutes. However, once you get used to the procedure, filling in the patches in your beard will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.

That is why, when you’re planning to use a filler, make sure that you set aside that much time to use it properly.

A lot will also depend on the type of filler that you are using. The quality of the filler should be up to the mark.

The question is how you can pick the best beard filler, which is effective and easy to use. We will answer this question below so that it becomes easy to choose the right filler.

How to Pick the Best Filler For Your Beard?

You should keep in mind a few things when choosing a filler first. Then, it will help you pick the most efficient option.

  1. Application process:

A filler can come in the form of a pencil or powder form along with a fine comb. Both of them are effective. However, you have to decide which one you prefer. If it comes along with a fine comb and in the powdery form, it will be easy for you to apply it finely.

If you’re buying a pencil one, it will take some time to get used to it. This is because the application process can vary from one filler to another. However, you have to decide which one you prefer over the other.

  1. Quantity:

In both cases, the quantity will vary. In the powder form, the quantity might seem more, but the application in the powder form is not that efficient. Some of it might go waste.

On the other hand, when using the pencil, you will be able to apply it easily without any wastage.

That is why; if you’re buying the powder form, it is a good idea to go with a bigger packing.

  1. Durability:

For how long can the effect of the beard filler remain?

You have to find the answer to this question before choosing one.

The longer the effect, the better it is.

So instead of choosing one that can last for 2 to 3 hours, it is good to choose one that can last longer.

  1. Water resistance:

We’re not saying that your beard will be exposed to water after the application of the filler. However, what about sweat?

If the filler is not water-resistant, the sweat will smudge it. As a result, it will deteriorate the look of your beard rather than enhancing in addition; the patches would be visible. That is why; it is better to choose one which has high water resistance.

  1. Composition:

The aim of checking the composition is to ensure that the filler does not contain any toxic ingredients. When that is the case, you can use it regularly easily.

  1. Colour:

One of the essential aspects that you need to consider while choosing a beard filler is that the pencil or the powder color should match the color of your beard. Only when that is the case will it be useful. Otherwise, it will stand out.

In addition, it will be visible that you have tried to enhance the quality of your beard using the filter. Therefore, it is not the way to use one. Due to this reason, you need to look at the exact shade of the filler while buying one.

Comparing the different fillers on these six parameters will help you in quickly choosing the right one. The results of filler depend significantly on its quality. The six parameters will help you choose the one that is easy to use and highly efficient.


So, yes, beard fillers do work. However, to make them work, you need to first and foremost choose the right beard filler. Only once you go through our guide above, selecting the right one will be possible. Also, we have highlighted the step-by-step procedure in which you can apply the same as well.

In a nutshell, our guide above will certainly provide you with detailed instructions regarding choosing and using the filler.

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