Olive Oil For Beard – Is it Good For Beard Growth?

olive oil for beard

What is olive oil for Beard?

Olive oil is an edible oil that we mostly use in our culinary items.  Perhaps, it’s the same oil that we use in our beard too.

Why it’s being used in a beard? Because it is rich in antioxidants, has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.  Olive oil not only nourishes, moisturizes, and softens your beard but also helps in beard growth.

I use this oil mainly to moisturize my beard.

In my view, it’s cheap and a great substitute for other expensive beard oil. Check out the Best Olive oil here.

how do you make beard oil with olive oil

Benefits of Olive oil for beard

After using this oil, I have found it to be the best alternative for my beard moisturizer. It literally nourishes my beard, and on top of that, it softens my beard. I’m quite desperate that you will find this oil to be the best choice.

1. Good Beard Moisturizer

You can find many beard moisturizers on the market. They do moisturize your beard but sometimes end up damaging it too. It’s because of the mixture of chemicals.

If you want to use a natural beard moisturizer that contains less or no chemicals,  I’ll suggest you use Olive Oil.

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Olive oil literally softens and moisturizes any beard. You will be amazed by the effect of this oil.

2. Stimulates Beard Growth

There is no scientific proof that olive oil or any beard growth oil helps in beard growth. But I will assure you that it will boost the beard growth process.

While you apply this oil, it penetrates the pores and goes deep down the hair follicle, stimulating beard growth.

I suggest you use to mix some drops of essential oils or eucalyptus oil with olive oil to get the best result.

3. Prevents Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is mainly caused due to a dry beard. And it is one of the common problems while growing a beard. If you don’t get rid of it, you will suffer from itchiness.

For so to overcome this, you can apply olive oil. Using so not only removes beard flakes, prevents irritation and itchiness but also makes your skin softer underneath your beard.

Additionally, it soothes your skin and provides a relaxed feeling.

4. Styling Your Beard

You can’t find a better product other than olive oil to styling your beard. Other products like beard wax contain harmful ingredients that can destroy your beard.

Rather than using such harmful products, I suggest you use natural ingredients like olive oil.

Combing your beard by applying a drop of olive oil with the best beard brush provides a great look.

5. Affordable

The main reason I recommend you to use this oil is because of its affordability. You can find it to be cheaper and more reliable than most of the other beard oil.

Although it comes at a lower price, it provides excellent quality to positively affect your beard.

It is purely natural and is beneficial for your beard.

How to apply olive oil for beard growth?

It’s not that difficult to apply olive oil to your beard. You just need to rub it and apply it, right!

However, how much to apply on a first try is quite complicated.  You need to find the right balance between not too much nor too low.

For so, you need to experiment with it! Once you find the right amount to use in your beard, you will find a positive impact of it on your beard.

Let’s check how you can use it in your beard!

  • First of all, you need to wash your face and beard before applying it. I suggest you use it in the early morning while you take a shower. During that time, your pores are opened, and meanwhile, applying this oil creates a significant impact on your beard and skin.
  • Take a few drops of olive oil and mix it with essential oil. Gently rub it into your beard and apply it to your beard with the help of a finger.
  • You need to massage in a circular motion so that to ensure oil goes underneath your beard too. It keeps your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Make sure to spread oil all over your beard evenly.
  • Leave it for 30-45 minutes.
  • After that, you need to wash your beard to remove excess oil from your beard.
  • Finally, pat your skin dry with a dry towel which prevents bacterial infection.

You can apply this oil once or twice a week, repeating the same process for the eloquent beard.

DIY Beard Oil With Olive Oil

To make this oil, you will need Jojoba oil, essential oil, and a few drops of olive oil. You will need to mix it in a proper amount as

Side Effects of Olive Oil

There are some side effects of olive oil. Thus, you need to take certain precautions before using this oil.  If you find any effect on your skin, straight away, you need to stop using it.

1. Olive Oil Can Cause Allergies

There are some reported cases that using olive oil causes allergies. If you are allergic to it, you need to stop using it immediately. If you are not sure, it is allergic to your skin or not – you can do a skin patch test.

2. Olive Oil Can Cause BreakOuts

Olive oil is heavy in mass. Thus it won’t get absorbed into body skin.

If you use it consistently, it creates a thick layer blocking the skin pore. These trap dust and germs, ultimately causing acne and unwanted breakouts.

So, if you are using olive oil, you need to use it in a balanced amount and properly cleanse your face after applying it.

3. Olive Oil Can Cause Rashes

Olive oil is greasy in nature. While using this oil in your oily skin which is a byproduct of sebum causes irritation and redness. Thus, I suggest you not use it if you have oily skin.

Some FAQs

1. Which Oil is best for a beard?

Any natural beard oil is best for the beard. But before applying all these beard oils, you need to take some safety precautions. If it doesn’t cause allergies and harm to your skin, it is good to use.

2. Is olive oil good for beard growth?

Olive oil is good for a beard. It moisturizes and softens your beard. Furthermore, it prevents beard dandruff, irritation, inflammation and helps in stimulating beard growth.


If you are in search of affordable, natural, and the best beard oil, I will suggest you use olive oil.

One oil with so many benefits, you will not regret using it.

But before using olive oil, if you have oily skin, skin prone to acne and allergies, you need to take certain precautions. Otherwise, you are good to go with it to take advantage of it.

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