Men With Glasses Look Attractive : 5 Reasons To Prove It

do guys look good with glasses

Spectacles make men look hotter and smarter. This phrase has been heard often during the last two decades. But the question remains the same, is it true? Is a man wearing glasses more attractive than a man without glasses?

There is less doubt in the fact that eyeglasses can complement a man’s features and also enhance his facial structure. The right pair of eyeglasses can even offset imperfections of the nose, eyes, or lips. In short, men with glasses can look stylish and attractive. Of course, one needs to pick the right pair!

If men know how to carry themselves with flair and flamboyance with their eyeglasses, it makes them look attractive and confident.

In this article, we will go through the reasons why spectacles compliment men so well and learn how to choose the right spectacles for your face.

Why Are Men Who Wear Glasses More Alluring?

men wearing glasses

This isn’t just our opinion. Men with glasses are hotter than men without glasses, and science supports this. Studies have been carried out during the past couple of decades to determine the reasons behind its validity. It turns out, in 2011, the Swiss Journal of Psychology published a study that scientifically proved that men with glasses are more attractive.

Here is why:

  • The Nerdy Look

how to look good in glasses for guys

Glasses are strongly associated with intelligence. Men with glasses who are intelligent definitely have the edge over less intelligent men. The reason is the common perception of the unlovable nerd who is meant to do well in life.

The correlation between the high risk of developing myopia (shortsightedness) and guys spend most of their time with their noses in a book has not been forgotten.

  • Balancing Out the Face

stylish glasses for men

Men are believed to change their eyeglasses approximately after every three years.

The reason behind this is simple. Glasses compliment other facial attributes well, and men don’t tend to put on just any glasses they like.

Men are found to be very picky when it comes to choosing spectacles for their faces. The right spectacles help balance out the facial features and compliment features like facial hair, eyes, and nose.

  • Helps Keeping Up with the Trend!

do glasses make you look more attractive

Eyewear trends and fashion are getting bigger each year. Eyewear is becoming increasingly commoditized, especially in the case of men’s spectacles.

There has been an increase in appeal for fashion and aesthetic eyewear by men. This gives men with eyeglasses an edge over other men as they can swap their current frames and keep an up-to-date, fashionable look.

  • Enhances the ‘Confident’ Look

confident look

Men with glasses are taken as mature and practical. People seem to pay attention to what they have to say and the decisions they make. You’ll come off as a more confident and important person.

Similarly, they tend to be less violent and aggressive. Perhaps they don’t want their lenses and frames to get damaged. In short, coming off as friendly and confident is a big plus for men with glasses!

  • The Aura of Mysteriousness

mysterious look

There is hidden psychology behind men who wear glasses. There is an old “first impression” saying regarding men who wear spectacles. When you see a man wearing eyeglasses walking into a room, superficial perceptions form in the people’s minds in the room. They judge the questionability, conservativeness, and flamboyance of the wearer. 

The mysteriousness is real. Men with glasses have a lot of studies and researches carried out on them. However, all the scientific stereotypes have added obscurity to the personalities of men with eyeglasses.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Eyeglasses

right eyeglass

All the above-discussed benefits may sound astonishing. However, it is important to acknowledge that you can only gain an advantage of eyeglasses if you pick the right pair. As such, we now discuss how men should choose the right frame based on their personality and, more importantly, face cut.

Around 42% of the total population of men worldwide wear some eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Many of these people find eyeglasses good on themselves. But a large proportion of these forty-two percent men want to minimize the effect of glasses and select the most unobtrusive frames possible.

In either case, choosing the right frame based on your face cut is key.

Here is a little guide for you:

It is important first to identify the type of cut your face has.

Eyeglasses should be able to fill the voids of your facial attributes.

1. Glasses for Round-Shaped Face

If you have a round or a circular face, i.e. your face is about the same width and height – rectangular or square-shaped frames will make your face look thinner. Make sure to choose the frame that fits best on your face.

2. Glasses for Square-Shaped Face

On the contrary, men with square-shaped faces shall choose round or circular frames that fit their faces well. To soften up their impression a little, one can wear rounded lenses.

3. Glasses for Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are the most common or universal face shape. Eyeglasses that suit such faces include moderately narrow and wide frames. Men with oval-shaped faces should not go for extremes. A thicker frame of moderate shape can add definition to such a face.

The Frame Color Matters

One last thing that plays a crucial role in the impression men with glasses make is the color of their eyeglasses’ frame. Many men prefer to have a collection of different colored frames and wear them according to their dressing and occasion. 

Base metallic colors are the most popular among men. Corporate, formally dressed men tend to incline towards picking a more professional-looking, sleek frame. On the other hand, casually dressed men can add colors, changing frame thickness and detailing. 


We can conclude that guys with glasses are indeed more attractive if they pick the right frame for their faces. It is important to realize that these benefits are for men who embrace their lack of sight and know-how to carry themselves ‘spectacularly’ in spectacles! 

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