Can Everyone Grow A Beard?

can everyone grow a beard

Beard is the latest fashion trend because men gain their masculinity and virility with it. As of there arises a question can everyone grow a beard?

Everyone can’t grow a beard! Especially, those who are not genetically inherited can’t grow a beard. You can’t grow but can transplant it.

There are no procedures according to medical science and technology for growing beards.

Those who think that they can grow a beard by increasing testosterone level can’t grow a beard in this way.

It is also not possible with having different magical pills.

Nor with rubbing any miracle cream on the face can assure you that you can have a beard.

Thus, it is frustrating for men who can’t grow a beard.

If you can’t grow a beard, you must know every detail of why you cannot grow it.

Let’s check!

Why Can’t You Grow A Beard?

why can't i grow a beard

  • You can’t grow a beard if the testosterone production is low. This hormone regulates the typical features in the male body. It also plays a critical role in getting dense hair.
  • If your body produces less hormone and if you don’t inherit a gene from your parent, it is unlikely that you will grow a beard.
  • Furthermore, if the blood circulation in your face is poor, you are likely to grow thin hair. The poor blood circulation can’t deliver essential nutrients and oils to the hair follicle resulting patchy beard.


How To Grow a Beard?

  • Gene

There are lots of things that influence beard growth. But none is much important than your genes. After different research, the experts concluded that genetics plays a vital role in beard growth.

According to the official Guidelines for Human Gene Nomenclature,

A gene is defined as “a DNA segment that contributes to phenotype/function.

If you don’t inherit the gene from your parent, you can’t grow a beard! When you grow your beard, the paternal genes remain more active.

  • Healthy habits

When it comes to beard growth, intaking balanced diet food is also necessary. I suggest you take foods containing vitamin B, B6, E, and B12. These vitamins promote new hair growth.

Along with eating balanced diet food, you must continue your regular exercise. It maintains blood circulation in your body.

After doing proper exercise, you must take a rest.

You must have a solid sleep routine. Don’t work overnight; take proper 8 hour night sleep. This helps your hair follicles to regroup and back to be stronger than ever.

At What Age Can I Grow a Beard?

Facial hair usually starts its growth when you hit puberty. You start growing facial hair from the age between 13 to 19.

Sometimes, even if you cross puberty, you can’t grow a beard because of your gene!

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

It nearly takes two to six months to grow a mature beard

There are different phases of beard in which growth depends.

The first phase is the Anagen phase – it is expected to have hair growth after puberty. Another is the catagen phase, where the hair strands separate from one another. And the last and the main stage is the telogen phase, where the hair remains intact for 2 to 4 months.


It is clear that hair growth completely depends on genes. 

If you can’t grow a beard, there are different hair transplants available. You can go and try it out.

After that, you will have a proper beard according to your expectations.

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