Is Beard Wash Worth It?

is it worth it

Cleansing your beard in common is a must while you grow it. Doing so keeps your beard healthy and shiny. For cleansing, you can undoubtedly use various beard products like beard soap, wash, shampoos…But in this post, I will discuss the beard wash!

Is Beard wash worth it? Indeed, it is because it softens your beard and provides additional shine to your beard. Moreover, it removes dirt and greasy oil from your beard, nurturing it to remain healthy.

Without further ado, let’s talk in detail about it!

Why is Beard Wash worth it?

Beard wash contains various essential & worthy ingredients for your beard!

  • Removes Greasiness

Have you realized that even if you don’t use any beard products – your beard shines naturally!

What is the reason behind it?

It is because of natural oil.

There is a gland named the sebaceous gland present at the root of the hair follicle. It produces natural oil that provides the essential nutrients necessary to your beard to keep it healthy and shiny.

Meanwhile, when the amount of oil it produces exceeded, it causes greasiness!

The effective solution to remove greasiness from your beard is to wash it.

  • Keep your beard hydrated and prevents dryness

Dryness is one of the common problems in almost everyone while growing beard. It must be resolved soon. Otherwise, it can cause various problems like beard dandruff, itchiness, and irritation.

One of the reasons I use beard wash is also because to keep my beard hydrated.  It prevents my beard from dryness.

  • Prevent Beardruff & Softens Your beard

When your beard lacks natural oil, it causes flaky skin and beardruff. So to prevent beardruff too, you can use beard wash.

Beard wash is capable of retaining moisture in order to prevent beardruff.

It has the moisturizing property that keeps your beard, as well as your skin beneath it, hydrated without stripping natural oil.

  • Hydrate your skin

It not only hydrates your beard but also hydrates your skin too. As a result, you will be freed from itchiness and irritated skin.

  • Untangle knotted hair

When you grow your beard longer, it knots by itself. It doesn’t look good, right.

Any beard looks good if it is straightened!

In order to prevent knotted hair, you can wash your beard with a beard wash.

  • Remove dead skin cells.

Obviously, when your sebaceous gland produces excess oil, it gets accumulated in your pores. Not only the excess oil but also the dirt get accumulated in it. If you don’t exfoliate it in time, it causes acne.

In order to exfoliate, you can use a beard wash as an exfoliator. It cleanses your pores and completely removes dust and excess oil from it. As a result, you will have acne-free skin.

Beard shampoo Vs. Regular shampoo?

While reading this post, it might also come in mind that  Can I use hair shampoo on my beard? What is the difference between beard shampoo and regular shampoo?

Frankly speaking, you can’t use regular shampoo that you use in your hair in your beard because they are really harsh.

It contains surface-active ingredients used in-floor cleaning, dishwashing, and mopping.

Some other ingredients, it includes are:

These ingredients aren’t good for your skin. It can cause itchiness, dry skin, dermatitis, hair fall, and split ends.

While using it, although it produces excellent lather – it is harmful to your skin and beard.

While comparing it with beard shampoos, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are irritant to skin. Thus, it keeps your skin softer, prevents dryness, and provides natural shine to your facial hair.

Thus, I suggest you not to try hair shampoo in your beard.


Which Beard Wash is Best?

I will suggest you use a beard wash that contains more natural ingredients. You need to look after its ingredients like

  • Olive oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  •  Shea butter oil

You just need to prefer those wash that contains saponified oil and need to reject those wash that contains more chemical ingredients.

Some side effects of beard wash that contains chemicals are:

  • It can cause allergic reactions.
  • If the concentration of chemicals is high, it can cause dry skin and dandruff.
  • If it contains comedogenic ingredients, it can cause acne.

Some FaQs

  • Should I wash my beard every day?

No, you don’t need to wash your beard every day. You can wash it every alternate day.

  • Does Beard wash help my growth?

Only beard wash doesn’t help in beard growth. Perhaps, it can help in stimulating beard growth.

  • What happens if you don’t wash your beard?

If you don’t wash your beard, your beard will become dry and brittle. The natural shine disappears as the length of the beard increases.


Beard wash is really necessary. It keeps your beard away from dirt and grime. It moisturizes your beard and keeps it hydrated and ultimately healthy. Thus, it is very worth it!

I hope you will like this post. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact us!


Kate is a professional beauty enthusiast who passionately loves to write more on glamour and grooming. She sometimes ends up writing an unbiased review of the grooming related products. She has been working diligently in the beauty field for over 5 successful years. With that practical experience, she has undoubtedly gained a lot of personal trust from her concerned clients.

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