Does Beard Growth Kits Work – Are They Effective?

does beard growth kits work

Beard growth kits are becoming increasingly popular these days. However, many men who have not used them still wonder if these kits are effective or not.

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Beard growth kits work pretty well because the products consist of a variety of nutrient-rich ingredients. These nutrients can enhance the growth of your beard. Moreover, they can nourish the beard hair, which provides it with a healthier look.

Some of these nutrients are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Zinc

Another reason is that they have different products for different purposes. Rather than including a single multipurpose product, they have a slew of products to help you with every beard-related problem. It plays a vital role in its effectiveness.

How Each Product In these Kit works, and Why It Is So Effective?

  1. Beard growth oil

Beard Oil

When you look at the composition of most beard growth oils, you will notice that they consist of essential oils in one form or the other. These can include:

The prime advantage of these oils is that they moisturize the skin beneath your beard. If the skin is irritated or inflamed, the oils can tackle that as well. When the skin beneath the beard is nourished and moisturized, beard growth gets accelerated.

Also, plenty of beard oils consist of vitamin E. The advantage of vitamin E is that it increases the blood circulation to the beard. Due to this reason, the growth pace increases.

You need to choose only the beard kit that displays all the ingredients on the package. In that case, you’re sure to choose a kit that can benefit you immensely.

  1. Beard growth spray:

Many beard kits consist of beard growth spray well. While most consumers might not be aware of it, the advantage of beard growth sprays is that they consist of pure ingredients that accelerate the here growth of the beard. Also, they keep the beard hair hydrated.

One thing which they primarily consist of is zinc. Whether it is the hair or your scalp or beard, zinc can undoubtedly help.

Zinc increases the volume of the hair and accelerates the growth and quality of bear hair.

That is why; beard growth spray is one of the primary reasons why such kits work great.

  1. Beard growth balm

beard balm

It is another product included in such kits. Beard growth balms consist of essential oils blended with other nutrients. They work as a hair conditioner as well.

The conditioner increases the moisturization of your beard. It does not matter whether you live in a dry, arid, or cold area; the beard growth balm can undoubtedly help you out.

It will moisturize and seal the moisture in the beard that will ensure that the growth is healthy and fast.

  1. Beard comb

beard comb

It is always advisable to untangle your beard from time to time. You might be thinking about how untangling can help the growth of the beard. You have quite a few ways to do so.

These are:

  • Tangled hair can put excessive pressure on the hair follicles of your beard. In that case, applying excessive force might pull out the hair follicle. In that case, the density of your beard will reduce.
  • Tangled hair also impacts the moisturization of the beard.
  • Tangled hair can also slow down the growth of your beard.

As you can see, tangled beard hair can result in a lot of problems. So, it is essential to use the comb that comes with most of these kits to untangle the beard hair. It will help you promote the growth of your beard.

  1. Beard growth shampoo

Beard growth shampoos and kits have a dual purpose. They not only help you in maintaining the beard in hygienic conditions but also promote its growth.

The job of beard growth shampoo is similar to regular shampoo. It nourishes the skin. Moreover, it removes any impurities. So, problems like beard and excessive dryness of the skin are a thing of the past.

The better skin quality underneath the beard helps its growth as well. Also, some of them have natural ingredients like aloe vera as well to smoothen out the skin under the beard. As a result, whenever you plan to give shape or shave your beard, it is easier to do so.

The regular soap which you might use for your beard can contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals can decrease hair volume. Moreover, they can impact the skin underneath the beard. That is why, instead of using your average soap for cleaning the beard, you should try to switch to beard shampoo instead.


One thing which you will observe when you go through the contents of these kits is that every element is included to provide some or other benefits. Due to this reason, these kits work great.

Should You Use Beard Growth Kits?

You need to make sure that you are choosing the beard growth kit carefully. You have to look at the contents and ensure that the necessary products are present. Besides, you have to go through the ingredient list of those products as well to ensure that they consist of only natural ingredients.

Once you choose the kit keeping these two factors in mind, you can select an extremely beneficial beard growth kit for beard growth. Thus, they do work. In fact, they are precisely created for that purpose and therefore are highly effective.

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