Can Everyone Grow A Beard?

can everyone grow a beard

Beard is the latest fashion trend because men gain their masculinity and virility with it. As of there arises a question can everyone grow a beard?

No, everyone can’t grow a beard! Some have no problem in growing it, whereas some can’t and will never be able to grow it. There are no procedures according to medical science and technology for growing beards though there are some transplants available. 

 To whom those who think that they can grow a beard by increasing the level of testosterone, you can’t grow a beard this way. And it is also not possible with having different magical pills. Nor with rubbing any miracle cream on the face can assure you that you can have a beard. Thus, it is frustrating for men who can’t grow a beard.

If you can’t grow a beard, then you must know every detail of it why you are not able to grow it.

Let’s check!

Why can’t you grow beard?

why can't i grow a beard

You can’t grow a beard if the production of the testosterone is low.  This hormone is well known for regulating the typical features in the male body. It also plays a critical role in getting the amount and density of your hair as well. 

If your body produces less hormone and additionally, if you don’t inherit beard from your parent, it is likely possible that you can’t grow a beard.

Furthermore, if the blood circulation in your face is poor, you are likely to grow thin hair. The proper blood circulation delivers essential nutrients and oils to the hair follicle, which stimulate beard growth.

How to grow a beard?

  • Genetics

There are lots of things that influence the growth of your beard. But none of the things is much important than your genes. These are small molecules that are personalized with the bunch that dedicates the way you look.  

It is not the fault of one, but it is the genetic mix of both the parent. And when you grow your beard, you must know that it is not the fault of maternal genes. This is because the paternal genes remain more active in the case of growing facial hair. The experts after different researches came out with this conclusion that genetic default in the growth of beard.

  • Healthy habits

The most neglected part when it comes to a growing beard is balanced diet food. I suggest you take foods containing vitamin B, B6, E, and B12. These vitamins promote the growth of new hair.

Along with intaking balanced diet food, you must continue your regular exercise. It maintains blood circulation in your body.

After doing proper exercise, you must take rest.

You must have a solid sleep routine. Don’t work overnight; take proper 8 hour night sleep. This helps your hair follicles to regroup and back to be stronger than ever.

At what age can I grow a beard

The facial hair usually starts their growth when the men hit the age of puberty. Also, depending on your genes, even if you cross puberty, the age matters.

You can have facial at any time from the age group of 13 to 19. In addition to this, some guys take a few more years to grow their facial hair. They can also sprout facial hair in the age group of 20 years. Even after this age group also men usually get their first facial hair.

These are some of the things you must know for the growth of your beard.

But do you know how long does it take to grow a beard?

The period for the growth of your beard

The most common answer to this question is nearly two to six months. But as mentioned above, it depends on the genes that are there in the body at the time of your birth. The beard gets stubble and steady fill as your age matures.

On the other hand, there are different phases with which the growth of the beard depends.

The first towards growth is the Anagen phase, in which it is expected to have hair growth after the age of puberty. Another is the catagen phase, where it is expected that the hair strands separate from one another. And the last and the main stage is the telogen phase, where the hair remains intact within 2 to 4 months.


Therefore, it is clear with the above points that hair growth completely depends on the genes.  If you can’t grow a beard, there are different hair transplants available. You can go and try it out.

After that, you can have the proper growth of the beard according to your expectations.

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