Does Beard Growth Oil Really Work? Is It Effective & Safe To Use

does beard growth oil really work

Most people want to have a beard. For having a beard, they try different remedies, oils, and vitamins. Perhaps trying all these remedies, they fail to grow it. It’s because there is no such product developed yet that starts growing beard. Minoxidil is one rare product that promotes beard growth but is not permanent. And I don’t recommend exerting it. If all these products won’t work –

Does Beard growth oil works?

You must know beforehand about your genetics. If your father and grandfather can’t grow a beard, it is useless to try beard growth oil expecting to grow a beard. Meanwhile, if you have already started growing a beard, but you want to make it look fuller, you can use it.

does beard oil work on patchy beards

Let’s dig it in detail! First, start with

What is beard growth oil?

It is a combination of essential and carrier oils that contributes to keeping your beard moisturized, shiny, and healthy.

Carrier oil is blended into beard oil to hydrate your beard and the skin underneath it. Due to this, you will have a soft and moisturized beard. Some carrier oils blended into beard oil are:

Like carrier oil, essential oils are also amalgamated into it. The primary purpose of essential oil is to provide a vibrating smell that creates a pleasant aroma around your space.

Is Beard Oil and Beard Growth Oil the Same?

Yes, both oils are partially the same because both products inherit almost the same ingredients. However, growth oil tends to have additional ingredients like:

#1. Biotin – It improves keratin structure in your body, and keratin is the best source for growing your hair.

#2. Zinc – It improves the hair follicle and ensures that your hair follicle is healthy. Apart from it, zinc is equally responsible for the production of testosterone that directly implies the development of masculine characteristics that include a beard.

#3. Vitamin A – It helps in the production of sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous gland that keeps your hair moisturized.

#4. Vitamin B6 – It helps to generate new skin cells and promotes hair growth.

#5. Vitamin C – It provides strength to your beard that prevents split ends. Here, vitamin C works as an antioxidant.

#6. Vitamin E – It increases the blood flow that makes it easy to grow a beard. Read How to use vitamin E For Beard

#7. Vitamin D – It promotes cell growth that helps to create new hair follicles.

#8. Fish Oil – It contains fat that helps produce protein, which is necessary for beard growth.

#9. Castor oil – It increases blood circulation that allows beard hair to grow faster.

#10. Aloe Vera – It contains proteolytic enzymes that stimulate facial hair follicles

These are the ingredients; you need to check to recognize a difference between these two oils.

I am saying to compare ingredients because people even advertise regular beard oil as the beard growth oil containing no ingredients like biotin and zinc.

However, having no such ingredients doesn’t mean that it’s not a growth oil. Even if it doesn’t contain those ingredients, it is considered a growth oil because

  • It also stimulates beard growth
  • Removes itchiness
  • Softens beard and skin underneath it
  • Moisturizes beard
  • Provides pleasant smell

What Does Beard Growth Oil Do? Is it Effective?

I assure you that if you already have a beard, it keeps your beard moisturized and healthy. It also prevents itchiness and irritation. Additionally, it prevents beard flakes and promotes stimulating your beard follicles. Thus, it is effective and convenient.

Is Beard Growth Oil Safe To Use?

Yes, these oils are safe to use, but I won’t say that it is safe for everyone because everyone can’t cope with the chemicals ingredients mixed into it. People with sensitive skin may suffer from allergies and irritation.

Thus, I first recommend you do the skin patch test before applying it. If no allergies are seen, you can use it.

However, if by any means allergies are seen, stop using it immediately.

Note: For people having sensitive skin, I recommend you try unscented beard oil.

How To Use Beard Growth Oil?

It is straightforward to use.

  1. Initially, you need to take a few drops of oil in your palm.
  2. Now, Rub it together.
  3. After that, using your fingers, you gently apply it all across your beard.
  4. Massage it in a circular motion for a few minutes so that it goes underneath your beard too.
  5. Comb it with a beard brush. It distributes oil all across your beard.
  6. Ultimately, style your beard with your favorite shape.

Best Time To Apply Beard Growth Oil

I suggest that you apply it only if you have already grown a beard. And the best time is:

  • When you have a dry beard problem, applying a few drops of it softens your beard, keeping it hydrated and shiny.
  • When You have a patchy beard – There are many reasons behind patchiness, and one common reason is dead skin cells. If it is the reason, applying this oil removes dead skin cells helping you to grow a beard from those patches.
  • When You are suffering from beard dandruff – Using this oil helps you remove flakes from your beard and prevents itchiness and irritation.
  • When You want to style your beard, gently apply some drops of oil and comb it with a beard brush to provide the best shape.
  • When You want to stimulate beard growth – While you apply this oil, it goes inside the hair follicle and stimulates it, increasing the growth of facial hair.


You will grow a beard or not totally depends upon your genetics. If your gene doesn’t support a beard, trying any beard product on the earth won’t help you grow it. On the other hand, if you have already grown a beard and want it to be fuller, healthier, and shinier, these products work like a charm.

Thus, I recommend you to know about your genetics first before trying any beard product.

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